Enjoying English Summer at Four Seasons Veuve Cliquot Secret Garden

There’s a luxurious little secret hidden in Mayfair that you need to know about this summer… The Four Seasons Secret Garden has been taken over by Veuve Clicquot and transformed into a quiet little haven that’s perfect for a luxurious light lunch and some bubbles.

FS London Terrace-8

Mum’s visit to London seemed like the perfect excuse for a little luxury and so I excitedly made a reservation and promised mum that she was in for a treat. Not only does the Four Seasons Secret Garden serve delicious Veuve Clicquot, but they also serve a delicious summer champagne, Veuve Cliquot RICH.

FS London Terrace-6

Mum prefers a drier champagne so ordered a glass of brut, which was served in a very elegant champagne flute and was the perfect way to say cheers to her visit.

FS London Terrace-5

The RICH is a fruitier champagne served in a round glass, over ice and topped with a slice of apple. Though I generally don’t choose fruity wines, I loved the refreshing taste of this champagne – especially delicious on a hot English summer day sitting in the most beautiful terrace.

FS London Terrace-4

The Four Seasons Secret Garden is full of perfect little touches, right down to the glasses being specifically chosen for the special RICH champagne.

FS London Terrace-11

It suddenly dawned on us that we were sitting right next to Hyde Park and just off Piccadilly and that it was so peaceful. It was as if we’d been transported out of London and into the middle of somewhere gloriously sunny in the south of France.

FS London Terrace-10

That’s certainly something to celebrate with bubbles!

FS London Terrace-9

The garden has been tastefully decorated with beautiful flowers, all hand picked by the FS London florist to compliment the flavours in Veuve Cliquot Champagne, and gorgeous candles that made the secret garden feel like something out of a fairytale (but with champagne!)

FS London Terrace-2

Around this point we started to realise that this was more of an English summer afternoon that our hoped for French weather as the traditional grey clouds started to appear above the garden.

FS London Terrace-1

Being typically English, we had to stay outside because it was after all, summer! Our waiter brought out a delicious sundried tomato and olive bread with olive oil and balsamic vinegar. A tear and share delight that I could have eaten again and again.

FS London Terrace-12

To add to the secret garden feel, there’s a separate entrance to the garden along from the main hotel entrance, meaning you can just slip straight in on a summer’s evening.

FS London Terrace-13

The menu, created by Executive Chef Romuald Feger, is made up of light dishes, sharing plates and delicious salads and makes for some difficult decisions! After some hints from the chef, we started with Culatello di Zibello or Italian Charcuterie – Gnocco Fritto, Smoked Aubergine Caviar. I loved the delicious, melt in the mouth ham, the crunch of the fritto as well as the contrast of the caviar.

FS London Terrace-14

Suddenly, those grey clouds really reminded us that we were in England as it started to rain and we had to be whisked inside to Amaranto, the main restaurant at FS London. The waiters kindly arranged a table for us near the window so that we could at least pretend that we were still outside and even brought us a fresh bread as we had had to leave ours outside as we dashed in!

And then the best salad I’ve ever had appeared… The chef had kindly divided the portion into two plates so that mum and I didn’t have to fight – for which I was very grateful!

FS London Terrace-21

‘The Secret Garden’ Salad, made with kale, baby spinach, quinoa, avocado, a white balsamic dressing with sous-vide chicken. The chicken has been cooked in three different ways making it beautifully tender and with an incredible flavour. The rest of the salad is combined perfectly and is outstanding; if this is what every salad tasted like I’d eat them for the rest of my life.

FS London Terrace-18

Having finished our champagnes we treated ourselves to glasses of Cloudy Bay to continue our celebrations.

FS London Terrace-23

Fritto misto seems to be a tradition in our mummy daughter dates, and we couldn’t resist ordering it again at FS. As well as the customary fish and shellfish there was incredible lettuce, asparagus and celery, making it a much lighter alternative to what can sometimes be a very heavy dish.

FS London Terrace-24

A light batter and beautiful ingredients made this a stand out dish.

FS London Terrace-25

Feeling a little on the full side we weren’t going to order desserts, but then my sweet tooth got in the way… As usual!

FS London Terrace-26

Our waiter kindly brought us a coffee tart and a pistachio and strawberry cake to share, both of which were wonderful. Though for me, the coffee tart just had the edge with its crunchy base, soft cream and wonderful coffee flavour.

FS London Terrace-28
FS London Terrace-31

Being a typical English day, the weather had cleared up again and it was a beautiful afternoon, so we decided to spend a little more time outside. The kind staff were more than happy to help us back outside and set a table where we could enjoy the sunshine.

FS London Terrace-32

Turns out, if you’re not just a foodie or a champagne lover, but an Instagram addict, the secret garden is definitely the place for you.

FS London Terrace-34

So pop some champagne, celebrate the summer and shhh, ’cause this might be one the best kept secrets in London!

FS London Terrace-35

I’ll say cheers to that!

FS London Terrace-37

And the best bit? With a menu as healthy as that you feel virtuous leaving the garden!

FS London Terrace-41

FS London Terrace-40

We were guest of Four Seasons.

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  • I’m not a big fan of the sweet wine but I loved the Veuve Cliquot Rich. The food looks awesome, I wait for our lunch!

    • Agreed! I normally find them really overpowering and sickly but loved RICH! Me too, so excited!!

  • Rachel Hosie

    What a dreamy way to spend an afternoon. Need to try the Rich myself! x

    • It was a perfect London afternoon! You do, it’s delicious! xx

  • I’m heading to the Four Seasons in a week, so it’s nice to hear what a lovely time you and your Mum had

  • Ok, definitely gonna check this out while I’m off work this summer! It sounds right up my street!

    C x | Lux Life

    • You would ADORE it, it’s very #luxbloggers 😉