A Gluten-Free Evening at M RAW Victoria

With a few friends who follow gluten-free diets, it’s often that I’m asked for a gluten-free foodie recommendation. To be honest, I sometimes struggle to recommend somewhere. And then M RAW at Victoria opened. Whilst M itself has been open for a while, the RAW menu is band new and very exciting, and so I skipped out of the office one evening to meet fellow foodies, including Angie, for a gluten-free feast.

The restaurant itself isn’t just one restaurant. With a grill, a raw bar, a members’ area, a bar and even a wine shop, there’s quite literally something for every taste. In an area of London that seems to be dominated by chain restaurants it’s great to see an independent restaurant doing well.

M Victoria-2

We started in the members’ area and toasted to a fun filled foodie evening, as Angie and I caught up and I head all about her upcoming trip to Kenya, and shared all my Thailand plans.

A quick tour of the restaurant brought us to the upstairs private dining area, which was beautifully open and the perfect retreat for a special dinner.

M Victoria-3

Downstairs, on the ground level, is the wine store and whiskey department. A perfect place to purchase a delicious treat either before or after your meal.

M Victoria-4

In fact, the upstairs dining room isn’t the only option for a private dining space. In the basement, there is a more intimate private dining area which can be tailored to your private dining needs.

M Victoria-5

Back at our table, in the Raw section of the restaurant, we sat down and enjoyed glasses of wine to continue the evening. With an open kitchen (my favourite) we could enjoy not only our meal, but watch the chefs hard at work preparing our delicious feast.

M Victoria-6

To start, we had some crisp sweet potato and kale crisps with a guacamole dip. As a guacamole addict I’m always happy to start a meal with some guac, especially when I feel as though I’m being healthy!

M Victoria-7

M Victoria-8

Angie had the same thoughts and couldn’t resist tucking straight into the kale crisps.

M Victoria-9

Our menu had been tailored to allow us to taste the highlights of M RAW’s new menu, which surprisingly, isn’t all raw.

M Victoria-10

We started with Ike Jimi Kingfish sashimi, served with dill, ponzu and edamame. Ike Jimi, as the chef explained to us, is one of the most humane ways of killing a fish, and also happens to maintain the freshness of the fish. I loved that the chef himself had taken the time to teach the fishermen in Cornwall this special way of catching fish.

M Victoria-11

The fish itself was deliciously fresh, and the zingy ponzu sauce made a great accompaniment.

M Victoria-12

Our second sashimi was open blue cobalt, served with green chilli pickle and sesame. Open blue cobalt is well regarded as one of the best fishes in the world, and so it was great to see it on a menu that is intended to be the best gluten-free fine dining in London.

M Victoria-13

A great kick from the green chilli made this dish easily one of the best of the night.

M Victoria-14

M Victoria-15

From the tartar section of the menu, we shared the smoked wagyu tartar, served with hen’s egg, apples and foie gras and the galician beef tartar, served with red sicilian prawns and garlic crisps. Again, the dishes highlighted M RAW’s commitment to the best ingredients available.

The galician tartar was delicious, with dark smokey flavours to the meat that were delicious.

M Victoria-16

The wagyu tartar is easily a highlight of the night, and a real must order if you visit. Especially if you like your dishes presented in a very special way…

M Victoria-17

M Victoria-18

M Victoria-19

M Victoria-21

The next dish, unfortunately, wasn’t as beautiful to look at or to taste. The Portuguese King Prawns are cooked in a special black rice tempura flour which I loved the idea of. In reality, I found the tempura too heavy and I missed the light, crisp batter of other tempura I’ve had.

M Victoria-22

M Victoria-23

The Asian bowl containing a green mix of bean sprouts, lettuce, steamed greens and cucumber salad was a great option for Angie and I as we were both trying to be healthy. However, it lacked the beautiful touch that the earlier dishes had had.

M Victoria-24

Finally, we sampled the protein bowl which contains Argentine Sirloin steak with courgette, spaghetti, avocado, sweet potato, a spiced tomato salsa and all served with a buckwheat taco. Easily a dish I could see Andy ordering here, and one which I’m sure he would have enjoyed.

M Victoria-25

Portion sizes generally aren’t large, but to me that just means a chance to sample even more of the menu! A great option for a healthy, gluten-free dining option in Victoria. Next time, I’d like to go back to try the steaks as I can already tell you that the bar is a good one!

M Victoria Street
70 Victoria Street

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We were guests of M Victoria. 

  • I’m so happy to have such a healthy restaurant around the corner from me!

  • Wow, it all looks so clean and pretty and healthy…. do they do desserts? I was ready for dessert by the end of the post 😉

  • I’d quite like to try the Victoria branch having been to the City one a few times – food looks yummy and clean! Glad you had a good evening 🙂 Love AP xo

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