Date Night at Film & Fizz, One Aldwych

Girl meets boy, girl and boy date for a long time and they still enjoy a classic date night. But when you’ve been together for a while, it can be a little harder to think of fun date night ideas. Luckily, Film & Fizz at One Aldwych, the 5* hotel in Covent Garden, is there to remind you that sometimes the classic date nights really are the best.

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A few Fridays ago, I met Andy after work at One Aldwych hotel for cinema and dinner date. It seems like years ago (’cause it probably was!) that we had a classic cinema and dinner date, and I have no idea. We both love films and I think you’ve figured out by now that we enjoy eating out!

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I was, as always, running early, so sat in The Lobby Bar with a glass of wine and began winding down after what had been quite a stressful week and was soon joined by Andy, who had had an equally busy week and was glad of the break!

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As you might have imagined from the name, Film & Fizz at One Aldwych starts with a film, a glass of bubbles and some popcorn. I’ve always been a bit of a history geek, especially modern history, so I managed to convince Andy that Trumbo was the film we should go for. Without giving anything away, the film exposes what the Red Scare was like in Hollywood and how some screen writers dealt with the blacklist on Communists.

Film & Fizz-5

The inevitable dilemma between salted and sweet popcorn was raised… Salt. Everytime.

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We both loved the film and afterwards we kept going over and over what had happened in the film and what it all meant. The cinema is actually in the basement of One Aldwych so for all you ladies in high heels there isn’t far to walk at all! There are two Film & Fizz options, one which is a later screening (at 9pm) and a glass of champagne for £25, or an early screening, champagne and 3 course dinner for £55 each.

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If you’ve opted to have dinner at One Aldwych you’ll be whisked upstairs in the lift to Indigo, one of the hotel’s restaurants, for your meal. I loved seeing the groups of friends, young couples and couples who had been married for many years all at Fim & Fizz; there’s something really special about getting all dressed up and spending a  glamorous evening with friends or loved ones.

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Indigo also happens to be a unique restaurant for a London hotel; the menu is entirely gluten and dairy free meaning that it’s perfect for anyone with allergies or an intolerance or two. As we were heading off to Barcelona soon we were both pleased to be able to eat out but have a really healthy meal that we could still enjoy.

We toasted our date night with another glass of Lallier Champagne and settled down to look through the menu. Andy was a little worried about the portion sizes when I mentioned that the menu was an exceptionally healthy one, especially in comparison to where we had eaten recently! But he needn’t have been as we both left feeling pleasantly full but not overly so.

Andy started with a lovely sliced pork dish which was served with pea shoots and a balsamic dressing.

Film & Fizz-12

I’m not the biggest pork fan so didn’t try any, but Andy certainly seemed to enjoy it.

Film & Fizz-13

True to form, I couldn’t resist the idea of fish and ordered the calamari with an heirloom tomato salad.

Film & Fizz-14

I won’t lie, I did miss the battered coating that I’m in love with, but I loved that I could indulge in one of my favourite dishes without the guilty feeling of eating fried food. Though the fish was lovely, I really enjoyed the vibrant flavours of the tomatos which really added an extra layer to the dish.

Film & Fizz-16

Talking of no guilt… Bread is usually  always my downfall and I try to avoid it when I’m eating out, but I felt no bread-guilt at all tucking into the wheat free, full of healthy seeds bread that Indigo offered us to go with our starters.

Film & Fizz-10

I mentioned I’m a bit of a history geek, so I loved checking into One Aldwych’s history. The original building that housed The Morning Post, 346 Strand, was demolished in 1889 to make way for Kingsway, the new road that lead straight from Holborn to the Strand. Left without any building for his paper, Lord Glenesk bought the land where One Aldwych now stands and turned it into a new home for his paper. With press roots like this it’s no wonder that bloggers such as Angie and Catherine have also enjoyed dinners, drinks and staycations here!

By the time Andy and I had fully debreifed about the film, it was time for main courses, which like the rest of the meal, were delivered by our friendly waiter with a smile – and another top up of wine!

Film & Fizz-18

Andy chose the lamb, which was served with broad beans, spinach and seasonal vegetables all plated up with a delicious sauce.

Film & Fizz-17

I was impressed by the portion size and the generous amount of meat on the plate.

Film & Fizz-19

I loved the sound of the steamed Cornish turbot served with a light salad and cooked with olives. I don’t know what it is about cooked olives, but I really can’t get enough of them! I much prefer fish when it’s cooked on the bone as I think it retains a lot more flavour, though it does mean you have to be a little more aware of little bones when you’re eating!

Film & Fizz-20

With a good drizzle of lemon juice this was a lovely, light main course with lots of those delicious olives.

Usually by this point in a meal I’m questioning if I actually want a dessert, but as I was pleasantly full but had a little space left, I couldn’t really resist.

I ordered the rhubarb panna cotta which was a lovely alternative to the traditional panna cotta.

Film & Fizz-23

Andy opted for the mango sorbet as there wasn’t anything on the menu that really grabbed him, but it was a lovely palette cleanser after our meal.

Film & Fizz-22

We watched people trickle out of The Lobby Bar, which sits underneath Indigo, and listened as guests who had obviously been at the theatre came home and discussed the musicals they had seen. It really is such a handy hotel if you’ve got a theatre booking as it’s very close to a lot of the theatres and the main Covent Garden piazza.

If you’re looking for a fun, luxurious date night or even just a treat night with a friend, there really is something to be said about a good ol’ classic, and Film & Fizz does it really well.

One Aldwych are also launching a new Basque cuisine restaurant this summer, Eneko, by Micehlin starred chef Eneko Atxa, which I’m really excited to hear more about!

Our evening was complimentary.

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  • I have to admit that I hadn’t heard of Trumbo so thanks for the film recommendation. I do however like One Aldwych’s Film & Fizz nights, they’re great fun

    • Ahh it’s a great film, Suze! Definitely worth watching. Such a great date night, I really love the idea.

  • Fab review lovely, and thanks for the mention – I loved my drinks/dinner/staycation at One Aldwych! The food really was brilliant and I love how modern it feels even with all that history behind it. Also how awesome is Trumbo?! Love that film!

    C x | Lux Life

    • Thanks love and my pleasure! It’s SUCH a good film! So glad someone else has seen it! X

  • I have been meaning to do this for ages! When we go to the movies we usually go all out with a bottle of wine and ice creams, and have dinner either before or after anyway so I thought this sounded like the perfect place to go!

    • Ahhh you absolutely have to! And it’s such good value for money as @angiesilverspoon:disqus says! xx

  • Thanks for mentioning me! I love the Film and Fizz night, it’s great fun not to mention brilliant value for money.

    • Pleasure! I know, it’s such a great price for everything that is included!

  • Ohh sounds amazing! Such a good date night idea – going to pop that in the back pocket for sometime soon!

    Jasmin Charlotte

    • Definitely do, it was such a treat! One of the best date nights we’ve had recently x

  • steve.r hudson

    I like the sound of it tho’ movies aren’t for me. I also like the sound of a Basque restaurant, never tried that.


    A lovely read. We try to do date nights once per month and I’ll add this one to surprise the Mrs.