10 Stages of Becoming Addicted to Blogging


Hi my name’s Lauren and I’m a blogaholic. There. I admitted it.
In fact, my blogging addiction has reached such a level that Andy has a name for my blogging persona: Bridget. Every time he sees the camera appear all I hear is “Oh, Briiidget!” – and then I wondered: just how did this happen? How did my little diary, my way of remembering my year abroad and maybe documenting some fun things in London turn into a full blown addiction?
Well, here’s how it happened…

Stage 1: The .blogspot Era

You think that blogging is just a bit of fun, an on the side if you will, so you get yourself a little piece of the internet with either a .blogspot or a .wordpress address and it’s fun! You update it once in a while and that’s great, it’s okay, you still seem to manage to live your life without a camera around your neck.

Stage 2: The Social Media Begins

You don’t really want to just use your personal social media to share your blog (note: share not promote at this stage), so you set up a Twitter account, an Instagram account, maybe a Facebook page. See that’s not that bad. You play around with them every once in a while, you can wake up without looking at them. But isn’t this a great new toy? 


Stage 3: The Tweaking Begins

Hmmm you say, looking at your blog, I’m not really sure that I like how short and fat my photos are, I wish they were a bit wider… And that banner across the top is just so dull… Maybe I need to get myself a blog banner.. And maybe a template. I want it to look pretty after all…

Stage 4: You Become a Photographer

Well, now that you’re not just posting your snaps and selfies on Facebook anymore you need to take proper photos, right? In fact, loving friend/boyfriend/parent, would you mind  holding off on eating that delicious looking warm chocolate fondant until I get a good snap of it? I want to blog this dinner, if you don’t mind.

Stage 5: You Meet Other Bloggers

And this is the tipping point ladies and gents. Oh yes, you meet others like you and you feed on each other’s addictions. Ohhhhh doesn’t Angie take wonderful photos? Doesn’t Suze have such a marvelous variety of activities, holidays and restaurants on her blog? Isn’t Frankie just hilarious? And doesn’t Andrea find some great restaurants?


Why don’t we go for dinner and talk blog talk? What a great idea!

Stage 6: The Social Media Addiction Kicks In

Please note Frankie’s well placed camera – poised for action
Remember Stage 2 where you could wake up and not check Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Bloglovin‘ and Pinterest before beginning your day? When you didn’t have to set your alarm an extra 10 minutes early so that you could feed the addiction? Those days are long gone my friend – your phone is now superglued to your hand in case y’know, Emma happens to tweet you.

Stage 7: The Domain Name

Well, you’ve got the pretty template, and all your social media channels are looking pretty good (thanks to those 7am sessions I’m sure) but you don’t have your own domain name, and well, it looks so much neater… There might even be more opportunities attached to having your own domain name.. And, well, this is your hobby (haaaa cause what other spare time do I have now that I basically have a child to look after?) so it’s an investment.
It must be bought.

Step 8: You’ll Do Anything For The Blog

I have a fear of heights: I don’t like coming down lots and lots of stairs. But when Andy says to me But think what a great feature it’ll make on TLD, well that’s enough to send me running up the stairs, camera in hand, waiting to snap the best photos. Coming down? HA – now that would make an amusing post!


Step 9: You Have A List As Long As Your Arm of Tweaks, Amendments, Projects, Drafts and Let’s Not Forget All Those Spreadsheets

Yup it’s happening: the organisation has kicked in and you realise that there are hundreds of things that you want to change. Is the black in my template too harsh? Should my social media icons be larger? I should go to that cute little restaurant for brunch, it’s so cute it might even make the perfect Instagram. I’ll pop that on my blog list and see if I can fit it in between the 4 blog events, um my life, and seeing friends and family.

Step 10: You Have A Blogging Persona

You have an inner monologue of how you’re going to write things up, or how you would write them up. Your friends don’t understand blog talk. You start responding to said blogging name (worrying). You’re known among your friends for always having a camera on you, and that you’re going to ask them to use said camera to take photos of you. Or in Andy’s case, take photos of me taking photos because I look so ridiculous hanging over the edge of the ledge trying to catch the perfect photo of the sunset.
And there you have it: you just became addicted to blogging. Bet you didn’t see that coming – I sure didn’t!

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