RibeyeFest at MASH London: The Best of The Best

You’ll probably have noticed quite a lot of fish, probably more cake than there should be, and maybe the occasional incredible burger around here, but the one thing I don’t always appreciate enough: a darn good steak. Well, that’s where MASH London comes in.


When I heard about their Ribeyefest, a celebration of Uruguayan, Danish and Scottish ribeye steaks I was more than a little intrigued… And I knew that, naturally, Andy would be more than happy to accompany me!

MASH, the Modern American Steak House which has taken the best of Danish and American steak house traditions, is located right in the heart of Soho, just a hop skip and a jump from Piccadilly Circus.

MASH London

We started our evening with a round of drinks at the bar; a beautiful bar located right in the centre of the restaurant. I loved the slightly vintage American theme with the dark red interiors and bright, central light.

Plus, the fact that they served popcorn with their drinks was a real bonus in my eyes…


Though I loved the décor and the lighting in terms of our date night, when it came to taking photos it wasn’t the easiest!

The Ribeyefet menu, either a two course or a three course option for £38 or £48, comes with a glass of sparkling wine, with which we toasted our date night.

MASH London

Our waitress explained the menu to us and took us to the fridges next to the bar to show us the different cuts of meat. I loved that she was so knowledgeable and was really able to help us pick steaks that we would enjoy. We learnt that the smaller, pinker Scottish ribeye was a younger cut of beef, whereas the Uruguayan and Danish were more mature, darker cuts of meat.

We came back to our table to discover that perfectly salty, crunchy bread had been left on the table, waiting for us to devour.

MASH London

Although MASH is famed for its meat, I couldn’t resist the sound of the sound of the scallop carpaccio.

MASH London

A beautifully served dish, complete with beautiful sweet potato thins; I was really happy I had chosen this dish. Served fresh and as thin as possible it was a lovely dish, though it could have done with a little more citrus to bring out the real flavour of the scallops.

MASH London

Andy, as always, opted for a more meaty option when he ordered the charcuterie board. He loved the beautiful parma ham, salami and pate that paired perfectly with the delicious bread.

MASH London

As you might imagine, main courses were the showstoppers of the evening. Our Uruguyan and Danish ribeye steaks were served perfectly rare, as the chef had recommended, and were even carved at the table.

MASH London


We both loved the dark, ages flavour of the meat; it was entirely unlike steaks we had had before. The meat itself was flavoursome but beautifully light and not at all overpowering.


Though when it comes to having to choose a favourite… That wasn’t an easy choice, but I think the Danish sneaked over the line because of the texture and the buttery soft meat.



The Ribeyefest menu allows you to choose two sides to accompany your steaks, and since we were very much having a cheat day, we opted for the chilli fries and mac and cheese.


Oooooozing cheesy goodness that really took the edge off a long day: show me a girl who doesn’t love a bit of mac and cheese!


I think this might have been one of the most painful blog meals for Andy; making him wait for this feast almost felt a little cruel, but then, blog boyfriend…


Our waitress insisted that we couldn’t leave without dessert… But after that feast we needed a little bit of a break and opted to order a glass of red each to let our main courses settle and start planning our Barcelona adventures (okay, we’ve both been busy and are still very much in the planning stage, but more on that another day!)

We were more than happy to sit and enjoy this beautiful art-deco space and enjoy a rare night off from studying. MASH prides itself on using some of the best beef in the world and you really can tell from the steaks; not only was it just our experience but friends have had some incredible birthdays and other celebrations at MASH (in fact I the wagyu comes highly recommended from one friend!)

When we finally had a little room for dessert we ordered the cheesecake and the MASH dreamcake to share. The dreamcake, a dessert that is most aptly named, is a basic white sponge cake, with a coconut and brown sugar topping with a very dreamy quality.



The cheesecake wasn’t as exciting as the dreamcake and was a touch heavy, but that might have been as we were a little full by this point!


When it comes to dessert at MASH, it’s all about this baby-cake…


After an incredible evening and possibly the best steak I’ve had in London (sorry Hawksmoor), we wandered home feeling entirely full and very satisfied. If you’re a steak lover, or have a friend or other half is, you need to check out MASH as soon as you can!


The menu is available until 1 June 2016 and is available for online bookings only. Make sure you don’t miss out and treat yourself one day soon! And once you’ve been, make sure you vote for your favourite Ribeye here!

Our meal was complimentary. 

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  • That is one juicy and perfectly cooked steak! And the dessert certainly look dreamy!

    • It really was! A great meal, I’m sure Mr S would love it there

  • OMG that steak looks like its cooked to perfection!!
    Leonie ♥ Lo On The Go

  • MASH is brilliant – I’ve heard great things about their burger too. I love the size of this place, it’s so huge, but spaced out so well that you don’t quite realise it until you walk stand up and walk around.

    • Isn’t it great?! Oooh need to go back for the burger! It’s such a great venue, totally agreed

  • Mehreen A

    Wow that steak looks so good, great colour on it too x


  • What a fun date-night!! My hubbie loves a good steak and I love a good burger so will definitely have to give the MASH dinner deal a try! Also love your photos – the steak looks like absolute perfection!!

    • Absolutely – definitely give it a go! Thanks so much!

  • If you’re calling this better than Hawksmoor, we really really need to try it!

  • Blimey!!! Can’t believe you had such a great experience but so pleased that you did! Must admit that the steak looks very good. May have to swing by again 😉 Lots of love, Andrea xxx


    • I know! I was a little hesitant as I remembered that you thought there were some things that could have been better but I have to say we had a tip top night, probably worth trying again! xxx