Return to A Festive Four Seasons London’s Winter Garden

If you ask me, there’s never too many Christmas celebrations… Even now that it’s over I’ll be soaking up every little bit of festivity until it’s all been taken down. As part of that, we nipped into Four Seasons London’s Hennessey’s Winter Garden for a few festive warmers…

Having enjoyed a delicious lunch in the Veuve Cliquot Secret Garden last summer, I was excited to see how the beautiful terrace had been decorated for its festive edition.

FS Winter Terrace-30

The terrace is one of the most magical hideaways in Mayfair – just far enough away from Piccadilly, it’s a quiet spot to relax, have a few drinks and nibbles.

The winter terrace has been decked out with fluffy pillows, hampers of blankets and the cutest little cabins…

FS Winter Terrace-28

We visited for a late lunch after some Christmas shopping, and immediately felt relieved to be away from the chaos of Christmas shopping on Oxford Street! I never enjoy it, but I never feel festive until I’ve seen Selfridges all decorated for Christmas!
FS Winter Terrace-24

As I admired the glittering snowflakes and other, beautiful finishing touches, Andy was much more preoccupied with the menu..!

FS Winter Terrace-23

FS Winter Terrace-21

Luckily, as we arrived, the couple sitting in Hennessey’s Lodge left, and so the waiter re-set the little cabin as I wandered around the terrace, soaking up all the festive cheer. A perfect setting for a winter date – but I can imagine it would be even  more special at night, when all the lanterns are lit.

FS Winter Terrace-5

Being a cold December day it took me approximately 10 seconds to cosy under a sheepskin rug and start thinking of the mulled wine that I was about to order..

FS Winter Terrace-1

As always at the Four Seasons, the little touches are always taken care of, including the sweet little menus, tied together with string as though it was itself a little Christmas present.

FS Winter Terrace-2

FS Winter Terrace-3

By this point, we were thoroughly hungry and craving some warm food. Opting for a Lidgate Butcher’s sausage (pork with thick, crispy slices of bacon for me and lamb for Andy) was a great choice.

FS Winter Terrace-20

I’d make sure you’re hungry when you order these as the portion sizes are quite something! Tender, soft meat and a delicious slightly sweet brioche bun made for a perfect lunch time treat.

FS Winter Terrace-19

FS Winter Terrace-18

Full as I was…. There was no way I was leaving without having tried the truffle croque monsieurs! There’s very few ways to make a croque monsieur better, but one way is certainly with shavings of deep flavoured truffle.

FS Winter Terrace-17

I loved the crunch of the bread and the contrast of the melted cheese and with each mouthful ending in a hint of truffle.

FS Winter Terrace-16

Talk about festive indulgence…

FS Winter Terrace-15

Though I had arrived thinking of mulled wine, I couldn’t help myself but order a hot chocolate with Bailey’s instead.

FS Winter Terrace-14

Thick, creamy hot chocolate can only be improved (for me) by the extra creamy and warming taste of Baileys.

FS Winter Terrace-13

And if we could find any more room for a nibble or two (which we almost always can!) a tray of sweets was brought.

FS Winter Terrace-12

And these are no ordinary sweets – the mince pies were probably the best I had this year!

FS Winter Terrace-11

Even if the Hennessey Lodge has been taken, every seat is covered with a sheepskin and more rugs than you could ever imagine.

FS Winter Terrace-10

So grab a mince pie, a hot chocolate with a twist…

FS Winter Terrace-9

FS Winter Terrace-8

…and while away an afternoon or evening in one of the cutest and most luxurious pop ups in London this season.

FS Winter Terrace-7

…’cause there’s still time to enjoy a few more festive favourites this winter!

FS Winter Terrace-6

And everyone can appreciate a little Four Seasons magic to top off their festive celebrations!
FS Winter Terrace-4

In even more exciting Four Seasons news, I can’t wait for Four Seasons Ten Trinity Square to open next month!

Four Seasons Hotel London at Park Lane
Hamilton Place, Park Lane
W1J 7DR London
020 7499-0888

We were guests of Four Seasons London.

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