Lunching at The Library Koh Samui

Sometimes there’s a place you see, either on Instagram or from someone else’s holiday photos, that you just have to visit. Having seen The Library Koh Samui, it was just one of those places: I had to visit. Since we had chosen to stay at The Scent for our time in Koh Samui, we weren’t staying at the only 5* hotel in Chaweng Beach, but I immediately made a reservation at The Page for lunch. 

Everything at The Library is literary themed meaning it was perfect for a couple of book lovers! Add that to the beach views and incredible food, well, it was possibly the best lunch of our two week trip.

The Library Koh Samui-1

The Library is part of the prestigious Design Hotels brand, and from the second you walk in off the beach you can see exactly why. You feel almost like you’re walking into a piece of art rather than a hotel, with cool, sleek edges and a monochromatic colour palette. Oh, and that sigh of comfort, happiness and relaxation that you get when you’re in a beautiful luxury hotel.

Since it was such a beautiful day we chose a table right beside the beach so we could enjoy the sun during our lunch. Everything in this hotel has been designed with aesthetics in mind, even down to the wooden spine on the menus.

The Library Koh Samui-2

With cool, crisp glasses of beer ordered, we toasted to sunshine, holidays and stunning surroundings, as we oggled the menu and decided what to order…

The Library Koh Samui-3

The Page is an indoor and outdoor restaurant, meaning you can enjoy a respite from the sun indoors or fully embrace that beautiful Thai sun! I loved the wooden sliding doors, adding a beautiful decor touch to the primarily white colour palette.

The Library Koh Samui-4

To add to the design I brought my shiny new Prada design sunglasses that I picked up in World Duty Free at Heathrow before we left!

The Library Koh Samui-5

Though I loved the sun, I was grateful for the leafy canopy above to keep us slightly cool!

The Library Koh Samui-6

We both just wanted a light lunch, a little mid-day pick us up. Caitlin couldn’t resist the sound of the fresh tuna, with apple, sliced garlic and refreshing mint leaves.

The Library Koh Samui-7

The tuna itself was incredible quality, which virtually melted as you ate it. I loved the fresh mint, the light, refreshing sauce. Frankly, I had quite a bit of food envy when I tasted it… There was something about that apple that brought out all the amazing, natural flavours of the fish.

The Library Koh Samui-11

But I won’t lie, I was over the moon with my choice. Crunchy noodles with a light, spicy, curried flavours with tender chicken and oodles of lime. I don’t even know where to start in trying to explain just how good this was! The bite of the noodles and the incredible spice, it was outstanding.

The Library Koh Samui-9

A real, real treat.

The Library Koh Samui-10
The Library Koh Samui-12

Now I’ve hidden something from you slightly… There’s a reason that The Library Koh Samui is so well known among luxury lovers. The pool is red! The use of the pool is for guests only but I couldn’t resist oggling it and wondering just how they make it so… Red!

The Library Koh Samui-13

After our lunch at The Page, we wandered over to see the design marvel first hand!

The Library Koh Samui-15

The Library Koh Samui-16

And well, being a bookworm, I couldn’t resist a quick picture with the resident bookworm at The Library Koh Samui!

The Library Koh Samui-17 - Copy

The Library Koh Samui-18 - Copy

Next time: I think I’ll be booking a night here so I can get a dip in that pool! ‘Cause that is magical!

The Library Koh Samui-20

A visit to The Library is a luxury must for any visit to Koh Samui, if you ask me.

The Library Koh Samui-21

The Library Koh Samui-22

If you don’t fancy lunch or dinner, I’d head there for a beachside drink. Happy hour is 5 till 7 and the cocktails look divine – so pull up a stool, get your feet in the sand and enjoy!

The Library Koh Samui-23

Soon, your smile will be as big as this!

The Library Koh Samui-24 - Copy

14/1 Moo 2, Chaweng Beach, Bophut,
Koh Samui, Suratthani 84320, Thailand
Phone: +66 (0) 77 422 767-8

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