Sunday Lunch at Town House at The Kensington

There’s something a little special about Sunday lunch at Town House at The Kensington; a place to relax, some delicious food and a gorgeous part of London…

Town House Sunday Lunch-1

Town House Sunday Lunch-2

Sunday lunch might not seem like the most summer-y meal to go out for, but a few Sundays ago Andy and I took ourselves out of lazy Sunday mode and wandered through the beautiful streets of Kensington. The Kensington is a beautiful building and a hotel that feels more home-like than many others.

Town House Sunday Lunch-5

Town House Sunday Lunch-6

Strolling underneath its beautiful banners and past the flowers on the doorstep we both felt our tummies rumbling and were ready for some lunch! Town House is just around the corner from the main hotel entrance and has an unsuspectingly quiet entrance, highlighting that it really is a hidden gem.

Town House Sunday Lunch-7

Town House Sunday Lunch-8

I hadn’t meant to co-ordinate my gingham dress with the tiles but it seemed to happen just perfectly!

Town House Sunday Lunch-10

The restaurant itself lives up to its name and feels very much as though you’re sitting in someones beautifully decorated living room in a beautiful town house.

Town House Sunday Lunch-11

With books lining the walls ready to be plucked off once you’ve eaten yourself into the traditional, British Sunday afternoon food snooze.

Town House Sunday Lunch-12

Crisp white wine was poured as we perused the menu, and more excitingly, the market table that we couldn’t keep our eyes off…

Town House Sunday Lunch-13

Town House Sunday Lunch-14

Starters for Sunday lunch are served buffet style, with a chef on hand to shuck your oysters and serve you langoustines at any time.

Town House Sunday Lunch-15

If you’re not a shellfish fan, there’s enough smoked salmon, thinly sliced Italian meats, patés and salads to keep you more than satisfied.

Town House Sunday Lunch-16

I was really pleased to see the scallops that I loved at 108 Marylebone were in the shellfish selection, too.

Town House Sunday Lunch-17

Town House Sunday Lunch-18

I was trying to be oh so good and avoid bread, but the temptation of flaked crab on sourdough toast was far too much to resist. Delicious, crisp bread topped with generous portions of crab and a moreish sauce – safe to say we enjoyed more than the original one between us!

Town House Sunday Lunch-19

Proscuitto ham was delicious, full of depth and flavour and yet thin enough to almost melt in the mouth.

Town House Sunday Lunch-20

Town House Sunday Lunch-21

And then I might have headed back for some more crab… What can I say…

Town House Sunday Lunch-22

Town House Sunday Lunch-23

Before feeling that I had to be a little healthier and digging into the superfood salad, filled with beetroot, feta broccoli and quinoa, it helped to cure Andy’s hangover and made me feel guilt free for the rest of the day!

Town House Sunday Lunch-24

Town House Sunday Lunch-25

Having indulged in the crab toast I left the warm bread selection, but Andy dug in and enjoyed the crisp sourdough as well as the incredible Guinness bread that I loved so much at Dalloway Terrace.

Town House Sunday Lunch-26

Since the market table is buffet style, you’re able to pop up as much as you’d like and take your time over your starters, a touch that I really enjoyed. I’m often worried when I’m booking a restaurant that whilst I’ll be satisfied that Andy might not be, but that certainly wasn’t the case at Town House.

For his main course, Andy ordered the Spring Risotto which is served with asparagus, broad beans, fresh herbs & girolle mushrooms. A light, refreshing risotto that had a beautiful depth of flavour due to the girolle mushrooms.

Town House Sunday Lunch-28

Feeling a little more traditional I opted for the roast rib of dry-aged Devonshire beef served with roasted broccoli, lentils and almonds and with a side of boulangère potatoes. The meat itself was delicious and tender, but I would have preferred if the meat had been a little less well done.

Town House Sunday Lunch-30

Town House Sunday Lunch-31

Somewhat a little full, we decided to pause and enjoy our surroundings a little more. The ever friendly staff were more than happy for us to relax, spend some time together and plan some exciting upcoming trips.

There’s a special place in my heart, and in my stomach, for dessert – especially the dessert platter that is served at the end of Sunday lunch at Town House, ’cause it’s pretty special.

Town House Sunday Lunch-32

Served on a cute wooden platter with a selection of 3 desserts, served one for each guest so there’s no fighting (!) this really was a piece of art as well as a culinary treat.

Town House Sunday Lunch-33

The trio of desserts included Strawberry shortbread trifle served with vanilla custard, which was, if possible, more delicious than it was pretty…

Town House Sunday Lunch-34

A chocolate and passion fruit tart with lemon sherbet which was a twist on a classic, and one that I loved…
Town House Sunday Lunch-35

And a baked cheesecake with Kentish raspberries, both of which were lapped up!

Town House Sunday Lunch-36

Though I’m not usually a trifle fan, I couldn’t get enough of the presentation and the creativity of this dish, and may have even had to try a little of Andy’s to make sure his was just as good…

Town House Sunday Lunch-37

If you’re looking for a home away from home this Sunday lunch Town House at The Kensington is a perfect option for a delicious and exciting Sunday lunch, with some interiors that will give you some serious Instagram game..!

Town House Sunday Lunch-39

I’m already planning to come back when it’s a little colder to sit by this fire and warm myself up when it’s cold outside.

Town House Sunday Lunch-40

And with full tummies and happy hearts we rode home on Pashley bikes (not quite – but I would like to do that at some point!)…

Town House Sunday Lunch-43

At £29 per person for a 3 course meal, I think you’ll struggle to find such good food and a beautiful location as Town House.

We dined as guests of Town House.

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  • The market table looks amazing! And I would be so with you with the crab toast! Mr S however would be all over the rib of beef!

    • You’d be in heaven, Angie – all the good fish! xx

  • I don’t know what is prettier, the food or the part of London you were in!! I’m a seriously picky eater but I love seeing how the other side lives 🙂 Tammy x

  • TravelWithNanoB

    Everything looks amazing, but that shellfish platter is just epic! xoxo, nano

  • Kensington is such a beautiful part of London and what a gorgeous looking Townhouse. I have dessert envy with that strawberry shortbread trifle – looks delicious!!

    • I agree! It’s such a beautiful place. Oooh I could happily eat some more of that trifle just now…!

  • That dessert platter #swoon

  • Eppie

    This place has been on my foodie bucket list and I can see why! The deli boards and desserts look divine, what a sumptuous feast!

    • It’s a real treat! Let me know if you get the chance to go!