Casual Catch Ups at Hubbard and Bell, Holborn

Starting somewhere new in London means I really do have a whole new area to explore and get to grips with, which really just means I have an entirely new list of places that I want to visit!
With that in mind, and desperate to get out the library for a a good ol’ catch up, Steph and I ventured over to Hubbard and Bell at The Hoxton Hotel for a late ladies lunch. 

I love the ethos of The Hoxton hotels: eat, sleep, work and play really is a brand motto that I can get behind. From the moment you walk into the hotel you can see that whilst being a lovely London hotel, it’s much more relaxed than many of the upmarket London establishments.
There’s people with laptops working away, groups of women in for ladies lunches and friends laughing away on the sofas. It’s a place I could easily see myself spending quite a lot of time.
We were shown to a booth in the main Hubbard and Bell ‘wining and dining’ restaurant (somewhere I had been for brunch with mum, but that’s a story for another time) where we threw down our (very) heavy books and settled in for a delicious lunch. 

We both really enjoyed the relaxed atmosphere, the modern decor and how attentive and friendly the staff were.
Menus were brought out and it was debated whether we should indulge in a glass of wine (I did, but Steph was far too good ;)). 
The menu itself is really simple and is split into toasts, meats, fishes and raw. To be honest, it took us quite a while to decide what to have but our waitress was perfectly patient and happy to let us peruse the menu for as long as it took.
Eventually I decided on the steak tartare, a real favourite of mine, which was served with garlic crisps. The meat itself was wonderful; delicious quality, nicely cut into chunks just as I prefer it and really well seasoned. A perfect egg sat on top and I stuck right in mixing it all up.
Though the crisps were nice I’m not entirely sure that they added anything to the dish; I thought it would be much better if it were served with fries. 

Steph couldn’t take her eyes of the toast section and eventually picked the crab toast. A hearty portion of delicious fresh crab served on top a chunky slice of toast was soon presented to us and was just as quickly devoured!

As we were having small dishes (and I thought I needed some fries with my steak tartare) we indulged in some seriously delicious fries.

Hot, crisp and fluffy – what more could you want for a mid-week pick me up?

Not entirely ready to go back to work, but not wanting desserts we ordered tea and coffee. A delicious, strong Origin Coffee flat white for me (perfect for kicking me back into work mode!)…

And wonderful loose leaf earl grey tea for Steph. We were both really pleased to know that Hubbard and Bell serve loose leaf teas as we agreed that the taste is so much better. Always great to know that there’s a great tea spot round the corner that doubles as a perfect escape.

After finishing every last ounce of caffine we decided it was back to work and adulthood. Next time I’ve got my eye on the Sunday Feast… And maybe an overnight staycation, too!

Till next time, Hoxton..!

Hubbard and Bell at The Hoxton
199-206 High Holborn,

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