Birthday Fun at Humble Grape Battersea

I refuse to let any occasion for a celebration pass by without a celebratory dinner; what better reason to enjoy some time with close friends or family and some delicious food. With that in mind I insisted that David and I booked somewhere for his birthday dinner. We had wanted to visit The Manor, but as it’s shut on Monday evenings (which is when David’s birthday fell this year) we opted for another local that had been on the list for a while, Humble Grape Battersea.

Humble Grape Battersea-1

As always (and when I say always I mean always in the last 20 years that I’ve known him) David was running late, so I sat myself down and ordered a glass of sparkling wine. I mean, I could still celebrate even though he wasn’t there, right?

Humble Grape Battersea-2

On Mondays Humble Grape Battersea offer wines at the prices that would normally be for takeaway prices for you to enjoy in the restaurant with some delicious food. Although I had been to the Humble Grape Fleet Street launch (a must if you’re a city worker) I hadn’t had a chance to visit the original Battersea restaurant. As it was a special occasion David opted for a more expensive bottle than we would normally have chosen on a Monday night and splashed out on a delicious Sancerre.

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Our waitress was very knowledgeable on both the wines and the food menu, and so we gratefully received some excellent food recommendations. The first of which was the vegan paella. I’m normally a great fish and meat fan but this was something else. The vegetables themselves as well as the paella rice which had been cooked in a delicious broth made the dish outstanding – and one I would advise you to order if you can!

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Humble Grape Battersea-5

As we laughed over stories from the past 20 years our second dish of the evening arrived. I have a serious weakness for cheese… And I can never resist the lure of a good baked camember. We opted for the garlic and thyme camembert as against the honey and were more than happy with our choice.

Humble Grape Battersea-6

Delicious, warm cheese served with fresh sourdough toast made for the perfect indulgent dish to celebrate David’s birthday.

Humble Grape Battersea-7

Just look at that ooze…

Humble Grape Battersea-8

Finally, to sort our meat fix, we ordered a charcuterie platter. Served with parma ham, salami and more we couldn’t have been more pleased with this option. Topped with pesto and served with yet more warm, rosemary topped sourdough it was a perfect plate.

Humble Grape Battersea-1

Another rule of mine is that on birthdays you *always* have pudding – no matter how indulgent your main courses have been! We opted for the dessert of the day which was a kind of deconstructed chocolate Eton Mess. We both enjoyed the chocolate infused mascapone as well as the fresh fruit (which made me feel at least a little healthier!)

Humble Grape Battersea-9

David had asked me to find somewhere causal with good food and wine, and I had initially opted for The Dairy or The Manor but I was so glad that we had settled on Humble Grape Battersea. With its walls line with wines and very friendly staff, we knew we had made the right choice to celebrate someone very special.

Humble Grape Battersea-10

Cheers to David, and a very happy birthday! For a casual dinner, or even just to indulge a wino, we really enjoyed our evening at Humble Grape Battersea, and I know I’ll be taking my Dad when he’s next in London.

Humble Grape Battersea-11

To David, for putting up with me for the last 20 years, and here’s to the next 20!

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2 Battersea Rise


SW11 1ED

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