Egg Break, Notting Hill

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Is there anything better than a good all day brunch joint? Especially when it looks very simple from the outside and turns out to be a total gem inside? Didn’t think so – and Egg Break is the true definition of this.  

You go in, and it’s decorated in the most simple yet beautiful way – but more on that later. I was meeting the lovely Pooja from Soho House, the brand behind Egg Break, to hear more about them an their restaurants.
I have to say, I’ve not had such a fun lunch in a long time – both the food, the company and the manager of the restaurant were all fabulous!

Well, it was a Friday so – Prosecco! And my lovely lunch companion was off on holiday the next day so that definitely required toasting, right?

We had a good ol’ chin wag and sipped our Prosecco as we perused the menu and Pooja told me her recommendations.

Trust me – this is one seriously good menu, and it’s all very reasonably priced.

The other thing that you need to know about Egg Break: just how fabulous and fun George is. He’s a real laugh and I promise you won’t leave the restaurant without your stomach being sore from laughter.

He’s also pretty nifty with a camera!

The menu screamed one thing at me: fried chicken, egg, green leaves, red onion and served in a brioche bun.

Oh. Yes.

This is a 100% must order dish and it’s also very Instagram friendly!

I honestly didn’t want this dish to end. The chicken was deliciously crisp, the egg was perfectly runny and the brioche bun, well, when is that ever a bad thing?

Can I have another one right about now, please?

As we were sharing everything, we ordered a few sides (I know, I’m a good blogger and try everything out for you – you’re welcome), one of which were these incredible fennel sausages. 

They look almost like square sausages (if you’re not Scottish don’t ask but if you are, please send me some as I miss them so much) and taste beautiful. The fennel really adds depth and a beautiful flavour to them: I’m so glad we ordered them.

Next up: broken egg with chorizo and fried egg. I’m a sucker for anything with chorizo in it so I knew I was going to enjoy this – but I was prepared for just how delicious it was going to be. The tomato made the dish succulent without making it overly wet, and the eggs were perfectly seasoned. 

There was barely a morsel left on this plate by the time we were finished with it!

Not a bad looking table of food and drink, eh?

I love simple food that’s done incredibly well, and that’s the reason that Egg Break is such a winner. There’s nothing pretentious about the food: it’s just great comfort food that’s perfect for any time of the day. 

Hash browns have got to be super, super crispy on the outside to be good and these did not disappoint. Beautifully crisp on the outside and steaming hot on the inside and topped off with perfect seasoning and a seriously cute plate (what can I say – I’m dreaming of furnishing my own house). 

Just look at these babies!

Our third and final side was the jalapeno home fries which though tasty, were a little misnamed as they’re more like little potatoes than fries. 

Not too spicy but just enough kick to make them moreish.

You’d think we’d be full by now wouldn’t you? Okay I definitely was, but I have such a sweet tooth and can’t resist the temptation of dessert.

Especially not when this is on offer…

Chocolate tart with caramelised marshmallows on top.

Oh my goodness – this was insanely good. The chocolate tart was rich with an excellent base and the marshmallows were every bit as good as they looked. Though it was delicious, I’m not sure I could have had it to myself (unlike most dessert I’ve ever had) as it might be a little too rich for one.

But that’s why sharing is caring, isn’t it?

In the interests of good blogging (and indecision) we also ordered the Dutch baby pancake, topped with flaked almonds, raspberries and powdered sugar.

Not only did I love the presentation but I could have eaten this aaalllll day. Deliciously light, full of flavour and frankly, insanely good.

After I rolled myself out of my seat, Pooja took me on a tour of the restaurant. The presentation both of the food and of the restaurant itself is beautiful: I loved the laid back feel, the soft colours and textures of the materials and the overall vibe of the restaurant. 

A truly egg-cellent restaurant. Sorry, I had to have one pun. 

A wonderful addition to the Soho House group, and one of my favourite new brunch spots. What more could you ask for?!

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