Beginning the Birthday Celebrations at Mr Fogg’s Gin Parlour

Birthdays are all about celebrating with your closest friends and family which is why I firmly believe in a policy of birthday month. As last week was my birthday I took the opportunity to celebrate as much as I possibly could and started with an evening of cocktails and wine at Mr Fogg’s Tavern with Angie and Colleen.

Last time I had visited Mr Fogg’s esteemed tavern it had been for a casual lunch downstairs but this time was altogether more sophisticated affair as we three ladies were booked into the Gin Parlour and Salon for the evening.

The salon was Aunt Gertrude’s former residence, so it’s definitely a space for a sophisticated drink – especially if you’re a gin fan. With over 300 different types of gin, Aunt Gertrude boasts the largest collection of gin in London, so you know the gin based cocktails are going to be good!

We started with a round of what has quickly become one of my favourite cocktails in London; the Trans-Siberian Express, a delightful mix of Russian Standard Platinum vodka, crème de framboise, fresh lemon juice and pineapple juice, all topped with Moët & Chandon champagne.
The perfect cocktail for three lovely travel bloggers!

As with everything Mr Fogg’s, the salon is beautifully decorated with trinkets of Phileas’ adventures and eclectic items that have all been carefully sourced (I suspect all from the same hot air balloon!)

The Trans-Siberian Express is a perfect, light, slightly tart and all round delicious cocktail that we all agreed was wonderful. I hope you’re not expecting a simple, standard cocktail menu – oh no! At Fogg’s Tavern the cocktail menu reflects its West End location and orders its tipples by Acts! It’s the little touches like this that really make me fall in love with these bars. 

After (many) photos were taken we took to cheersing and starting the birthday celebrations! As two of my closest friends from blogging, and actually friends in general, I was so pleased to be starting the celebrations with these lovely ladies as well as hearing about Colleen’s new flat and Angie’s upcoming adventures.

I wonder if Phileas might let you borrow his hot air balloon, Angie?! Always worth a shot..!
The salon has a totally different feel to the pub like atmosphere downstairs and feels like a calm retreat from the buzz that is Covent Garden. 

So serene in fact that we opted for another round of cocktails, this time choosing the Ophelia’s Pagne. This was a much stronger cocktail that contained Cointreau Noir liqueur shaken with bergamot liqueur, lemon juice and Angostura bitters and topped with our drink of the evening, Moët & Chandon champagne

A much stronger cocktail that was a touch too strong for my preference, but still a really well put together drink.

Aunt Gertrude, though not with us in this world anymore, still makes her presence felt – especially when she topples over every once in a while! It seems it wasn’t just who were tispy that night…

As Colleen and I both promised Angie that the food was delicious, we ordered a few nibbles to share between us. If you’re looking for the excellent pie, make sure you stay downstairs, because upstairs is all about the sophisticated nibbles. We chose the sloe gin cured smoked salmon with Keta caviar…

And the charcuterie board which I’ve been thinking about since my lunch a few weeks ago. Safe to say that all morsels were devoured and enjoyed just as much as they were last time.

Before heading out into the night we had a last couple of glasses of wine before deciding that as it was a school night we should definitely call it a night!
Next time I’ve definitely got my eye on their Tipsy Tea – it’s been on my list for too long!

Mr Fogg’s Tavern
58 St Martin’s Lane

Our drinks were complimentary but all opinions are my own. 

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