Mid Week Tipples at Polo Bar

Sometimes in London there’s slightly too much to do, and so the only way to get it all done is to extend the weekend and start on a Thursday night… A few weeks ago Andy and I decided to do just that as we arrived at The Polo Bar at The Westbury for a few cocktails to start our weekend.

Polo Bar-1

Polo Bar is in a perfect spot for a few drinks after a day of shopping on nearby Regent Street, and had it not been date night I can easily imagine meeting friends here and toasting our new purchases! I was really excited to visit Polo Bar, not just ’cause I love a great cocktail, but the bar has recently been recognised as London’s best bar by the London Club and Bar awards 2016.

Polo Bar-2

Our waiter asked if we would prefer to order our own drinks or to put ourselves in his hands, and since neither of us were feeling particularly decisive we asked him to choose our drinks and nibbles for us. The bar itself is very stylish and elegantly decorated with an art deco decor.

Polo Bar-3

Is it just me or do you always find yourself wanting to try everyone’s cocktails? It seems it isn’t just me, as at Polo Bar they served every martini with a little mini taster version, meaning you can enjoy everyone’s drinks even more easily!

I won’t detail every cocktail we had, safe to say that they were all perfectly mixed and paired wonderfully with the nibbles. My favourite cocktail of the evening happened to be my first one, a Pomegranate Deluxe made with Bombay Sapphire gin shaken with elderflower, lemon and freshly squeezed pomegranate juice and Champagne.

Polo Bar-4

As Andy and I tried to plan our summer adventures (it’s a work in progress..!) our waitress brought us these beautiful smoked salmon mousse cones which were topped with caviar. Full of fresh flavours and a wonderful texture contrast, these were a real highlight of the night.

Polo Bar-5

As we crunched away we tried to decide…. Italy… Greece… Italy… Greece…


Polo Bar-9

I told you we weren’t feeling particularly decisive! The one decision we did make at this point was that these smoked salmon cones were wonderful!

Polo Bar-10

As we started the next part of our pairing, I had another gin based cocktail, served with lavender and apricot which was just as delicious, but slightly less tart than my first drink.


Polo Bar-19

Andy’s also seemed to be rather easy to consume and looked as beautiful. There’s something so interesting about bars; I love looking around and seeing who’s there. I really loved that Polo Bar had such a great mix of people, from couples enjoying an early evening drink or two, to groups of friends catching up, and even two ladies fresh from the shops, reading to celebrate with a glass or two of wine.

Polo Bar-14

It seemed that no matter the occasion, there was something that had pulled them all to this fabulous bar.

Feeling slightly peckish again, our waiter brought us a serving of panko coated King prawns, served with a sweet chilli dip. Perfectly crisp, generous prawns were just what we wanted.

Polo Bar-18

Our final savoury snack of the evening was the duck spring rolls which again, had a lovely crunchy outside and were bursting full of the delicious duck filling.

Polo Bar-20

Almost perfect except that, for me, they were a little salty.

Polo Bar-21

I loved how our pairing mimicked a 3 course meal, except that it was focused on our drinks and not our food. For our final drink I was back to a zesty martini which I really enjoyed, whereas Andy was given a much darker whiskey based cocktail.

Polo Bar-24

Every drink was beautifully presented and you could tell that the barman had really taken the time to craft this drinks menu.

Polo Bar-25

And, of course, Andy was able to taste my martini!

Polo Bar-26

I loved our desserts; lemon meringue cones, topped Amalfi lemon curd (back to Italy we go…) and raspberry jam these were the perfect compliment to my fresh martini.

Polo Bar-28

I also felt like I was able to indulge my inner child with these cones!

Polo Bar-30

I think we were onto something starting our weekend on a Thursday, maybe I’ll make that more of a regular thing… Just like I will with going back to Polo Bar!

We were guests of Polo Bar.

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  • Ah I visited a couple of weeks ago and LOVED it! Awesome cocktails. So jealous you got the spring rolls and desserts though – we just got a few chocs after the salmon (blergh) things and prawns.

    Gorgeous photos as always!

    C x | Lux Life

    • Such a great bar, isn’t it?! Ahh nooo that’s a shame! Thank you love! xx

  • I’ve heard great things about the Polo Bar and the mini cocktails look fab!

    • It’s a really great place for a drink or two! I think you’d really like the elegant atmosphere! Also a perfect place for Mr S if he’s ever waiting for you to have your hair done!! x

  • Polo Bar looks great! I will have to add it to the list 🙂