Finding A Secret World in The Scent Koh Samui

There are some hotels that you’ll never forget: the ones with the views, the ones with the impeccable service, and some which are just so special. Well, The Scent Koh Samui falls into all of those categories, but above all, it’s special. Special in a way that I’ll never forget, and special in a way that means truly beautiful. I was excited to see stay in all the hotels in our Thailand itinerary, but there was something about The Scent that had me right from the first moment that we found it in the Mr and Mrs Smith collection.

The Scent-1
The Scent calls itself a secret world, and well, when you arrive at the very plain entrance you’ll understand why. You’re dropped off on the side of a slightly dusty road with a little, unprepossessing sign which says you’ve arrived at a Relais Chateau hotel, and you think, well it looked very different in all the photos I’ve seen… But walk through the door, go on, and the first thing you’ll realise is why the hotel is called The Scent. A soft, refreshing scent of frangipani blooming in the grounds welcomes you to the hotel as you sink into comfortable sofas while you check in.

We had arrived early and were heading out for the day but couldn’t resist a quick peak at the beach! Yup, we had arrived at our beach destination and within moments had completely fallen for it!

The Scent-6
The Scent has 14 rooms in total, meaning you have the perfect hideaway to enjoy this blissful hotel. 11 of the rooms are Sea Breeze Suites, where we were staying , and then there are 3 Beach Front Suites, with access right onto to that beautiful sandy beach! All the rooms look onto a courtyard that plays home to a private pool that perfectly catches the morning light. Beside the pool are oriental style deck chairs with sun visors allowing you to fall asleep and avoid the burn! 

The Scent-10

The whole hotel has been designed with a combination of Thai, Chinese and colonial styles in mind, meaning you can expect lots of wood and contrasts of grey and bright colours. I couldn’t get enough of the decor and loved just how soft, welcoming and frankly, incredible everything was. The rooms are split between the first floor and the ground floor, meaning you can either throw open your curtains to the beach view, or open your doors and fall straight into the pool for a morning swim!

The Scent-11

Le Jaroen, the hotel restaurant, is at the end of the pool, overlooking the private sun loungers and onto the beach. Serving breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea and dinner, you’re sure to spend at least a few hours here watching the waves lap against the sand. Service with a smile doesn’t quite cover how friendly the staff are, bringing you anything you could ask for, making sure dishes are spicy enough (or not too spicy!) and remembering your drinks orders. Possibly the best service we had during our whole trip.

Who couldn’t smile at all of that?

The Scent-12

On our second day at The Scent we decided to make the most of the beach and stayed for the whole day, dipping in between the pool, the bar and the beach, and it was utterly perfect. The hotel is located on Bangrak beach on the north of the island, meaning you have all the benefits of a beautiful, clean and quiet beach which is ideal if you want to get away from it all and truly relax. But if you’re feeling like more of the life of the party then it’s easy to ask the hotel to call you a car to wherever on the island you’d like to be.

The Scent-13

But I’ll be impressed if you can drag yourself out of this secret world for long…

The Scent-14

All around the hotel there are the most beautiful items; it’s almost like living in an art collection, with every piece around you having been carefully curated.

The Scent-15

The Scent-16

Our room was on the ground floor (aka out of door and into pool) but I couldn’t resist sneaking a view out over the sea, and so climbed the stairs to see just what the view really was like…

The Scent-17

Some views you just… Lose yourself in. And for us, staring out over a beautiful hotel and onto the beach and sea beyond is one of those moments.

The Scent-18

The Scent-19

The Scent-21

After a while cocktails started calling our name, especially since there’s a 3 hour cocktail hour and the staff are more than happy to bring you your drinks straight to your lounger on the beach!

The Scent-22

So books were read, hilarious stories were exchanged and we really began to relax. After an amazing few days exploring Chiang Mai and Bangkok, we hadn’t really switched off yet and finding a quiet beach at The Scent was just the place to do that.

