Planning a Luxury Weekend Escape to Jersey


I keep hearing lots of wonderful things about Jersey, mainly ’cause my best friend lives there and keeps suggesting that I should visit. I’m constantly planning my next adventure (I’ve got serious post holiday blues from Croatia and Marrakech!) and so it only makes sense that I plan a little trip to Jersey.

I’m going to escape to Jersey, Becca, I promise, it’s happening!

But what to do when I’m there? Well that’s just the question… So after speaking to the local (the best travel tip apart from reading alllll the blogs before you go), here are my plans for my weekend escape to the little gem of an island that’s just a short hour’s flight from London.

Well, I can’t resist a good Afternoon Tea and from what I can gather, it seems that Longueville Manor is the place to go for some luxury. In fact, you might find me in their spa or swimming pool as well… ‘Cause they look pretty dreamy to me.

Jersey seems to be a foodie paradise to me, especially when you consider all the fresh fish that they have access to. The other restaurant I really want to visit is Tiffin: a Venetian style tapas and champagne bar. After spending a long weekend in Venice earlier this year, I realised just how good the cuisine is, and well, you know me – I won’t pass up a chance of a delicious meal with some champagne!

Since this little island has an incredible 3 Michelin Stars I don’t think finding incredible food is going to be too much of a challenge!

It might not be a large island, but I’m promised it has one of the most beautiful coastlines, which sounds perfect for exploring. It might just be because I’m Scottish, but even in autumn or winter I think there’s something magical about beaches as they’re just as beautiful (as long as you wrap up warm) and are perfect for some down time, or a long brisk walk.

So for me Havre des Pas, the closest beach to St Helier, is a must see ┬áin Jersey – how gorgeous does it look?!

With views like this, you might forget that you’re still only an hour from London and not in the Maldives!

Activities I hear you ask? Okay, so I might not get Becca on a kayak, but after an incredible morning kayaking in Dubrovnik (more to come soon, promise) I’m extremely keen to go again. Personally, I think I’ll stick to the kayaking, but if you prefer you can go clay pigeon shooting, abseiling, horse riding… The list is almost endless!


When Becca and I are together, we should really call out banks – it’s usually quite an expensive scenario! As well as the high street stores that you would expect from a shopping city, a lot of the shops are local boutiques offering something totally unique and special. Please hide my credit card…


Whatever you’re looking for, relaxation, exhilarating activities or even just a relaxing weekend break, this gem of an island has something for you.
Want to plan your own escape? Of course you do! Plan your perfect Jersey break and be in with a chance to win it right here. There’s far more to Jersey than can be explained in one post but plan your own escape exactly the way you want it. A dream destination, without the long-haul flight – what more could you want?!
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This is a sponsored post but all opinions and words are my own: I can’t wait to visit this beautiful island!

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