Celebrating Christmas with Harrods

Christmas is the perfect excuse to catch up with friends, toast to another year nearly over and crack open the good champagne. And Harrods make it all the more fun with their gorgeous festive hampers.


I love catching up with friends over the festive period, cracking a bottle of champagne open and enjoy some wonderful food. So last weekend I called Yuebi, Juliet and Steph and arrange a winter picnic for us to enjoy the Harrods’ Knightsbrige Hamper.


Full of festive favourites, including the all important mince pies (’cause it ain’t Christmas until there’s a mince pie!), Harrods hampers are best shared with your nearest and dearest. Talking of mince pies…


…we started with some mulled wine and the delicious cranberry and clementine Harrods mince pies, as well as some traditional ones which we brought along, too.


Yuebi, whilst also being a mulled wine, mince pie and champagne lover, is also an incredible photographer and let me put my camera down for once and took these stunning photos… Don’t just take my word for it, you can see his work on his website.

Feeling a little tiddly from the mulled wine, it was time to open some more food. Some smoked salmon and cream cheese tartines hit the spot, as we laughed the afternoon away.


Before long, the mulled wine was gone, and it was time to pop something a little more exciting!


The Knightsbridge Hamper comes with a bottle of Rioja, some Chianti and the Harrods Grand Réserve Champagne.

The reds I’m saving for Christmas day itself, but it was time to pop the blanc de blancs and enjoy the crisp, clean taste of this beautiful champagne. 


As Yuebi popped, Steph poured and Juliet and I, well, we just waited for the bubbles..!


Though there are many, many delights in The Knightsbridge, the hamper itself still has plenty of room, so I packed my favourite White Company champagne coupes (’cause a good champagne needs some really great glasses!)




Now that’s a happy Lauren with champagne in hand!



Say cheers to Christmas with your friends, family and this beautiful hamper.

And laugh away everything that has happened this year, and think of all the fun that’s yet to come…



Make sure to leave the biscuit tin open, ’cause your friends will love you even more..!


And watch to figure out who is a chocolate lover, who a shortbread addict and who just a biscuit fiend!



And for the chocoholics in you… There’s the most beautiful, and most delicious chocolate box. We nibbled on a few, and then a few more… But fortunately, I still have some to save and have with the Spiced Black Loose Leaf Tea and Spiced Omni-Grind Coffee one festive afternoon.


And for Christmas day itself, I now have a Christmas Cake with Courvoisier VS Cognac as well as a beautiful Christmas pudding. Guess which elf is the favourite in my house!


Pack up your hampers ladies and gents, ’cause Harrods has your Christmas sorted.


My Harrods hamper was complimentary but all hamper love is my own.

All these beautiful images are courtesy of Yuebi Yang, a very close friend and an even better photographer. Check out his website  and Instagram for more of his work. 

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  • What a fantastic post!! I’m definitely craving Christmas chocolates now!

  • Now this is how to properly enjoy a hamper!

  • Ahh so jealous right now!! It’s 9pm and 30 degrees here, and I’m just wishing for a freezing cold day for a day so I can feel a little Christmassy! The hamper looks gorge, and pleaseeee remind me what lens you use for your Lumix? I keep forgetting which one it is! I need to add it to my Christmas list hehe 😉

    C x | Lux Life – Luxury Travel & Lifestyle Blog

  • This is making me seriously hungry! I’d love a hamper like this, all the Christmas food and drink sorted in one 🙂 xxx
    Lucy @ La Lingua | Life, Travel, Italy