Silverspoon’s Literary Afternoon Tea at Dalloway Terrace

You may have noticed that Angie plays quite an important part in my blogging life, and has quickly become one of my closest friends. So I was only too happy to go to her afternoon tea at Dalloway Terrace and support her and this exciting collaboration.


Dalloway Terrace

Photo Credit: Angie Silver

Photo Credit: Angie Silver

The Dalloway Terrace, which opened in February 2016, is part of The Bloomsbury; a gorgeous hotel that I’ve been lucky enough visit a few times. I love the space, it’s the perfect spot to enjoy the sunshine in central London. In fact, for a location that is just off Oxford Street, it’s a complete haven away from the hustle and bustle of central London. 

Dalloway Terrace

Angie had invited a few of her favourite bloggers to celebrate with her and discuss (a little) all things literary. It was the perfect combination: Angie was an English literature student at University and the Dalloway Terrace is based on Virginia Woolf’s character, Mrs Dalloway. I love little trinkets like this; they always make events and spaces so much more personal. If you’ve read the novel and have afternoon tea at Dalloway Terrace, or any other meal for that matter, you’ll notice lots of little hints that point to the novel.

Dalloway Terrace

Dalloway Afternoon Tea-12

Dalloway Afternoon Tea-11

We started with a phew photos and glasses of champagne as we arrived, caught up and generally voiced our excitement for the afternoon ahead of us. Though I had seen Emma and Mina at Duke of York Square the week before, we hadn’t had time to chat too much, so I took the chance to have a proper catch up with these lovely ladies.

Dalloway Terrace

Photo Credit: Angie Silver

I loved hearing all about Honey’s recent Marrakech travels , Jess’s Central American adventures, Mehreen’s foodie favourites and about Katie and Ben’s upcoming wedding! There was so much to catch up on that there was never going to be a quiet moment at this table!

Dalloway Terrace

The house champagne at the Dalloway Terrace, and a part of their afternoon tea, is Perrier-Jouet, one of my favourite chamapagnes. I love the presentation of the bottles and the beautiful taste of the champagne itself. I was more than happy to sip away at it all afternoon!

The venue really is one of the most gorgeous places in London that I’ve ever seen; the marble tables are the perfect Instagram background (if you’re so inclined), the benches both pretty and comfy and all the tableware has been so carefully curated that it really is perfect. It’s honestly one of the most beautiful locations in London.

Dalloway Terrace

How could you not fall in love with this setting?

Dalloway Terrace

With champagne glasses primed we sat down to enjoy a delicious afternoon tea.

Dalloway Afternoon Tea-16

I might not be the queen of flatlays but even I couldn’t resist a snap of this beautiful set up. The thought that has gone into each and every aspect of this restaurant is wonderful; the Dalloway Terrace really does feel like the patio of someone’s house, giving it that friendly, welcoming feel that some restaurants miss out on.

Dalloway Afternoon Tea-18


Dalloway Afternoon Tea-20

Our friendly waiters were more than happy to top us up with tea, coffee, champagne and water throughout our afternoon, and managed that perfect balance between being close at hand when you needed them but they never hovered.

Dalloway Afternoon Tea-22

Afternoon tea here caters for all dietary requirements, much to the great happiness of our gluten free friends at the other end of the table! And even more impressively, Emma declared that the scones would pass Kelly’s strict scone test; a prize not easily achieved!

The afternoon tea itself was stunning; a gorgeous tea serving of sandwiches, scones and sweet treats and pastries. I was lucky enough to share my tea with Katie, and we laughed, gossiped and ate – it was pretty wonderful if you ask me.

Dalloway Terrace

Bloggers being bloggers there were thousands of photos (probably not even that much of an exaggeration) taken before anyone could touch their food. Up and down the table we all loved that we were on the same wavelength on this one! It was smiles all round!

Dalloway Terrace

The sandwiches are always the test of a tea if you ask me; and these were an incredible success. I loved the salmon mousse on The Dalloway’s famous Guinness bread, so perfectly light and delicious. Also a bit of an ode to our host Mrs SalmonSpoon!

Scones came in the classic two varieties, fruit and plain, both of which I loved. Katie, being a born and bred Devon girl, was able to tell me that a perfect scone should crack in two equal halves, which these scones did.

Dalloway Terrace

Conversations up and down the table turned to the contentious jam v clotted cream first; perhaps the most British debate there ever has been…

Dalloway Terrace

The pastry selection was gorgeous – as in almost too pretty to eat. A little chocolate brownie with raspberries and cream, panna cotta, eclairs and lemon tart. Having tested many an eclair living in France I’m quite hard to please, but these were lovely.

Dalloway Terrace

My favourite, though, was definitely that little chocolately and raspberry delight!

Dalloway Afternoon Tea-27

If you’re looking for a really special afternoon tea in a delightful setting then you really don’t need to look any further, ’cause afternoon tea at Dalloway Terrace really is an experience. Perfect for a girls afternoon or a treat with mum, if you ask me.

Dalloway Afternoon Tea-29

And for an afternoon, I was able to forget about all things law and revision and just enjoy the company of some of my favourite bloggers and laugh alllll afternoon!

Dalloway Afternoon Tea-30

Just look at Honey’s smile, I think that really says it all about our afternoon…

Dalloway Afternoon Tea-31

To say it was a perfect afternoon might actually be an understatement; it was by far the best afternoon of my blogging life and I was so happy to spend the day with friends, supporting someone that I think we can all say we admire and love. Thank you again Angie and Dalloway Terrace for hosting the most wonderful afternoon, it’s certainly not something I’ll be forgetting for a long time.

Dalloway Terrace

16-22 Great Russell Street



 0207 347 1221
Dalloway Terrace

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  • Beautiful photos for what looked like a beautiful afternoon! 🙂 The Dalloway Terrace is my absolute favourite. So sad to have missed this one 🙁 Would love to come for brunch one day soon!

    Lots of love,
    C xx |

  • This is such a lovely account of such a fabulous afternoon!

  • lovely! so nice that you all hang out together:)

    • It was great! I love catching up with my blogging friends

  • What a wonderful afternoon, I was sorry not to be able to make it but seeing the photos makes me feel like I was there!

    • So many photos were taken! Sad to miss you Suze but I’m sure we’ll catch up soon!

  • Eppie Shepherd

    So lovely to read about Angie’s afternoon from a different perspective. A lovely read

  • WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! Favourite afternoon of your blogging life, I’m actually going to up and quit right now. Can’t believe I missed such a fab afternoon and all you lovelies!!!! All the love, Andrea xxx

    Andrea’s Passions

    • There will always be another time, lady 🙂 Always more fun to be had! xx

  • This afternoon tea looks so yummy, some really tasty things on there! And I love your dress so much – so pretty.

  • What a gorgeous post!! Thank you so much for coming lovely 🙂

    • Ahh I’m so pleased you liked it! Such a perfect afternoon xxx