Island Hopping from Hvar


We were due to spend 6 nights in Hvar, so had plenty of time to see what Hvar Town had to offer – and more importantly, visit some of the beautiful little islands in this part of the world. We made two day trips from Hvar: Mekicevica and Mlini – both of which were absolutely idyllic.

Our first trip, to Mekicevica, was a short 20 minute boat ride to a virtually empty little cove. The boats leave every half hour, which made us think it would be busy, but it seemed not.


As with most places we visited in Croatia, the water was the most extraordinary colour.

And as we set off we had a perfect viewpoint of the fort right at the top of Hvar (aka a blogger’s dream!)

We watched the water change colour, and Hvar Town disappear into the distance…

Until we arrived in what can only be described as a slice of paradise!

We were in an entirely secluded and deserted little rocky beach, where the water was warm, the food was good and there were plenty of spots to play cards!


Isn’t this a fabulously simple idea for a sun dial?! Perfect for people like me who take their watches off when they go to the beach. Though really, who cares about time when you’re on holiday?


We were more than happy to laze around, have a swim or read, until our stomachs told us that it was time for lunch!


So we wandered up the rickety steps to the tiniest restaurant, Robinson.

It’s a very ramshackle little building, that has but a few tables, but it serves the most delightful and inventive dishes; in fact, some of the best food we had in Croatia.


And I could play with this hot little pooch!


We started with some anchovies, which were wonderful: salty, covered in oil and an all round delightful starter.

Served with hunks of bread and a bottle of wine. Perfection.

We shared a prawn spaghetti, served with olive oil and some serrrriously large prawns


And delicious stuffed peppers.


All polished off with a side of cards before heading back to the beach to assume exactly the same positions we’d had before!

In two weeks I never once tired of looking at the stunning seas in all their blue glory.




This place really is a gem, a treasure and a heavenly place to hide away from the crowds of tourists in Hvar Town.


All too soon it was evening and we headed back to our hotel, leaving behind our little cove of paradise.

The next morning, not tired of island hopping just yet, we ventured to Milna, one of the Pakleni Islands, for another adventure.


This time greeted with bean bags on the beach, a very welcome break for our backs after lazing on the rocky beach the day before!

At £4 per bean bag per day we thought they were well worth the extra expense, and were a great spot to relax, in the sun or in the shade.

Milna was much busier than our secluded little cove, and we found the staff in the restaurant, who own the bean bags, to be quite rude and unpleasant.

We wandered further down the beach and found these beach beds: how comfy do they look?!



The Pakleni Islands really are some of the most beautiful places we’ve ever seen: the colours really are as vibrant as you see them in these photos.


One thing to note is that there are quite a few naturists on these islands, so if that’s not your thing, be warned! Though it isn’t enforced so if you want to cover up (as we did) you’re absolutely fine.

So the staff might have been rude but just look at this little cutie that they own – I wanted to pop him in my beach bag and bring him home!


I have to admit, being back in London means I’m rather missing my post lunch swim!



If you’re going to Hvar, make sure you branch out a little and visit some of the many islands around – you’ll be well rewarded for a very short boat ride.

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