Steak and Sushi Date Night at maze Grill Mayfair

Last week, when I was waiting for results, I was a little nervous… In need of some distraction Andy booked us a table at maze Grill restaurant in Mayfair, a restaurant I had wanted to try for a long time. I knew that I wasn’t going to be in the decision making mood that evening, which meant that maze Grill Mayfair’s combination of both sushi and steak was going to give me the variety I needed so I didn’t have to make a choice!

Maze Grill-8

We started the evening with a glass of Gordon Ramsay’s new champagne, which is being served in the Gordon Ramsay Group restaurants, to toast to hopeful celebrations and a long overdue date night. A lovely brut champagne, it was the perfect champagne to start our evening with.

Maze Grill-3

I’m a sucker for good bread – living in France spoiled me a little – and I was delighted when our waitress brought us some still warm crusty sourdough bread to nibble on. Served with soft, lightly salted butter which was entirely moreish – it was farย too good!

Maze Grill-1

maze Grill Mayfair is the original maze Grill restaurant, with its sister restaurant being located in Chelsea. The menu here is inspired by Manhattan grill rooms and their impeccable steaks, fish and poultry. But what I loved is that they also serve excellent quality sushi and sashimi, too.

Perfect for when you can’t make a decision…

Maze Grill-4

We decided to start with a sushi platter to share, and I’m so glad that we did. Tuna, salmon and yellow fin tuna nigiri as well as soft shell crab maki and tuna maki rolls.

Maze Grill-5

All delicious, fresh fish and the perfect portion for a shared starter. I loved the soft shell crab maki in particular for the delicious crab and avocado combination.

Maze Grill-6

We tried to share each piece, which ended up, erm, a little messy! But entirely worth it as we both wanted to taste each maki and nigiri. I’d still say that if you want premium sushi that ROKA is the best, but for a much more reasonable price I was very impressed with the sushi plate.

Maze Grill-7

Maze Grill-8

For our main courses, we switched continent and ended up in America! Both of us chose to order sirloin steaks served with delicious thin cut fries. I know the steak was the main point of the course, but the fries were exceptional. Sprinkled with paprika or cayenne pepper these were some of the most flavoursome fries I’ve had in London.

Maze Grill-9

I loved the presentation of the steaks; served on a wooden board and completed with steak knives which told youย exactly how your steak had been cooked.

Maze Grill-10

The steaks themselves were juicy and tender and all round delicious cuts of meat. Just what I wanted from a steak!

Maze Grill-11

Maze Grill-12

Our eyes had the better of us when we ordered as we also ordered a side of onion rings to share! Delicious, light batter coated slices of onion which were heavenly. A little bit indulgent but hey, a pre-celebration deserves a little indulgence if you ask me…

Maze Grill-13

I loved the casual, fun vibe of maze Grill Mayfair, as well as the attentive staff and excellent menu. They offer some really well priced menus, including their summer offer of a steak, fries, steak sauce and a carafe of wine each for ยฃ19 per person.

Maze Grill-14

It’s the perfect restaurant for a retreat from Oxford Street or for a fun date night in the centre of London.

Maze Grill-15

So good in fact, that I think I’ll be back – and I’d like to try the maze Grill Chelsea, too!

Maze Grill-16

maze Grill Mayfair

10-13 Grosvenor Square



020 7495 2211

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  • I went to Maze Grill Mayfair about two years ago and I have to say that we weren’t entirely convinced. I didn’t try the sushi though. I’ve been to both of the Maze’s in Chelsea and they were great. Many years ago my friends and I did the chefs table in the main Maze restaurant and that was a really fantastic experience.

    • Hmmmmm maybe I need to try the Chelsea one to make a fair comparison ๐Ÿ˜‰ The sushi was good, and hit the spit as I was craving it, but if you wanted sushi I’d still recommend ROKA for a sushi date! xx

  • I really liked the cocktails at Maze Grill Mayfair and I’ve dined at one of the Chelsea branches which was very cosy

    • We didn’t have any cocktails but there’s always a reason to go back!

  • Gary J Berry

    Haven’t been to Maze Grill in years! Think I need to make a return visit. Looks great. Gary x

    • It was a really lovely evening and I was quite impressed with the steak selection! xx

  • I’ve been to Maze in Chelsea and loved it, but like the look of the Mayfair branch a lot! Your photography is amazing Lauren!!

    Polly xx

    • Thank you Polly! I’ve really been working on it and I think it’s paying off! xxx

  • You know I live down the street practically from this Maze Grill but I still haven’t visited! The menu sounds like it’s really good value for money and I love the fact that they have so much choice (not being one for steaks myself!) x

  • I love this restaurant ๐Ÿ™‚ Have been a couple of times in the past but never had the sushi, perfect pre-celebration choices! ๐Ÿ˜‰ Lots of love, Andrea xxx

    Andrea’s Passions

    • Me too it was a great date night! Nice to catch you missy – it’s been ages ! xxxx

  • MissLilly

    Once I can eat my steak medium rare again (and sushi for the matter) I’ll give it a go ๐Ÿ™‚