The Scent-23

At one point I took my Kindle down to the edge of the water, sat with my legs in the water and read for what felt like hours…

The Scent-24

Sometimes joined by my fellow beach babe!

The Scent-25

The Scent-26

The Scent-29

Soon sunset drinks happened and we retreated to our room to get ready for a glam evening of dinner and drinks.

The Scent-30

One of my favourite things about going on holiday is getting to bring out my favourite maxi dress! Needless to say beach evenings were perfect for it!

The Scent-31

Find me a better sunset on this island, I dare you!

The Scent-32

And talking of our room… Filled with the most beautiful scents as you would imagine, there are lots and lots of little treasures in these rooms. Each room is designed with European, Chinese or Thai influences. Our room was designed around Thai influences, meaning there were grey walls, lots of dark wood, hints of green and stunning ornate touches. Three distinct sections of the room make up this suite: the bathroom, the bedroom and the sitting room.

The Scent-35

The Scent-36

The bathroom is right at the back of the room, and accessed by two great wooden sliding doors concealing the rustic beauty behind them. Grey walls, lots of chrome and gold pipes and handles as well as touches of marble to remind you of your luxurious surroundings. With the little touches carrying on into this part of the room, including a beautiful cake stand for your toiletries!

The Scent-37

A bath that you could quite easily lose yourself in…!

The Scent-38

Silk and cotton robes to keep you cosy after (somehow) pulling yourself out the shower or bath…

The Scent-1

The Scent-39

And scents of your own to burn to relax you even more after a hard day by the pool..!

The Scent-40

Down a few steps, back through those great wooden doors again and you’re back into the wooden paneled bedroom area. With bright lampshades to lighten the room and linen that could very possibly be as soft as my linen at home, it’s easy to fall in love with these rooms.

The Scent-2

And even harder to get out of that bed…

The sitting area is at the front of the room, next to the glass doors. With an oriental inspired couch and soft, grey painted walls, it’s an ideal spot to read or use as a day bed.

About a week into our trip we were starting to look for little comforts, like being able to lie in bed, or on a sofa, and watch a film. The Scent has a CD and DVD library in reception waiting for you to raid when you just want a quiet night in – perfection.

The Scent-42

With a huge desk if you’re looking to work, or just want a place to write your postcards.

The Scent-43

The Scent-44

The Scent-45

The Scent-46

Waking up having slept so well it was time for me to find some coffee… A few steps is all it takes to get your morning caffeine fix!

The Scent-47

I couldn’t get past the idea of waffles with chocolate sauce and passion fruit and neither should you!

The Scent-5

Pastries and fresh fruit are served to every table, so if you’re not feeling like a substantial breakfast, there’s plenty for you to nibble on.

The Scent-4

And wash down with a cup of coffee and a freshly squeezed juice.

The Scent-3

Some of the other food we had at Le Jaroen included an incredible prawn, papaya and cashew nut salad…

The Scent-9

Tuna tartar salad…

The Scent-7
Leaving (by bike or not!) wasn’t easy. Our only wish was that we could have hidden in this secret world for just a little bit longer…

The Scent-48

The Scent-49

But there’s always a reason to go back isn’t there?

The Scent-50

The Scent-51

The Scent-52

58/1 M. 4, T. Bophut
Bangrak Beach
Koh Samui
Surat Thani,
84320 Thailand

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  • Ashley Angle

    WOW! Everything about this is beautiful and amazing! Thanks for sharing!
    Ashley @ A Cute Angle //

  • I love it!! It’s so you, from the small and personal size, to the unique experiences and wonderful food. What a special place!

  • Akorede Ibrahim

    Nice write up and picture rich…Thumbs up //

  • This hotel is beautiful and has such a cute boutiquey feel! Lovely shots of you too 🙂 Love AP xo

    Andrea’s Passions

  • This place it totally you, you can see just how much in the blog post. Not a bad niche – boutique and unique luxury, with you all the way!

  • Mehreen A

    Such a beautiful hotel Lauren, must’ve been amazing to stay at!