Kitchen Inspiration: The Dream Kitchen

Despite eating out a lot I still love coming home to a beautiful kitchen, and since I’ve been thinking about moving into my first flat I’ve also taken to thinking about my dream house…and my dream kitchen.

I told you there would be some more interiors inspiration coming your way!

Mayfair Granite recently commissioned a survey asking Brits what their dream kitchen would look like, and you can see the results here.

But it got me thinking… What would I have in my dream kitchen? What couldn’t I cook without?


Well, not being Carrie Bradshaw, my oven is used for faaar more than storing my jumpers, so a pretty good range is going to be in order. When we moved to the country we found ourselves with an Aga, which was a whole new cooking experience in itself. Seriously, it was like learning to cook again.

Safe to say I’d be happy with either an Aga or a shiny, pretty range as long as it’s large enough for me to cook a Sunday roast and a full Christmas dinner that will do me perfectly!

When it comes to prep work in a kitchen, I love having a large island unit as I love the idea of being able to use all of the space in the room. I seem to buck the trend of UK foodies as I love having hardwood worktops, as against the majority who would prefer marble counter-tops.

Don’t get me wrong, marble can be beautiful, but I love a country cottage style kitchen (making me a little more in tune with everyone else as 20% of respondants said they would love a cottage style kitchen) – and if I can, a kitchen garden to match!

Do you ever go into cook shops and discover that there are a million and one appliances that you didn’t even know existed but that you now need? I do, I mean I need that Le Creuset heart shaped dish, right? (Okay, it’s not just appliance envy that I get)

Well, if I could pick any for my dream kitchen I’d have to pick a shiny cream Kitchen Aid (it just makes baking so much easier!), a boiling water tap and a Nespresso machine to make sure that I have a steaming cup of delicious coffee when I wake up.

Colours? Neutral creams, light beige and the beautiful colours of the hardwood surfaces. Perfection.

I’m not sure that my first flat will have it all to begin with, but you can’t blame a girl for dreaming can you?

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