Skate Somerset House

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I’ve loved ice skating since I was a kid. Not that I’ve ever been good at it, just ask Andy for confirmation, but I’ve always loved it. So when the chance to visit Skate at Somerset House come around, I couldn’t resist the opportunity!

So we strapped on our skates, and off we went! Hint: don’t wear ripped knee jeans to go ice skating. It’s not the wisest idea I’ve ever had.

Andy, of course, couldn’t resist the chance to show me how small my feet are… (They’re only a UK 4 okay?!)

So after a lovely evening in London, staying in Tower Hill, we decided to extend our Christmas for just one more hour and enjoy the festivities at Somerset House. And boy, was it funny (for Andy). Within 5 minutes I had been knocked off my feet and had jarred my wrists. Ooops. But for now, admire the pretty Christmas Tree.

Wrapped up warm and cosy, and attempting to stand still (and upright) I managed to take some photos. Andy’s scarf is beautifully knitted by my mum, and he took the pom pom off my Amelia Jane hat to make a little more manly.

I must admit, I can be a but embarrassing, as I do love a good couple photo. But, it was too good an opportunity to miss! And by this point I had fallen flat on my bum so I felt like I deserved it!

// Fur Hat // Scarf  (similar here, here,and here!) // Coat  (as gorgeous and soft as it looks!)//
So here we go, some action shots of the actual disaster of my attempt at skating!

“No, wait, please don’t take a photo”


“Okay, wait, I might be able to smile….and stand still”

After a “shaky” skate I felt like it was time to head for something to soothe the nerves: a glass of champagne and some truffles. And fortunately, Fortnum and Mason’s had provided just the thing in their Lodge at Somerset House. Ideal. It meant that I didn’t have to slide far to get my lovely little glass of bubbles.

It was one of the most beautiful settings I’ve ever seen, and well worth every penny. We had the lovely table in the corner which meant that, not only were we right next to the radiator, but that we were able to watch the next round of skaters make their attempt round the ice. A perfect ending to a second Christmas!

Not only was the champagne a little treat, but these Marc de Champagne truffles just set us over the edge! I was so good that I even saved one for my mum! (Yes, it was as hard as it sounds!)

And on our way out, a last snap at this gorgeous Christmas Tree (even if it was slightly ill by the time we visited it). If you get the chance to go to Somerset House before the 11th January, then do. It’s a wonderful experience, and one that I hope I’ll be repeating for years to come. And even if you don’t like to skate, go and see the tree, drink some champagne and have a giggle at people like me who spend more time with their bums on the ice than their feet on the ice!

So I was going to withhold the funny photos for my own reputation and sanity, but then I decided they were too funny not to show you! Here we go… No words necessary, just enjoy the hilarity that is my attempt at skating! 

In my defense it was seriously bright…

Wishing you all the happiest of 2015! My resolution? To be the best me that I can be (and to not look like Bambi on ice the next time I’m on ice skates!)

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  • steve.r hudson

    Thanks for a great post, you look radiant in the photos.

  • Hi Camille,

    Such a sweet comment, thank you so much! Will check your blog out now!

  • Coco Cami

    Beautiful post, looks like you had a great time! I love your blog and I have followed you with Bloglovin. If you ever get a chance to check out my blog I would be delighted,

    Camille xo