Celebrating Midsummer at GONG at Shangri-La London

There’s something about celebrating birthdays that makes me turn back into my inner child; I love celebrating them with birthday weeks, events booked far into the future and gifts. Andy’s birthday was the perfect occasion to book somewhere that we’d wanted to visit for a long time: Shangri-La at the Shard. After a little digging around I discovered that just two weeks after his birthday GONG at Shangri-La London were holding a Midsummer Celebration on the longest day of the year.

Shangri La Midsummer-1

As soon as I discovered that there were only 50 tickets for the sunset party I rang GONG immediately – after finding the perfect event, I wasn’t about to miss the tickets!

Shangri La Midsummer-6

Fast forward two weeks and as we arrived on the 52nd floor we were given the choice of a glass of champagne or punch as we rounded the corner and had our first glimpse of Gong Bar at Shangri-La London.

Shangri La Midsummer-2

Since I was in a celebratory mood, champagne was the order of the day for me, whereas Andy was feeling more adventurous and opted for the punch. I loved the beautiful presentation of the punch, which looked wonderful and had hints of oriental flowers that reminded you of the Chinese roots of the hotel.

Shangri La Midsummer-3

GONG at Shangri-La is made up of three different chambers: the cocktail bar, the champagne bar and the swimming pool. GŎNG derives its name from ‘dougong’ – a unique structural element of interlocking wooden brackets, used in traditional Chinese architecture and also featured in the bar.

I’d seen so many photos of the swimming pool that I was so excited to see it that evening, and I’m glad to say that my first view of the pool with the slowly setting midsummer sun was just as exciting as I was hoping it would be.

Shangri La Midsummer-4

Shangri La Midsummer-5

After we’d explored the various areas of GONG we settled down to enjoy our first drinks, say cheers to Andy’s birthday and to the midsummer sun and enjoy our surroundings.

Shangri La Midsummer-7

Shangri La Midsummer-8

I loved the cool, modern decor throughout GONG, especially the fact that each area is distinct. It’s no surprise, I don’t think, that we spent our evening between the swimming pool area and the champagne bar. I loved the swimming pool and could easily imagine myself having a morning swim here after a luxurious night staying at Shangri-La London!

Shangri La Midsummer-10

Needless to say, the views from the 52nd floor of the Shard were incredible. I love seeing London from different heights and locations, and Andy and I spent quite a while pointing out different buildings (and restaurants!) that we’ve already been to, and where we’d like to visit next.

Shangri La Midsummer-11

We picked a little table nestled right in the corner of GONG at Shangri-La which had incredible views of the Walkie Talkie, the Gherkin and the river itself and settled in to enjoy our luxurious date night.

Shangri La Midsummer-14

It was a really special evening, watching the sky turn from blue, through to pink and red and finally to darkness. Whether you were just there to celebrate midsummer or, like us, had other celebrations on your mind, it was a magical place to be that evening.

Shangri La Midsummer-15

GONG at Shangri-La doesn’t accept reservations, meaning that on any given day you can be whizzed up to new heights and experience this magical view with a glass of champagne in your hand…

Shangri La Midsummer-18

Shangri La Midsummer-19

It’s a view I couldn’t get enough of and one that I want to return to again and again. Can you imagine waking up to these views? If staying at Shangri-La wasn’t already on my London bucket list it certainly was after our evening at GONG.

Shangri La Midsummer-20

Shangri La Midsummer-21

Shangri La Midsummer-32

Shangri La Midsummer-22

Keen to enjoy all of the evening we had arrived as early as we could, but as the night went on more and more of the lucky ticket holders arrived and soon GONG was filling up pleasantly. I really enjoyed that there weren’t more people there that evening as the event had a really intimate feel and wasn’t overly full.

That pool kept tempting me I have to say…

Shangri La Midsummer-23
Shangri La Midsummer-24

Shangri La Midsummer-25

It’s a bit of an unwritten London secret that if you want to visit the Shard you don’t buy tickets to the viewing platform, but instead opt for a drink at one of the Shard’s many bars or restaurants. I’d highly recommend GONG at Shangri-La for just that. Whether it’s for a date night or celebrations with friends, there’s something very special about toasting a glass of champagne here.

Shangri La Midsummer-26

The luxurious red decor is continued throughout the bar; in fact the red decor represents the colour of the walls found in Chinese Imperial Palaces.

Shangri La Midsummer-28

But we were there for midsummer, which means the longest day of the year, and also it’s meant to be the most spectacular sunset of the year. Well, I can certainly say we enjoyed one of the most beautiful sunsets I’ve ever seen  – and certainly the best I’ve ever seen in the UK.

Shangri La Midsummer-29

London took on a totally different meaning to me that night; high above all the stresses of work and emails, we were able to see, and be reminded of, what an incredible city we live in.

Shangri La Midsummer-30

Realisations like that call for cocktails if you ask me… GONG had created a few special cocktails for the evening which were absolutely delicious. My favourite was the Born to Fly, a vodka based cocktail with basil, fig, citrus and French aperitif.

Shangri La Midsummer-31

Happy birthday!
Shangri La Midsummer-33

Canapes were served before the last surprise of the evening…

Shangri La Midsummer-36

A synchronised swimming demonstration that brought cheers from everyone present.

Shangri La Midsummer-37

Shangri La Midsummer-38

And before long it was time to head off in carriages before they turned to pumpkins! So drinks were finished and taxis called, before we headed back down into London itself.

Shangri La Midsummer-39

And I said goodbye to that pool… I’ll definitely be back, ’cause that bucket list staycation just moved further up the list!

Shangri La Midsummer-41

And just like that, we woke up the next day feeling like we’d found a very special place right on our doorstep in London town.

A magical midsummer and happy birthday, Andy!

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  • I’ve still not been to Gong, this looks like a great birthday treat and the pool is gorgeous!

    • Ahh you’d love it! I know, I have to say I was tempted to get in the pool all night…!

  • What a stunning sunset! I’d be so tempted to jump in that pool though hehe!

  • Oh gosh that liiiight <3 I love a good sunset and this is just gorgeous Lauren! xx

    Little Miss Katy

    • I know! It was incredible – you should definitely go to GONG for a sunset! xx