Dinner at Gaylord’s Restaurant

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I love a good curry, and so does the mister. In fact, he nearly jumped when I said I’d been invited to review Gaylord’s new menu! And so last Friday we made the trip down to Marlyebone to visit Gaylord’s, and boy, we weren’t disappointed; the food, the service and the ambiance we all excellent. 
Just wait till you see this food, you’ll be making a reservation before you can finish looking at all the photos!

For the first time in my life, I had mistimed how long it takes to get a taxi across London, and so after a frantic Uber ride in, we were graciously greeted by the staff and told that it wasn’t a problem, that our table was ready.
They left us with the menus (beautiful menus I have to say, and not paper thin like you find in most restaurants) and recommended a lovely bottle of white wine to have with our starters. After such a frantic journey “wine” was exactly the word I wanted to hear!

But you don’t want to know about that, you want to know about the glorious food that we had!  We started with some lovely tacos; I have to admit I was skeptical when I first heard of them, but when I took a bite, I knew I was wrong – these are heavenly!

We had one pulled chicken (which I would highly recommend) and one spicey rajma (kidney beans) which was good, but not as good as the chicken. I won’t lie, I did steal the chicken taco from the mister, whooops!

But no Indian meal would be complete without poppadoms, so we insisted on dipping in to these! Beautiful chutneys, and some of the best poppadoms I’ve had; to the extent that I had to stop myself from eating some more! Because just wait till you see all the food we had to come..!

Gaylord are famous for their lamb kebabs, so it would have been wrong to miss out on them. Really wrong. In fact, promise me you’ll have them if you go – they really are incredible! Beautifully light and supremely tasty, they were a perfect starter.

But the starters kept coming! To be honest, we were in the middle of such a nice catch up that it was really nice to have little nibbles around us all the time. Although the restaurant was busy it was still quiet enough that we could have a conversation and not feel like we had to shout, which was ideal for what we wanted that night.

Back to the food though! Next up were these gorgeous tikka king tiger prawns; I’ve always been a bit unsure about curried fish, so these were never going to be my favourite starter, but I have to say, the fish was beautiful – very soft and cooked to perfection.

Next up, we tried the mini starter sampler,which included (from left to right) Lamb Seekh Kebab, Amritsari Fish and Murg Malai Tikka. The lamb was beautifully tender, it literally fell off the bone! I tried to be lady-like and let the mister have most of it, but it was so good that I couldn’t hold back.

And for our final stater, it was chicken tikka. Hot, sizzling, right from the stove fresh chicken tikka. Incredible is the only word for this I have to say. The chicken was so tender that it fell apart on our forks, and it was beautifully spiced; not too hot and spicy, but just delicious.

Fortunately, our waiters asked if we would like a little break in between starters and mains – which we definitely did! So we enjoyed the time, people watching in the restaurant, enjoying our beautiful wine, which our waiter was kind enough to match to our starters, and generally having a bit of a chit chat!

I honestly didn’t think Gaylord’s were going to be able to top their starters, but boy oh boy, the managed it!

Our waiter recommended that we tried the Bhatura and Chana Peshwari, and who were we to say no?! I’d definitely pass on that recommendation if you go to Gaylord’s, that bread and it’s accompanying dish are beautiful. So flavoursome and generally all round delicious! Just wait till you see how puffed up that bread was!

I’m a huge fan of butter chicken, and so when I saw it on the menu I just couldn’t resist. I knew that’s what I was having! The mister went for Lamb Rogan Josh, one of his favourites, and declared it a real success. He clearly was more than a little full but very much didn’t want to stop eating!

I’ve tried my fair share of butter chicken dishes in my time, but this was really something else; beautifully rich and creamy, with lovely tomato flavours, but it just had something extra. It really did taste wonderful. Perfect, if like me, you prefer quite a mild curry.

Now, peshwari naan. This might just be one of my biggest weaknesses. Ever. And this naan bread was out of this world; I honestly don’t think I have the words to describe it! As you can tell, it was a bit of a fight as to who was going to get the most naan bread (I definitely lost – stupid small tummy!), but it was definitely worth it. It was wonderful! Promise me you’ll have it if you go?!

We had a beautiful bottle of Merlot to accompany our mains, which was stunning. It complemented our meal perfectly and tasted beautifully dark and fruity.

Somehow not still being satisfied it seemed that pudding was on the horizon..!

