Handbags and Fudge Cakes at Thomas at Burberry

Sometimes a little “treat yourself” moment is in order. A little moment to enjoy whatever it is you love. For me, when I get to choose, it’s some time with friends or family at a great restaurant, shopping or traveling. After my first month of work I thought a little me time was in order, so mum and I headed to Burberry’s flagship store on Regent Street for some retail therapy and lunch at Thomas’. 


After treating myself to a new handbag, it was time to rest our feet, and possibly my wallet, for a while. Not feeling as though we wanted to brave the rain outside, we settled into Thomas’, Burberry’s in house restaurant.

The restaurant is as British as the Burberry brand is, and is named after Burberry’s founder. Think the best of British produce and you’re more than half way to understanding Thomas’ menu. I wish I had more photos of the restaurant itself, as there were some really beautiful aspects, but it’s quite an intimate restaurant and as there were other diners I didn’t want to have my camera in their faces!


Just as we ordered our glasses of wine the smell of warm, fresh bread appeared, and so did the tempting fresh bread itself. I always say I’ll resist bread at lunch or dinner, but there’s something about warm bread with salted butter that is both delicious and oh so comforting.



The menu changes seasonally, and so for us, it was a delicious menu full of autumnal ingredients and flavours. Mum ordered the haddock and leek tart, which was served with a beautiful side salad. I really love when salads are topped with edible flowers as it always makes the dish look more appealing to me!


I couldn’t resist the temptation to order the British charcuterie board, I mean, when he said quail’s egg and black pudding scotch egg I was sold…


With British meats, including venison, ham hock and served with pickled onions, gherkins and piccalilli, it truly was a platter of the best that Britain has to offer.


And frankly, even if you just order this platter for the scotch egg, it is oh so worth it! A perfectly cooked quail’s egg surrounded with some of the best black pudding I’ve had in a long time. I only wish there had been more than one…


The charcuterie board could easily be a starter between two, or even on your own if you’re hungry, but as I wanted a light lunch it was ideal. Of course, a few fries were welcome… I was really pleased that they stayed warm till the end of our meal, which doesn’t always happen.


Of course, having been good and had a light lunch meant I was entirely justified in having a dessert… ‘Cause that’s how it works, right? Having looked at the menu and heard about the specials, mum and I couldn’t resist the temptation of a perfect slice of fudge cake.


A triple layered chocolate cake, topped with fudge on every level, and even fudge decorations. Oh yeah, this is one hell of an indulgent dessert…


It’s not just the food here that is beautiful, as I completely fell in love with this staircase…


…and this pudding table!




If the lunch is anything to go by, I want to go back for tea!

Thomas’ at Burberry

5 Vigo Street

London W1S 3HA


020 3159 1410
  • I’m not generally a fan of black pudding but wrapping it in a Scotch egg makes it sound a lot more appetizing!

  • I don’t know why I don’t get charcuterie boards more often. They’re so moreish!

  • Well the food is (almost!) as beautiful as the bags!

  • Looks like a lovely little spot to splash some cash, eat some yummy food and get some new arm candy! 😉 Love AP xo

    Andrea’s Passions

  • I popped my head into Thomas a couple of weeks ago after perusing the bags… If I had the time, I would have stopped for a slice of cake, and now it seems I should stay a little longer for lunch!