Moments of Relaxation at Bedruthan Hotel, Cornwall

After making the most of the beautiful Cornish coastline on our walk the day before, we wanted a more relaxing start to our Saturday at the Bedruthan Hotel and Spa

Exploring the Cornish cliffs is an absolute must, and so is a beach walk, but since we had come to Cornwall to relax and unwind, we had planned a spa morning in the new Sensory Spa Garden at the Bedruthan.

Bedruthan Hotel-49

But first. Coffee. After a light breakfast and a flick through the morning paper, we packed our bags (ready and excited to check in to The Scarlet!), left them at reception and wandered down the steps to the spa.

Bedruthan Hotel-48

I loved the outdoor areas at the Bedurthan; the perfect spot to appreciate the view, lie back and relax with a cocktail. Though possibly better for a summer weekend than our winter weekend break! Each little area was enclosed enough to create a little private space for you to enjoy with friends, family or whoever you happen to be traveling with.

Bedruthan Hotel-12

And then there’s a lovely outdoor restaurant which would be ideal for a relaxed, sunset meal with friends as you laugh the night away.

Bedruthan Hotel-11

But back to that spa… After checking in at the spa reception, we were shown through to the Sensory Spa Garden. The garden is a seven stage experience to help renew and detoxify your body – which frankly, was just what we both needed. The spa hosts are so friendly and welcoming, and from the moment we arrived we felt instantly more relaxed.

Firstly, you have a dry salt scrub in a little room with a heated floor. I was more than a little nervous of an outdoor spa in winter, but everything has been thought of. But definitely don’t leave your robe behind! The scrub itself is primarily oatmeal which is an excellent exfoliator and leaves your skin feeling lovely and soft. 

Bedruthan Hotel-53

Andy really isn’t much of a spa fan, but what we both loved about the Sensory Spa Garden is that it’s a really fun spa experience. With everyone around us laughing and enjoying themselves, it really is a unique experience.

Stage two is a warm outdoor shower to rinse off the scrub and warm up a little!

Stage 3 was the one I was most excited about. Having seen the sea-view cedar sauna on Instagram and at The Scarlet as we arrived, I was really looking forward to lying down in a beautifully hot sauana and admiring the view from the port hole at the back.

I challenge you to not be relaxed after that.
Bedruthan Hotel-54

Fortunately with hooks at the door to hold your robe, you’re never far from warmth even in winter!

Bedruthan Hotel-55

Stage 4 requires a little bravery… As you dunk yourself under a bucket of, well, cool Cornish water. It leaves your skin tingling and you’ll be very much awake after this stage!

Bedruthan Hotel-57

Fortunately stage five is the perfect warmer as you plunge into a bubbling hot tub. There are two different temperatures so if you don’t want to be too warm or can’t for any reason take too much heat, you can relax in the slightly cooler tub. Each stage has a rough guide time, but there’s no timers here: relax to your own timings and just enjoy those beautiful Cornish surroundings.

Bedruthan Hotel-52

The penultimate stage is a wet scrub with soft oils, seaweed and salt back in the showers. An ideal way to cleanse yourself after your sensory spa experience.

Bedruthan Hotel-56

Finally, sit yourself down beside the fire, where the staff have filled a copper tub with perfectly warm, cosy water to rest your feet which carry you everywhere. Enjoy the smell that only fire has and sip on a herbal tea to detox from the inside as well as from outside.

Bedruthan Hotel-58

Cosy under a blanket and laugh, or just sit, relax and enjoy the end of this spa experience.

Bedruthan Hotel-59

Detoxed, relaxed but still not quite ready to leave this little piece of relaxation, we headed back to one of the adults only relaxing rooms in the Bedruthan Hotel.  I hadn’t read the travel section of the paper (clearly one of the most important!) and so we cosied into the sofa and opened the travel (and sport!) sections and just enjoyed the sense of having nothing in this world to worry about.

Bedruthan Hotel-60
Bedruthan Hotel-61

Bedruthan Hotel-62

Feeling truly relaxed and ready to enjoy more of this beautiful spot in Cornwall, we checked out of the Bedruthan, reeling more relaxed and content than we had in a while, before checking into The Scarlet and heading to Fifteen for lunch!

I think I need to book another trip to Cornwall…

We were guests of The Bedruthan.

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  • Wow Lauren, this trip looks incredible! Can’t wait to see and hear about your experience at The Scarlet. A few days in Cornwall sound ideal right now…! X

  • What a fun and unique spa experience! The hotel looks super cosy and the garden is gorgeous!

  • Now this is much better than a rainy London Monday!

  • Nano B

    It all looks so cozy and comfy. Loved the view from the outdoor restaurant for warmer days. Very picturesque.