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After graduating this summer and taking a few months out to enjoy London, travel to Croatia, Marrakech, Jersey and New Zealand (okay so I’ve been busy!) as well as enjoy time with friends and family, as of January I’m moving up to London into my first big-girl flat.


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Much as I’ve lived away from home, both at Exeter and in Rennes, this feels like the first real move for me. And you know what new flats mean…. New decoration! I’ve spent quite a while already trying to figure out where-ish I want to live, and also trying to figure out what kind of decoration I want it to have. Luckily, mum has the best taste in interiors, so I think I’m going to be safe ’cause I know that she’ll help me out!
I’ve been loving all of Jaime’s interiors posts since she bought her first house (eeek!), especially her amazing find of’s travel inspired home decor. As well, mum and I took a little trip to Freeport outlet near Braintree where I got a little over-excited in the Le Creuset and Christie outlets… So I guess I’ll be heading back there for the Christmas sales to pick up a few bargains!

Image courtesy of Angloyanophile

I’ve always been in love (ironically) with the Le Creuset heart shaped dish, so I think that might have to be a treat to myself when I move in.

And well, when it comes to my wardrobe I’ve always been a massive Zara fan so when it comes to styling my house, I think Zara home might just be what I need! I’m feeling lots of neutral tones at the moment, and I adore getting wrapped up and cosy in blankets (spot the winter baby!), so pieces like this grey Paisley pattern wool blanket will be getting snapped up as soon as I’ve found the perfect place!

I love really nice tableware, especially when I’m cooking for guests, so I’m looking for something clean, simple and elegant. This silver edged tableware really caught my eye; I love the simple design but really classy finish.

Have you got any tips on where to find the best pieces for your home? Or have you written about this before? Leave me your links as I’ve got lots of reading and researching to do!

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