Tea Time Treats at Le Meurice, Paris

Le Meurice Tea-26

You can take the girl out of England, but you can't take the English out of this girl... When we were in Paris I couldn't resist a Tea Time at Le Meurice experience. Not only for the tea and perfect cakes, but to see another of the Dorchester Collection hotels.  ... read more

Champagne and A Country Stay with Laurent-Perrier

Laurent Perrier Getaway-7

Do you ever find the weekend just isn't quite long enough and that you could do with an extra day to fully appreciate it? With that in mind I accepted an invitation to go away one Sunday night with Laurent-Perrier champagne to Bel and The Dragon Kingsclere.  ... read more

Handbags and Fudge Cakes at Thomas at Burberry


Sometimes a little "treat yourself" moment is in order. A little moment to enjoy whatever it is you love. For me, when I get to choose, it's some time with friends or family at a great restaurant, shopping or traveling. After my first month of work I thought a little me time was in order, so mum and I headed to Burberry's flagship store on Regent Street for some retail therapy and lunch at Thomas'.  ... read more

Literary Nights at Pavillon des Lettres

Pavillon des Lettres-1

I've always loved a small hotel that has enough character to fill even the grandest and biggest of hotels. There's something about the charm of a hotel like this that feels so special and inviting. Le Pavillon des Lettres is exactly like that. With just 26 rooms, each named after a letter and and an author instead of a number, this hotel has enough personality for any Parisian trip. ... read more

Postcards from Montmartre


Montmartre is one of my favourite areas in Paris to spend a morning wandering around. I love the beautiful buildings, the simple food and the gorgeous cobbled streets. ... read more

New York Meets Paris at Renoma Cafe Gallery, Paris

Cafe Renoma-2

There's one major advantage to always staying in the same area of Paris... You always know the restaurants that you want to go back to! When mum and I are in Paris, staying in the 8th arrondissement, usually the Golden Triangle, a visit to an old friend is a must. And Renoma Cafe Gallery is just that old friend. When we were staying at Hotel de la Tremoille, our old friend was just a stones throw away, and it's rude not to see your friends when you're so close, right? ... read more

A Stay in the Stars at Grand Hotel du Palais Royal Paris

Grand Hotel du Palais Royal-91

There's a feeling that I get when I walk into beautiful hotels; it's almost like being in a dream. Everything around you is beautiful, and it's just a sense of happiness and being happy right then and there. And that's exactly how I felt when we first walked into Grand Hotel du Palais Royal Paris.  ... read more

Escaping, Shopping and Indulging at Bicester Village

Bicester Village-25

There are few better places for luxury shopping than London, but sometimes when you just can't face the crows on Oxford Street or the masses of people in Harrods, it's nice to head out of the city for some clean, fresh air. With my eye on the Burberry outlet and some new dresses, mum and I headed to Bicester Village in Oxfordshire for some luxury outlet shopping.  ... read more

Staying in Style at Hotel de la Trémoille

Hotel de la Tremoille -28

It's certainly no secret that I love Paris and if Audrey Hepburn thinks that Paris is always a good idea, who am I to disagree with that? With that in mind mum and I hopped across the channel last month for a few days of shopping, eating and enjoying all things Parisian. The first stop on our girls' trip was Hotel de La Trémoille, a beautiful 5 star hotel in the heart of our favourite area of Paris, la triangle d'or (the golden triangle).  ... read more