Luxury Seaside Dining at Fifteen, Cornwall

Though we went to Cornwall to relax, switch off and just do as we pleased for a weekend, there were a few things I insisted on doing… One of them was booking lunch at Jamie Oliver’s Fifteen Cornwall just outside Newquay.

After checking in to The Scarlet, we dashed back into the car for the quick drive to Watergate Bay. I’ve wanted to go for so long that as soon as I knew we were staying at The Scarlet and The Bedruthan Hotels, I nabbed us a table.


Andy had been before with his family, but for me it was a first and so we ordered wines and beers to say cheers to the occasion and admired another beautiful Cornish coastline.


I love that Cornwall is rustic and that you can escape for long walks and enjoy the beaches, but I loved that Fifteen combined the rustic wooden elements with white table clothes and fine dining.


We had a table right at the window meaning we could fully appreciate the beach and people watch until our hearts were content. The restaurant itself only uses produce from Cornwall and Italy and changes its menu daily depending on what they have in the kitchen.


We had had a spa morning (more on that another day) that morning and so I could hardly complain I was stressed, but after the rush of being slightly late it was ideal to sit down, sip on a glass of wine and enjoy the buzz of Fifteen Cornwall.


To start, Andy ordered the carbonara, which is hands down my favourite comfort food. But this dish was on another level. The pasta had the perfect amount of bite, the pancetta was deliciously salty and it was comfortingly creamy.

There was more than a little food envy from my side of the table when I tried that!


I couldn’t resist the sound of the burrata with roasted pumpkin, topped with crisp sage and chestnuts. The combination of the flavours and the textures was, honestly, incredible. I loved the salty taste as well as the incredible flavour from the sage.

It was one of those dishes I was sad to finish!


As I tried to convince Andy to book another holiday to Mexico (what can I say, I suffer from constant wanderlust…and he didn’t need much convincing!), main courses arrived. For Andy, pork belly with an impeccably crisp top, served with winter greens and the creamiest mashed potato in this world.


The crackling was good enough for me to try and steal more and more of it… Which didn’t go down too well!


For me, my main was chicken with a pesto sauce, served with spring onions and crisp slices of potato. A dish that sounds so simple but when everything is made with the freshest ingredients and done perfectly, it’s a dish that becomes outstanding.


We had promise ourselves we were going to be good and have only two courses as we had a 3 course feast to enjoy at The Scarlet that evening, but the lure of the dessert menu proved a little too much for us…

When I saw the ricotta stuffed doughnuts, well, I insisted we at least share one!


Served with a chocolate dipping sauce, the warm fluffy doughnuts become even better – especially with their cinnamon topping. In fact, I rather fancy another plate now…


It’s also a meal with a conscience as all profits from Fifteen Cornwall go to the Cornwall Food Foundation, which is responsible for Jaime Oliver’s apprentice scheme.

If you ask me, it’s one not to miss!

Fifteen Cornwall

On The Beach

Watergate Bay



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  • OMG! This made me want to go back so badly! The setting is just amazing!!

  • We’re off to Cornwall in May, so I’m bookmarking Fifteen! I’ve always wanted to try it. The dessert looks amazing, but I was salivating at the thought of carbonara!