A Peruvian Breakfast at LIMA Floral


Going out for a weekday breakfast is a real treat, so when LIMA Floral invited me to try their new breakfast menu I couldn’t resist the temptation!
I’ve wanted to try LIMA and LIMA Floral for a long time now, and tasting their breakfast menu has only made me want to go back for dinner even more!

As it was near her birthday, I decided to take Frankie with me to start the celebrations early!
We both ordered a glass of orange juice…


…and I couldn’t resist ordering a latte (or two!)
The coffee was delicious; a lovely dark taste and a kick that really energized me for the morning ahead.
As it came with the milk on the side it meant that I got to enjoy all the foodie photos that came alongside pouring the milk!



It was really lovely to catch up with Frankie; we’ve not had the chance to spend too much time together, and it was great hearing how all her college work is going and what’s been going on in her life. As someone who’s also going to be a trainee lawyer her advice and opinions mean a lot to me!

Anyway, back to the food!

Frankie ordered the Eggs Benedict: a classic breakfast option (served with ham and not bacon, much to her preference – though we did have a good chuckle at the fact that if Kirsty had been there she would have insisted on bacon!) that was done to perfection.

The eggs themselves had the perfect ooze and we both loved that they were slightly blow-torched on the top; it’s the little things like this that make restaurants, and dishes, really stand out.
Frankie was being good. I, well, I was not. It might have been her birthday but I was certainly celebrating when it came to the dish I ordered: the Croque Senor.
This masterpiece is made with toasted white brioche, with organic ham and gruyère cheese baked with a beer bechamel and huancaina sauce. Oh. Yeah.
It was absolutely every bit as delicious as it sounds. A really indulgent, yet wonderful dish.

As we caught up about what had been going on in both of our lives, and I heard all about Frankie’s plans for her birthday, I turned my little camera to admire the decor.

There are all the bright colours that you would expect from a Peruvian restaurant, and yet, all the amenities and serving style from a top London restaurant.

I loved the decor and thought it really brought the colours of Peru to London.


After letting a suitable amount of time pass for our beautiful breakfasts to pass, we decided to hit the buffet counter! You can either just opt for a breakfast dish, the buffet, or even a combination of the two, making it a really flexible breakfast menu for everyone.


The buffet itself is a pretty healthy affair – well, at least it can be a healthy affair!

Your options include natural live cow’s milk yogurt with eucalyptus and chai seeds…

Lots and lots of delicious, fresh fruit…

For those who want to be healthy – and those who want a side of healthy!

No matter what your fruity preference, there’s bound to be something for you here!

And for those of us who aren’t feeling so guilt-conscious, croissants, fig and cinnamon brioche…

I mean honestly, there are more viennoiserie than you can possibly imagine… Or consume!

With a side of the cutest little pots of jam and marmalade.

What I really loved was that not only was the service excellent, the food (and the selection of it) were delicious, but that they also had the foresight to leave the morning’s papers for anyone to read.

Normally, I’ve always got the latest paper in my hand, but when I’m catching up with one of the girls – I don’t need any more news than what they’re telling me!

I assure you, this buffet breakfast is a real treat, and a great addition to an already delicious breakfast menu.




If you’re looking for an exciting new breakfast menu with a different twist and a great place to catch up with friends with an excellent coffee, then a visit to LIMA Floral should be in your diary very soon!

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  • Hi Lauren,

    This looks fabulous. I’ve been to Lima Floral for dinner and really loved the fresh flavours – I had no idea they even did breakfast! Was the atmosphere good?