Ten Room at Hotel Café Royal

There are some real icons when it comes to London hotels, and Hotel Café Royal is one of them, which means that visiting the hotel and its restaurant has been on the London to-do list for a long time.

Lauren, of Elle Bloggs and I decided to pop our heels on and have a girls night in one of London’s finest a couple of weeks ago and finally make a trip to this London institution.

We started our evening with a champagne cocktail; a delicious dark twist on the usually sweet champagne cocktails.



Champagne is the only way to start a girls’ night isn’t it? And since we’re almost the same person (as we discovered at On the Bab), well, we went for the same cocktail.


Both seeing mackerel on the menu and declaring that it’s one of our favourite starters, we thought we were in for a treat.
I was expecting the dish to be served hot, and so was quite taken aback when it was served cold. I thought it could do with a little more seasoning and would have been better served hot.
After hearing all about Lauren’s work and the exciting things going on with her blog, our main courses arrived. Lauren ordered the braised pigs cheeks, served with mashed potato and gravy. Not being to my taste, I didn’t try the dish, but the silence from the other end of the table assured me that this was a very good dish.
I adore risotto, so whenever I’m at a good restaurant, I really struggle to order anything else! I find it such a comforting dish, especially on cold autumnal evenings. That evening it was a wild mushroom and spinach risotto which was deliciously creamy and full of flavour. Though I’m not sure anything is ever going to compare to that risotto that I had when Mark Hix himself was cooking!
The service throughout the night was attentive without being overbearing, though there was quite a mix up with my main. Apparently the dish of rocket and Parmesan which I had taken to be a side dish should have been mixed into my risotto, something which our waitress should have told me. Not exactly evening ruining but it would have been nice to taste the dish as the chef had intended it to be eaten.


The hotel itself is exquisitely decorated and full of decadent touches; it almost felt as if we’d come back in time to a London that used to be. Though not really to Lauren’s (other Lauren, not me) taste, I have to say I quite liked the decor of Ten Room itself.


We had quite an early sitting as Lauren had rushed straight from work and I had just finished an afternoon of meetings, which meant that restaurant was fairly empty, so I’d recommend booking a later sitting if possible.



Though our main courses were excellent, it was desserts where Ten Room really came into its own. Lauren opted for a lemon tart, topped with a little meringue and sorbet which was full of delicious citrus flavours and was pretty as a picture, too!
Being a total chocoholic I couldn’t resist the dark chocolate mousse served with raspberries and a raspberry ice cream. The sweetness of the raspberries perfectly balanced the dark chocolate and made for a really perfect pudding.
It really was a delicious end to the meal!
Not feeling as though we’d had enough to combat our sweet teeth, we nibbled at the petit fours and finished our wine before heading to the bar for just-one-more-drink.

A really lovely hotel, and even better evening with Lauren, it was a treat to get glammed up and visit a true London institution. Next on my hit list is afternoon tea served in the Oscar Wilde bar which looks incredible!


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