But we needed another break, and so sat back, enjoyed our wine, and watched as the restaurant slowly began to empty. Since we were there on a Friday night it was very busy (I’d recommend you book), but by this time people were slowly beginning to filter out.

I have to say desserts were the least impressive course we had, but when we had had such a beautiful dinner, I would hardly say this is a real down point, more like the least positive point.

Andy went for the Kulfi (Indian ice cream), which he said was lovely, but might not go for again. It’s made from fresh milk and topped with pistachios, which I thought sounded delicious!

I opted for the dessert platter selection with masala chai shot which was lovely! As I say, my least favourite course, but the masala chai tea was gorgeous! I could have had a whole cup of it to be honest.

 I loved the cinnamon stick in it – both for its taste and for its presentation value.

We had an absolutely wonderful evening at Gaylord’s: I can’t tell you how great the service is – we felt like royalty! And the food, well, I think you can tell how much I enjoyed the food! We pretty much fell straight into our taxi and flopped into bed and straight to sleep!

Whether you’ve walked past it before and never been in, or you’ve never heard of it, it’s one that you have to add to your London restaurant “to visit” list. In fact, just pop it to the top of your list, it’s that good!

If you’re looking for beautiful food, a great atmosphere and truly excellent service, look no further than Gaylord’s restaurant.

Gaylord’s Restaurant
79-81 Mortimer Street

We were guests of Gaylord’s but all opinions are my own, and I really did love it as much as I say I did. I can’t wait to go back already!

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  • Firstly, loving the refresh to your blog lovely! Secondly great review, I love India food and while there are LOADS of Indian places in London I don't think there are that many good ones. Looks like you've found a winner! I also really recommend Trishna it's the best Indian I've been to in London but I'm still yet to try Gymkana.

    Lots of love,
    SilverSpoon London

  • thanks love! a few little niggles to sort out here and there but I really love it! Much better than it was before.

    Oh my gosh, me too, it's such a weakness of mine! Definitely a winner. Oooh I've not beeing to Trishna or Gymkana, I'll add them to the list. xx

  • Ruby

    I used to walk past this restaurant all the time (and laugh at the name) but never went in. It looks amazing, must give it a try! Beautiful photos xxx


  • Ahhh Ruby you have to go! It's really really wonderful, the food is fabulous! Thanks – I used my new camera, and I'm really pleased with the results! xx

  • I love Gaylord's (as does Rich) so happy to see a few newbies on the menu! Must pop by to check it out next time I'm back. Your blog is looking lovely by the way, very fresh and clean 🙂

    Polly xx
    Follow Your Sunshine

  • Haha! Love the presentation of those tacos! I've seen this making the rounds on Twitter … I must try it at some point. Also, your nails are perfection. #justsaying

  • Great fun isn't it?! Definitely worth a try! OHHHH JAIME that is just about the biggest compliment you could give me as a former nail biter! I got a manicure before I left France as a real pick me up treat and the polish lasted foreverrrr! Day made right there Ms Angloyankophile! xx

  • I'd never been before, but I'll definitely be back! Thanks, Polly 🙂 I'm loving its new look! So glad that my Disqus finally lets you comment! xx

  • Oh wow, this looks like a great place! I have to admit, I don't usually like Indian food, but even I am drooling over this selection. It looks fabulous! xxx

  • It's such a great selection – the menu is large enough to give you all the options you want but not too large that you're overwhelmed! xx

  • I've heard really good things about this place. I agree with Angie, its really hard to find an Indian that isn't disappointing, although I think when in doubt head to Tayyabs. We also have a great takeout one called Zias which is lovely and not oily. The starters in Gaylord look incredible!

  • Oooooh I've not been to Tayyabs – where in London is it? Yes, the starters really were incredible!

  • Ahhh I have been meaning to Gaylord's for so long! Mostly because of it's name but now I will definitely be making a trip based on your review of the food! 🙂 Sounds delicious!
    Andrea xxx

  • I went to Tayyabs last Friday! It's so good and cheap! I love the atmosphere. Have you tried their lamb chops? They are my favourite!
    Andrea xxx

  • Ahhh that's made my day to hear that! It certainly is delicious – enjoy it! xx

  • Kelly Michelle

    That dessert platter had me drooling and the presentation of the tacos is super cute! Great review Lauren xx

  • Isn't it sweet?! Thanks, Kelly! xx