Beach Club Lunching at Carpe Diem Barcelona

When we travel I love finding somewhere relaxed and fun for a date lunch or dinner as well as somewhere more romantic and special. For our special dinner we had booked Koy Shunka and for our more fun beach club lunch, with a little help from Angie and Instagram, I made reservations at Carpe Diem Barcelona.

Carpe Diem Barcelona-12

After a morning of exploring Barcelona and seeing the gorgeous Sagrada Familia we hoped into a taxi down to the beach to Carpe Diem, a casual, cool beach front restaurant serving Asian fusion cuisine with a Mediterranean flavour.

Carpe Diem Barcelona-3

The restaurant is part of a beachfront club, perfect for those who want to start their night (or day!) with a great lunch and continue it on into the night!

You can either walk straight in from the beach or from the promenade just above, and when you do, not only does the cool breeze of the air con cool you down, but also you feel as if you’ve been transported straight to Asia. Tables covered with beautiful place mats (ones that I want to find and take home!)…

Carpe Diem Barcelona-6

Statues, too…

Carpe Diem Barcelona-8

And sofas that make a perfect place for relaxing with some cocktails, nibbling at some sushi and relaxing and enjoying the warm sun. Though we were offered a sofa, I asked if we could have a table for our lunch.

Carpe Diem Barcelona-4

Feeling that I wanted to indulge but not too much, I ordered the Buddha bowl with red, black and white quinoa, avocado, cucumber, coriander and marinated red tuna with kale chips.  I loved the delicious, fresh tuna and the contrast with the quinoa and avocado puree. I was a little worried I wouldn’t be full after, but with the quinoa it was a generous enough portion to get me through to dinner!

Carpe Diem Barcelona-11

I wish we had ordered a little more sushi, but after our feast at Koy Shunka the night before we were afraid that we wouldn’t enjoy it as much. And it seemed Andy wasn’t feeling like ordering any of the Asian inspired food as he opted for the Carpe Diem burger.

Carpe Diem Barcelona-10

Served with cheese and a generous portion of fries, he was more than satisfied with his tender, medium rare burger.

Carpe Diem Barcelona-9

If neither of these options take your fancy, there’s all kinds of ceviche, sushi, caviar and delicious looking fish dishes.

And of course, no holiday lunch is complete without wine…

Carpe Diem Barcelona-7
I loved that Carpe Diem was right on the beach, meaning that after our lunch we could walk straight onto a fairly quiet section of the beach ready to dive straight into the water and sunbathe. 

Carpe Diem Barcelona-2

All whilst looking out onto the iconic W Hotel!

Carpe Diem Barcelona-15

I could have stayed at the beach all day… Dozing, reading books and generally enjoying the summer sun, it made for a perfect afternoon.

Carpe Diem Barcelona-14

But I had another little plan for us, so we did have to rush back to The Mirror Hotel to freshen up before heading out to somewhere special…


Okay, it wasn’t Tiffany & Co, but it was the hotel that plays home to Tiffany’s! I’d made a reservation for drinks at Mandarin Oriental Barcelona as a little treat.


A gorgeous hotel, that continued our Asian inspired day, which had the perfect terrace for some evening drinks.


With a few nibbles to eat, some evening sun to enjoy, we were two very happy people to say the least.

MO Barcelona-3


With a cool glass of rosé in hand, we toasted to another amazing holiday day.


Barcelona stole a little piece of my heart that day, a piece that I hope to go back and visit soon!

MO Barcelona-7

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  • I love the look of Carpe Diem and now I *really* fancy a glass of wine!

    • Hope you had one 😉 I think you’d love it, Angie!

  • TravelWithNanoB

    This makes me miss Barcelona so much, I just loved perusing the streets and stopping at random local cafes and sampling a few tapas with a glass of sangria. City with such a great vibe! xoxo, nano |

    • It’s one of the most amazing cities, I loved every moment of our trip!