Return to Scotland with Mac and Wild

Every once in a while I crave a little bit of Scotland; there’s something really magical about the rolling hills, the beautiful lochs and, most importantly, the food. Scottish smoked salmon, beef and venison are some of the best British ingredients, and somehow, not always appreciated for the beauties that they are. Mac and Wild, a Scottish restaurant that will proudly tell you the name of each and every one of their suppliers, creates beautiful dishes with some of the best ingredients. And they sure know how to appreciate the delicious flavours of Scotland.

Mac and Wild

Having not been back to Scotland since we moved south of the border, I’ve been craving a little “home” in my life, and so took Kirsty, a fellow Scot in the big city, for a taste of delicious Scottish venison. I hadn’t seen Kirsty in far too long, so a good ol’ brunch was in order!

Weekends at Mac and Wild are a long, simple and relaxed affair. With two menus to choose from, the lunch a la carte menu, or the weekend brunch option, there’s something to suit you no matter what mood you’re in. Feeling of the very hungry variety (neither of us had woken up in time for breakfast – what else are Sundays for?), we opted for the a la carte menu.

At Mac and Wild game is taken very seriously: most of the meat is hunted on the owner, Andy Waugh’s father’s estate. So if there’s no deer on the estate, there’s less venison and so they change the menu. We had our eye on the venison scotch egg, but sadly, they had already run out by the time we arrived; perfect excuse to go back if you ask me.

Instead, Kirsty ordered the smoked trout rilette, with homemade beer bread, quail’s egg and beetroot reduction. It was a gorgeously plated dish that was as delicious as it was pretty. Light, fresh flavours and a perfectly cooked quail’s egg made this a wonderful starter.

Mac and Wild

True to form… I couldn’t resist the tartare. I’m sorry, I just have to order it! The venison tartare at Mac and Wild is incredible: the addition of candied walnuts completely changes the dish.

Mac and Wild Mac and Wild

The slightly sweet taste and occasional crunch really makes this one of the best, if not the best tartare I’ve had in London recently. The venison was so tender and perfectly pink; it was perfect.

Mac and Wild

Not quite the most lady-like main courses were ordered but oh my goodness there’s a reason this was voted London’s best burger.

Because, it’s quite simply astounding. You need it, I promise.

I present, the veni-moo… A beef patty, venison patty, with cheese, béranaise, caramelised onions and bacon, all served on a brioche bun.

Mac and Wild, Venimoo burger

Once you’ve had this burger, you’re never going back. And nothing is going to taste as good as this does. Tender, incredible meat and the most amazing candied bacon make this more of a work of art than just a burger. If you ever thought that a burger was a simple, unassuming dish that wasn’t particularly special, it’s ’cause you haven’t tried the veni-moo.

Mac and Wild, Venimoo burger

And those fries. Well, they were pretty darn special too!

Mac and Wild, Venimoo burger

All served with some excellent bloody mary’s and attentive service, we couldn’t have been two happier ladies. We may have had to roll home, but it was so worth it.

Our lovely waitress then asked us that fateful question: “any dessert, ladies?”. I mean really the answer should have been no because we were pretty full, but then there’s chocolate…

MAc and Wild, Chocolate Brownie

And there are chocolate brownies that look like this!

MAc and Wild, Chocolate Brownie

Still warm from the oven, served with cream and chocolate sauce dripping all over it, I was never going to be able to say no to this one. Sweet enough, but not overly sickly, this was a heavenly end to a great meal.

MAc and Wild, Chocolate Brownie

If you’re a whiskey fan, then Mac and Wild is definitely one for you: with whiskey sessions every month, allowing you try 4-5 different whiskeys and hear from specialist speakers and an impressive whiskey list, the food and drink combination here is great. Or, if like me, you’re missing bonnie Scotland, it’s good to know that there’s a little piece of home waiting for you right in the heart of London.

Minds suitably blown and stomachs most definitely full, Kirsty and I headed off to nearby Oxford Street to do a little shopping and walk off some of that incredible lunch! Next time, I’ve got my eye on that scotch egg!

Mac and Wild

68 Great Titchfield Street



Our meal was complimentary.

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  • That tartar looks out of this world good! Will have to try it the next time i’m at M&W! xx

  • I’ve yet to try Scot food properly but I love the sound of “veni-moo” haha. What a huge burger though!

    And ooooh… scotch! =) I’m there!

    Honey x The Girl Next Shore

  • Veni-moo? Veni-yes. Veni-yum. Veni-holy-fuck-is-that-a-brownie-gimme-gimme-gimme xx

  • Ooh I’ll have to go back for the brownie, it was sticky toffee pudding when we went – lovely!

  • I love burgers but seriously, you had me at the tartare! Thanks for shots of it from all angles…

  • Holly

    Reading this has made me ten times more excited for my visit in a few weeks! It all looks and sounds great. I’m tempted by the brunch menu though!!

    Holly at xx