A First Taste of Nobu Old Park Lane

I really look forward to my lunches and dinners with Angie, she’s one of my favourite bloggers and someone that I really look up to; she’s also a whole bunch of fun and knows the best restaurants in London.

Pretty good recipe for a perfect bloggers lunch date if you ask me. Add the fact that we had decided to go to Nobu, Old Park Lane for the London Restaurant Festival menu in association with Bookatable and I knew this was going to be a hit!
Nobu Old Park Lane

We started with a glass of Prosecco, which for the two of us is really the only way to start a meal. We did only have one though; it was a Thursday lunch time and we’re being good.


Nobu Old Park Lane


The first course we had was a sashimi salad with Matsuhisa dressing: tuna sashimi, a boiled prawn and a delicious sauce comprised of rice vinegar, sesame oil and soy sauce.
Nobu Old Park Lane


The tuna was of a beautiful quality and was complemented perfectly by the Matsuhisa dressing.


Nobu Old Park Lane
For our second course we had a sushi plate; with 3 pieces of nigiri (salmon, tuna and sardine) and 2 cut rolls. As you would expect everything was of the highest quality, exceptionally fresh and generally delicious.


I hadn’t had sardine nigiri before but I loved it and I’ll be looking out for it on any menu I see in the future!


At this point I also discovered that Angie is a serious pro at chopsticks, whilst I’m still a bit of a novice!


As we chatted about Angie’s upcoming travels to St Lucia, and my recent holidays to Croatia and Marrakech as well as some blog talk, our main dishes arrived.
Being bloggers, there’s no such thing as a dish not shared, so we opted to share the seafood toban yaki as well as the baby chicken.
The clams in this dish were just amazing, so tender and full of flavour, and I loved the salmon for the same reasons.
Just look at the steam coming off this dish!


Nobu Old Park Lane


The baby chicken was beautifully prepared, with very crispy skin and wonderfully tender meat.


Served with a spicy sauce, this was a great addition to the menu.



The last dish on the menu was perhaps the only one that disappointed us; a mango and milk chocolate mousse, yuzu sponge with a mango and lime sorbet. It didn’t have the wow factor that the other dishes had, but it didn’t let the meal down.


We both felt that this was a great set menu, and I found it a really great introduction to Nobu, and it certainly made me want to go back for more. The decor is of a very minimalist and clean style, though I’m really looking forward to visiting the Berkley Street branch to experience a more luxurious setting.
What do ladies who lunch do after lunch? Retire to the Four Seasons for coffee, of course! We chatted the rest of the afternoon away until Andy arrived, amazed that we were still sitting having coffee when it was almost dinner time.
Well, that’s just what Angie and I do..!

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Angie and I dined as guests of Bookatable; the LRF menu is priced at £39 per person for 4 courses and a glass of Prosecco and can be booked here. The rest of the 250+ LRF restaurant deals can be found and booked here

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