A Royal-ly Good Day at Royal Ascot

Royal Ascot is one occasion that I’ve wanted to visit for a long time. For me it’s up there with events like Wimbledon and has always seemed as though it’s a real highlight of the British summer season. So you can imagine my excitement when Appletiser offered Colleen and I tickets to what turned out to be an amazing day at Royal Ascot!

Royal Ascot 2016-1

Even as we arrived at Waterloo station and were surrounded by gorgeous hats, ladies in beautiful dresses and men in morning suits. After a short champagne filled train ride to Ascot, Colleen and I found our way to the pub at the station. There’s something about the two of us and always finding our way to the nearest bottle of champagne or prosecco… It’s a talent really!

Royal Ascot 2016-2

Nothing quite beats the sound of champagne corks popping to signify a celebration is really underway!

Royal Ascot 2016-3

As soon as we arrived in the Queen Anne enclosure we were greeted with Union Jacks everywhere as well as some of the most beautiful outfits and hats I’ve seen! Row upon row of bars, restaurants serving all sorts of different food and people all around laughing, smiling and popping yet more bottles of champagne.

Royal Ascot 2016-4

Definitely in need of lunch, a seat and perhaps something else to drink we took a table right next to the bandstand and ordered some good ol’ fish and chips to eat whilst we watched the band. What I loved most about our day, apart from, obviously, spending time with such a close friend, was the atmosphere. All around us were happy, friendly people who were happy to talk to each other and enjoy the experience together.

Royal Ascot 2016-5

No British summer occasion is complete without some Pimms and so we indulged in a jug as we dodged the rain and enjoyed the Royal Ascot experience.

Royal Ascot 2016-6

I’ll say cheers to that!

Royal Ascot 2016-7

Royal Ascot 2016-8

In an attempt to stay dry, we headed into the main enclosure itself and onto the side of the racetrack. We both really wanted to be on the grass and in among the action (and to have prime seats to see the Queen, Prince Phillip and Kate and Wills go past) but the British summer seemed to have other ideas…

We manged to find two spare seats in the shade where we could still see the races and had a prime view of the Royal procession.

Royal Ascot 2016-9

Sometimes not even the rain can get in the way of the best days.

Royal Ascot 2016-10

I loved spending time at Royal Ascot, especially since I was able to take Colleen to such a British event!

Royal Ascot 2016-12

And one of the best bits? Being able to get dressed up in a gorgeous dress and fascinator. I think it’s safe to say Colleen and I spent quite a lot of time getting our outfits just right!

Royal Ascot 2016-13

Beautiful days call for beautiful dresses!

Royal Ascot 2016-14

I finally settled on my dress, a Maje number from Harrods and my fascinator from House of Fraser, both of which I adore.

Royal Ascot 2016-15

Colleen and I have promised to make it an annual occasion so I guess this is just the first of many times I’ll be telling you about how to enjoy a really special day at Royal Ascot. You can bring a picnic hamper with you, but if you’re in the Queen Anne enclosure make sure to eat it before you arrive.

Royal Ascot 2016-17

A truly British day out, and one of the most fun days I’ve had in London in a long time. If you’ve not been before it’s definitely worth buying tickets for.

Royal Ascot 2016-19

I’ll see you there next year!

Royal Ascot 2016-20

Royal Ascot 2016-21

Our tickets were complimentary thanks to Appletiser.

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