Southbank Scenes at Skylon and Rumpus Room

Much as I love that Becca lives in Jersey as it means I’ve always got somewhere to visit, it does mean that I don’t get to see her nearly as much as I would like. So when she was over in London for a couple of weeks, I squeezed in as much Becca-Lauren time as was possible, and one night we opted to spend the night exploring Southbank.

As Becca was staying at the Mondrian Hotel, we decided to keep the evening local and booked a table at Skylon, part of the D&D group that also includes Quaglino’s and Le Pont de la Tour. We visited on a Tuesday evening so I was a little worried that it would be very quiet and there would be no atmosphere, but the bar area was very busy and full of glamorous people out for dinner and drinks. 
As soon as we sat down our waiter brought over warm, fresh bread, complete with that perfect straight-out-of-the-oven smell.  

We had both promised that we were going to be good, but as soon as the smell of delicious fresh bread appeared, we couldn’t resist!

Becca ordered the pan fried seabass, served with buttered kale and a herb sauce. It was a very generous portion, but I felt the fish was a little overcooked and could have used more seasoning.

Although I’m not vegetarian, I really enjoy eating vegetarian dishes, especially mushroom wellington. Unfortunately, I was quite disappointed with this dish as I found the pastry overly crisp and dry and the filling, usually bursting full of flavour, to be a little bland.

Since I hadn’t seen Becca since I was in Jersey last summer we had a lot to catch up on and decided that dessert was necessary!

Always making excellent choices when it comes to dessert, Becca ordered the Valrhona chocolate mousse, served with a crème fraiche sorbet.  We both loved the light texture and the gorgeous, dark chocolate.

Though I also would have chosen the chocolate dessert, my inner blogger wouldn’t allow me to have the same pudding. I mean, then I’d only have one photograph! I loved the sound of the blood orange semifreddo served with a white chocolate sauce; a lovely dish though it could have packed a bigger punch in terms of the flavour of the blood orange.

Not entirely finished chatting, catching up and giggling (we never are) we wandered along to the Mondrian Hotel, a gorgeous hotel that plays home to one of my favouite bars in London: Rumpus Room. A decadent bar at the top of the hotel that has truly incredible views of London.

Oh, and the cocktails are incredible; no matter what your favourite spirit or drink is, they’ll have a cocktail to amaze you. We both loved the Cucumber in Champagne as it was a light, refreshing drink that was perfect for celebrating being back in the same city.

Whilst we were there I noticed that they also serve a little food, and I’d definitely be tempted to try this, or Sea Containers, antother of the hotel restaurants, instead of returning to Skylon.
Though I wasn’t impressed by Skylon, I do still love D&D restaurants, but this isn’t one that I’d return to. Rumpus room, however, oh I’ll definitely be back there!

Royal Festival Hall

Rumpus Room

Mondrian at Sea Containers

20 Upper Ground
London, SE1 9PD
+44 (0)20 3747 1000

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