Ninth Ward: A Taste of New Orleans in London and the Secret Chocolate Bacon Burger

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One of the best things about London is that even when you have major wanderlust there’s no need to hop on a plane, ’cause all you’ve got to do is find a restaurant that serves a different cuisine – not exactly difficult in this amazing city!
So when PocketHighStreet invited me to visit Ninth Ward, Clarkenwell with Jasiminne from Posh, Broke & Bored to try out their New Orleans themed restaurant, my inner wanderluster and foodie was very excited!

Arriving at the restaurant you feel as though you could have been transported back to 1920’s New Orleans. The decor is so well in-keeping with the theme that I felt I should have been dressed for the part and putting on my best southern American drawl!

We couldn’t resist ordering some Mint Julep’s, or the Louisiana to Georgia as it’s called in Ninth Ward, to get us further into the spirit (sorry, pun not intended). Watching them being prepared was mesmerizing – does anyone else find this when cocktails are being made?

The final product was a masterpiece: wickedly minty with a hint of peach – perfection.

As Jasminne was watching an episode of The Pinkertons, Zaynab from Pocket High Street took me on a tour of the restaurant and told me a little more about it and Pocket High Street.

I loved this private dining room: it’s just off the main restaurant but it feels so secluded and private that you feel as though you’ve entered an entirely different restaurant when you walk in!

And then for the scariest part of the restaurant – the voodoo cabinet! The owners have picked up items all over the world on their travels, and well, it’s just as creepy as it sounds…

The menu is as just as authentic as the decor and covers everything from fish to meat to some very spicy wings, all cooked in a classic New Orleans way.

We supped our drinks whilst chattering about Jasiminne’s trip to Russia, my trips to Croatia and Marrakech and new goings on in London.

We ordered a side of seriously spicy Slap Ya Mama Wings which were so good, though I have to say I’m really not a fan of the name. Warning: when they say spicy, they mean oh-my-it’s-so-spicy-I-need-water-like-now type spicy.

Now I’m going to let you in on a secret here: Ninth Ward serve a special, secret chocolate bacon burger that isn’t on their menu! It’s one of these you need to know about it before you can order it. All you have to do is order it on Pocket High Street before you go and you’re set! Pick yours up here.

Photo from Jasiminne

Now, I know – you might be a little skeptical about this because at first thought chocolate and bacon might not be your natural best foodie friends.

But put those thoughts out of your mind – it is AMAZING. The salty-sweet combination of the chocolate, brioche and bacon is just incredible. It must be eaten to be believed!

I can never say no to sweet potato fries – there’s just something so moreish about them. And I always feel slightly less guilty about eating them than I do about normal fries! These bad boys are just exceptional: super crispy on the outside and that delicious softness on the inside that you’re craving. Perfect (especially when dipped in the chocolate – don’t ask, just do it).

In a vague concession to the fact that I was going on holiday the very next day we ordered a side salad of burnt courgette: roasted courgette with spring onion avocado and pomegranate.

This was so refreshing and delicious – just what we needed and wanted after our moment of indulgence!

I couldn’t leave without trying the baked oysters: oysters have become my new favourite dish and these sounded beautiful. These little slices of deliciousness are baked in Bloody Mary sauce until crispy and are served with Maldon salt and red and green tabasco.

Make sure you try them with the green tabasco – it really brings out the flavour of the oysters and gives them a great little kick. 

It was like going to New Orleans, but without having to make the long journey there! It’s great to see this gem of a restaurant pop up with some incredible and different food.

Now what are you waiting for – get your hands on that chocolate bacon burger!

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  • I’m a huge wing fan, the hotter the better! These look delish! What a cool joint, must hit this up. Great snaps x


    I’ve had bacon and blueberries, bacon and maple syrup but never bacon and chocolate together!