Visiting The Riviera in Marylebone at The Mandeville Hotel

It’s no secret that I think a staycation in London can be as good for relaxation as a holiday in the UK or even abroad. With a certain set of results due, I wanted to take myself as far away from the stress as I could, and so we booked an easy Sunday night staycation at The Mandeville Hotel. Recently, the entire 5th floor has been redecorated top to toe with Christian Lacroix décor and I was more than a little interested to see the rooms..!

Mandeville Hotel-1

The house of Christian Lacroix is famous for its bold prints and patterns; something which isn’t normally to my taste when I’m choosing a hotel. I generally prefer a clean design, much like we had at The Mirror Barcelona or an elegant room that we had at The Dorchester. But I admit, I loved the fun, exciting feel of the vibrant wallpaper and fittings.

Mandeville Hotel-2

Our room, Le Jarin Exotique, is perhaps the most vibrant of all the Lacroix rooms. With its palm tree decorated walls and bright colourings, I felt more as though I was in Sri Lanka than I was in London!

Mandeville Hotel-3

The hotel itself is in a prime location for some post Oxford Street relaxation, being located virtually right behind Selfridges.

Mandeville Hotel-4

Every little detail has been thought of and been done up in the unique Lacroix style. No  matter where you look there’s something different and exciting that you don’t often find in London hotels.

The room itself was fitted with a full mini bar, fluffy pillows and a cosy bed, which was perfect for us after dinner at maze Grill and a few post dinner cocktails! Who said Sundays had to be sleepy?!

Mandeville Hotel-5

With a reasonable size seating area (aka unpacking area for me) there was enough space for Andy to watch a little television and catch up on the latest sporting news as I dressed for dinner. I loved that the room was so quiet and yet in such a busy area of London; it was almost as if we were above all the stress and busy-ness.

Mandeville Hotel-22

Suitcase from House of Fraser

Mandeville Hotel-6

I always appreciate an in room coffee machine as I tend to be a caffine addict when I wake up in the morning, and so was pleased to see a Krups machine ready and waiting for me!

Mandeville Hotel-7

Mandeville Hotel-8

Andy managed to go to the wrong hotel… Don’t ask… So I was more than content to sit and wanderlust away with the Condé Nast and Preferred Hotel magazines that had been left in the room for us.

Mandeville Hotel-9

The only thing about the room that I didn’t love was the bathroom. Whilst I really appreciated the separate shower and bath (’cause I love a good bath whereas Andy just wants to shower and get out of there), I felt it was a little cold in comparison to the vibrant, warm bedroom.

Mandeville Hotel-10

Mandeville Hotel-11

It was, however, stocked with all the toiletries and goodies you could ask for!

Mandeville Hotel-12

There’s something special about crawling into hotel sheets. I don’t know quite what it is, but I love the soft feel and comfort of knowing that at the press of a button that someone can help you with whatever it is you want.

Mandeville Hotel-13

After a very comfortable night sleep which resulted in me not wanting to get up in the morning, we popped down to Reform Social, the hotel restaurant, for a light breakfast. I have to admit that I was so nervous that I barely ate, but I did help myself to a little of the continental breakfast offering.

Mandeville Hotel-14

Fresh fruit, breads, cheeses and hams… All lying waiting for you in your post slumber state! The service was a little lacking in comparison to other London hotels I’ve stayed in, but it didn’t detract too much from our morning.

Mandeville Hotel-15

As I mentioned, it’s not just the rooms that have been done up, but the entire 5th floor. As soon as you walk out of the dedicated 5th floor elevator, you find yourself in a very, very opulent space…

Mandeville Hotel-16

Bursting full of colour that is destined to bring a smile to your shopping-weary face!

Mandeville Hotel-17

The lobby is decorated in a much more classic style, with paintings and beautiful furniture.

Mandeville Hotel-18

Mandeville Hotel-19

I have to say that all my pre-results nerves disappeared during our date night staycation at The Mandeville. There’s something about taking yourself out of your usual surroundings that just makes all your worries float away for a night or two… In fact, it’s something I’d highly recommend, whether you’re waiting for results or not!

Mandeville Hotel-21

The Mandeville Hotel
Mandeville Place
London W1U 2BE

Our stay was complimentary.

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  • The location is great and the decor is certainly quite different!

    • Such a great location! Certainly different to what you and I would normally choose!

  • Wow, that room is stunning! Very vibrant and unique! I’d love to see the decor in the other rooms on the 5th floor. It looks like a lovely hotel!

    Gemma x
    The Gem Agenda – A UK Lifestyle Blog

  • Rachel Hosie

    Ooh I LOVE the decor personally! Hope you got the results you wanted x

  • The decor on this place is sooo beautiful! How would I even go outside? haha