Ladies Lunch at L’Epicerie

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A part of me has always wanted to be a lady who lunches, so one day my flatmate and I decided to adopt the French tradition of taking leisurely lunches and try out l’Epicerie, a tartine restaurant famous with Rennes students.
And oh wow, it’s good. Oh so good!

I love the decor inside, it’s so rustic, there are proper gingham napkins, slightly worn paint on the walls and good old fashioned tins everywhere.

Oh yeah, and really good looking cakes!

As I said, it’s famous for being a tartine (or open sandwich) restaurant, aka a really good sandwich with only half the bread. It’s seriously tasty and I always feel a little less guilty as it only has one slice of bread!

I opted for the smoked salmon and cream cheese, and boy, was it wonderful!

The fish was so fresh and the bread was incredible, I could have eaten it all over again.

It might sound strange, but this was also one of the best salads I’ve had. It had a gorgeous lemon dressing and although I was a little skeptical about the nuts in it at first, they really added something special to an otherwise regular green salad!

My flatmate went for mozzarella, tomato and pesto tartine which was amazing. Much as I loved my choice, I’ll definitely be going for this when we go back!

In an attempt to resist the amazing cake selection and be good we opted for coffees, which were served in the most beautiful little bowls.

Boy oh boy was this coffee good. Seriously, one of the best I’ve had in France. I cant quite pinpoint why it was so good, but it really was something else. And I’m always a sucker for anything served in a slightly different mug!

Even the bill came in a cute, classically French way!

And with a final glimpse at the cakes (no, really, we were good!)…

… we headed back up to campus for what turned out to be a cancelled lecture (also classically French!). Not really the worst ending to a really good lunch though, was it?!
Lou Messugo

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  • Your smoked salmon looks seriously good!
    Lots of love,
    SilverSpoon London

  • What a sweet little place! I could have that cheese and tomato tartine right now … xx

  • I'm intrigued, we went to L'Epicerie in Lyon which was very similar in style. Wonder if they are part of a small chain? Loved the tartines we ate there

    Suze | LuxuryColumnist

  • Shikha (whywasteannualleave)

    I'm not sure if I've ever had a tartine before – it looks absolutely delicious!

  • it was SO good! Absolutely loved it! xx

  • it's so cute! Oh yeah, I can't wait to go back for that! xx

  • Oooohhh I wonder if they are the same! I must investigate next time I'm back! xx

  • they're super easy to make if you never get the chance to eat one when you're out! so tasty! xx

  • Lunching is simply the best – that coffee looks lush!

  • Ruby

    This looks amazing! You did so well to resist one of those cakes!! xxxx

  • Only managed to do it as my housemate gave up deserts for Lent and I didn't want to have one in front of her!! xxxx

  • Gorgeous pictures. It all looks soooo good!

    Lauren x

  • steve.r hudson

    You look very cosy in the corner by the coffee machine.

  • Definitely cosy – not sure you would like that seat though! x

  • It really was incredible!! xx

  • it was SO good!

  • I'm sure you've totally forgotten about this but I have to admit it's been playing on my mind! I went back to l'Epicerie yesterday and checked the back of the menu, and they have 2 restaurants in Lyon and a couple of others so it is a little chain xx

  • Pictures of that food should carry a warning to people not to click on the link until lunchtime…

  • haha sorry about that Emily!

  • missielizzie

    What a gorgeous looking lunch venue. Love the rustic styling of it and those cakes…damn how did you resist?

  • That is a darling restaurant — love the décor, although to me it is just off-beat and not typically French. #AllAboutFrance

  • Lunching in France is THE BEST! Love the photos; what an adorable little place!

  • I had to…! My lunch buddy had given up cakes for Lent so it would have been so cruel to eat one in front of her! xx

  • Yes, it was really very lovely

  • It sure is – the French know how to do lunch well! Thanks for stopping by! x

  • Those fruit pies are GORGEOUS. And then there's the salmon and cream cheese tartine . . . reminds me of bagels with cream cheese and lox (smoked salmon), always a favorite. Luv your photos ~ they took me there!

  • Thanks Melodie! They look stunning don't they? I might just need to go back and get one…! x

  • Phoebe Thomas

    Such a cute resto, but how did you resist the cakes???! i love taking the time for lunches like this with friends. Thanks for linking up again with #AllAboutFrance

  • My flatmate had given them up for Lent – I couldn't taunt her!

  • Louise

    That looks fantastic. I would have picked the salmon too, but I'm not sure I could have resisted the cakes.

  • Rosie @Eco-Gites of Lenault

    Oh my goodness me, I am drooling! Fabulous food and how on earth did you resist those cakes? A very belated visit from #AllABoutFrance

  • Haha, it was hard, I won't lie! Felt I had to though because my friend couldn't eat them because of Lent! Thanks for visiting, Rosie! x