Easy Like Sunday Morning With Nespresso Creatista Plus

I’m not sure about you, but to me there are few things better than a Sunday morning at home, relaxing, reading magazines, the paper or planning adventures with a cup of coffee in hand. Factor in the new Nespresso Creatista range which helps you to create a perfect, barista style coffee at home, and well, you’ve just arranged the perfect start to your Sunday.

We’ve had a Nespresso machine at home for as long as I can remember, and so I’ve been slightly spoiled for coffee growing up. But when I moved to London, I found myself missing the high quality, freshly made Nespresso coffee I loved.


So when Nespresso invited me to their pop up in Notting Hill to try their new Creatista machine, I jumped at the chance! The Creatista Plus allows you to personalise your coffee exactly the way you like it: with 8 coffee selections, 11 milk temperatures and 8 different froth texture levels, you can have your coffee just the way you like it!

But first, @nespresso. Hello Saturday my old friend! #coffee

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Especially with their incredible variety of Grand Cru’s , and their limited edition 2014 vintage which I love (not just because it’s pink!) you can tailor your morning brew just how you like it. I think you’ll find that beats nipping out for a Sunday morning coffee any day.


With a few trips in the making, I took the time away from work to relax, catch up on some reading, some Mexico and Budapest planning. Find me a dreamier Sunday morning!


Berries in a bowl ready to nibble it was time to flip on my Nespresso Creatista Plus for a coffee addict’s perfect start to the day.


It’s simple to make your favourite pick me up – simply press the start button, insert your coffee capsule of choice (my favourites are Dharkan and Rosabaya!) and follow the sleep-proof instructions.

First pick your coffee – I alternate between Flat White’s and Cappuccino’s – and then personalise. Pick how much coffee you want, how hot your milk will be and how much froth you like all at the simple twist of a dial.


As the coffee was poured straight from the machine and that heavenly coffee scent drifted throughout the room, I opened my travel books… And to be honest, I didn’t get much further, as the Nespresso Creatista Plus is rapid enough even if you’re in a Monday morning rush (as I often am!)


Press start again for your personalised milk to be frothed, as I drizzled local honey over my berries and Andy made an appearance at the smell of fresh coffee (and the though of Sunday breakfast!)


But this dream machine has one more trick up its sleeve: it’s ideal for helping you to make your own latte art as it creates micro-milk foam to make all those pretty ferns, love hearts and prettiness you would expect from a pro barista. This steam wand really is, well, magical. Pun always intended.


My latte art is very much a work in progress, but I’m loving each new attempt (every morning – it gets a little addictive, and that’s before you’ve even had a sip of the coffee)


With an automated self-cleaning wand it’s so simple to care for your Nespresso machine if you’re in a weekday rush or just don’t want to move from the comfy sofa or bed you’ve sunk into at the weekend.


Needless to say, trying all the grand crus has become a little challenge of mine as I’m determined to make my own perfect coffee. Right in the comfort of my house. Think you’re going to miss your shot of caramel syrup? Nespresso’s got you covered with their Caramelito pod – which has firmly become my Saturday morning go to.


Well, after a perfect cappucino I think I’ve found the ideal hotels for Mexico and Budapest and I can’t wait to get booking! I’d normally do my trip planning from a coffee shop in my local area, ’cause a girl’s got to have the right coffee to help her find the perfect  hotel, but I’m loving being able to do so from my own flat.


Especially when you can make froth better than some barista’s out there..!




It even makes weekend working that little bit easier, with a little pick me up just when you need one… Or two… Or three (and then a decaf…)


I’ve only been up for about five minutes but it’s the best start to a Sunday you could ask for. A taste of home, and being your own barista just doesn’t stop being fun!


Just look at that foam…




At home perfection.


My mornings have never been better.


And on weekdays I’ve had my first coffee before I’ve even left the house – which it turns out really makes the morning more pleasant!


But Sunday mornings are much more exciting and call for macarons with your berries, and maybe even a serving of pancakes to soak up all that delicious coffee.

Trust me on this one, this is one way to start your morning that you’re never going to regret. Or one way to end your evening. Or in fact, just a pick me up for any time of day – and some of the best coffee you will be able to make at home.


I want to see your latte art! Watch my Instagram for how my latte art is progressing… I’m aiming for a fern soon!

You know where I’ll be this weekend if you need me…

This post is sponsored by Nespresso but I’m honestly addicted to my Creatista Plus and start my day with a cup every morning.

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  • I love Nespresso coffee and the machine looks super stylish too!

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