A Country Staycation at King’s Head Hotel Cirencester

I’ve a little confession to make… I think I’m addicted to holidays and hotels… To the point that on our return from Barcelona, I made sure that we weren’t going straight home to London, but rather straight to the King’s Head Hotel Cirencester for a country staycation to extend the holiday for just one more night!

Kings Head Cirencester-42

We checked into our beautiful Superior Room and felt as if we had fallen into a classic English escape! A huge change from The Mirror Barcelona where we had been staying for the past few nights, this modern hotel felt like a home away from home.

Kings Head Cirencester-4

There are only 45 rooms at the King’s Head Cirencester, but each and every one is full to the brim of homely touches, and neutral, warm tones that I loved. I very nearly asked where they had found this bed throw as I was in love with it! In fact, it’s very easy to see why this hotel was awarded Mr & Mrs Smith’s Best Newcomer Award in 2015!

Kings Head Cirencester-6

The Superior Rooms are very spacious, with a seriously comfortable king size bed and all the amenities you would expect from a luxury hotel.

Kings Head Cirencester-7

Even with enough room for a seating area at the end of the bed, allowing you the comfort of having somewhere to enjoy a gin and tonic or glass of champagne as you get ready for the evening. Or more accurately, where Andy sat as I tried to get ready!

Kings Head Cirencester-8

adored the bathroom in our room, with its light airy feel and clean, chic design it was the perfect contrast to the exposed brick walls and warm feel of the bedrooms.

Kings Head Cirencester-9

Kings Head Cirencester-10

When I had a tour of the hotel later and saw each class of room, I was really impressed that all the bathrooms were just as spacious as each other, and that none felt at all cramped. You could really tell that when this hotel was recently renovated, that all care was taken to maintain extremely high standards in all of the rooms, no matter what size and price point.


With gorgeous Floris toiletries that put the finishing touch on a perfect bathroom.

Kings Head Cirencester-12

Kings Head Cirencester-13

Kings Head Cirencester-15

Kings Head Cirencester-80

To top it all off, the King’s Head Hotel had left us some personalised gin and tonics

Kings Head Cirencester-16

Perfect for that someone who had to wait for me to get out of that bath..!

Kings Head Cirencester-20

It’s not just g&ts that are there for you, but also your own Nespresso machine complete with a selection of coffee capsules, making sure that you don’t need to move too far from that comfy bed when you wake up in the morning..!

Kings Head Cirencester-17

Kings Head Cirencester-18

Robes, that were as fluffy as you can imagine, and the perfect way to wrap up after a long soak in the bath or a warm shower…

Kings Head Cirencester-1

Kings Head Cirencester-21

Kings Head Cirencester-22

Both days that we were there we loved exploring the area, walking around, enjoying the sunshine (when it was out!) and the team at the hotel were more than happy to give us some recommendations on what to do. We had initially planned to take advantage of the fact that Cirencester is so close to the polo, but unfortunately the weather wasn’t really on our side! In fact, if polo is your thing, make sure to check out the King’s Head’s polo package.

Kings Head Cirencester-25

It was the Queen’s birthday weekend so there were flags everywhere, and a general feeling of happiness and celebration in the air…

Kings Head Cirencester-26

As we ambled through parks, just enjoying another day of holiday, and another day of escapism…

Kings Head Cirencester-27

Though my hayfever rather got the better of me… Achoo!

Kings Head Cirencester-28

Kings Head Cirencester-29

And so after a few hours of getting lost, finding our way back, and a lot of sneezing, it was time to head back to our home for the night for some pre dinner drinks and for me to have a tour of the hotel.

Kings Head Cirencester-30

Kings Head Cirencester-33

The main areas of the hotel are modern and very tastefully decorated, with a boutique townhouse, yet country feel. I loved the soft furnishings and modern art that beautifully contrasted with the exposed brick walls that are throughout the hotel.

Kings Head Cirencester-37

It really did feel like walking back into our home…

Kings Head Cirencester-35

The gin was poured for Andy…

Kings Head Cirencester-38

And I set off on a tour with the general manager, who was one of the most passionate and excited managers I’ve come across. His love for the hotel was obvious and really contributed to the home like atmosphere in the hotel.

Kings Head Cirencester-40

I utterly fell in love with this Indulgent Space room, with its four poster bed and beautiful touches…

Kings Head Cirencester-41

With the same warm tones and country feel as the rest of the hotel…

Kings Head Cirencester-42

But with an even better bath!

Kings Head Cirencester-44

The hotel also has a spa area, with an incredibly indulgent relaxation room, perfect for unwinding after making use of the spa facilities.

Kings Head Cirencester-47

I met Andy in the bar for delicious pre-dinner cocktails to say cheers to our last night of holiday for a while, and we started to peruse the menu..!

Kings Head Cirencester-49

Kings Head Cirencester-51

As the waitress brought us bread we ordered and admired the tastefully decorated dining room.

Kings Head Cirencester-52

Andy started with a goat’s cheese and caramelised red onion tart, which was crisp and delicious.

Kings Head Cirencester-53

My fish loving tendency appeared and I opted for the crayfish cocktail, which was an exceptionally generous portion for a starter.

Kings Head Cirencester-54

And served with delicious crostini to pair with it!

Kings Head Cirencester-55

For mains, Andy chose the beef served with black pudding and potatoes, which was delicious. In fact, so delicious that I may or may not have eaten more than my own share…

Kings Head Cirencester-56

I chose a childhood favourite and ordered the kedgeree which was just what I wanted on what turned out to be a very cold summer’s evening. Slightly spicy and full of flavour it was a perfect dish.

Kings Head Cirencester-58

Served with green beans (to make us feel a little healthier!)

Kings Head Cirencester-61

And fries, ’cause, well, holidays…

Kings Head Cirencester-62

For pudding, we shared two favourites of ours, an incredible sticky toffee pudding, served with ice cream…

Kings Head Cirencester-63

And a delicious, and incredibly beautiful, chocolate dessert. I loved the balance of beauty and taste in this light pudding, whereas Andy preferred the fluffy and indulgent sticky toffee pudding.

Kings Head Cirencester-64

Kings Head Cirencester-66

Kings Head Cirencester-67

We took our delicious petit fours and the rest of our wine up to our room, where we cosied up before drifting off to sleep…

Kings Head Cirencester-68

When we woke the next morning, we wanted to make the most of our last day in the beautiful Cotswolds, and so woke up early-ish for breakfast and ventured back down to the dining room.

Kings Head Cirencester-69

Kings Head Cirencester-79

Andy ordered the eggs benedict, which were perfectly oozy and served on a deliciously crisp muffin.

Kings Head Cirencester-78

Still being slightly full from last night (!) I headed to the buffet for some cereal and a pastry.

Kings Head Cirencester-77

Kings Head Cirencester-75

Though if you preferred, cold meats and cheeses were available, too.

Kings Head Cirencester-74

Kings Head Cirencester-73

Kings Head Cirencester-72

After a couple of delicious cappucinos we were ready to head out exploring again! Unfortunately, we didn’t seem to have much luck with the weather… Once again our staycation weather luck struck again..!

Kings Head Cirencester-70

Though we did manage to get a little walk in, where we found some beautiful new friends! There’s actually one in the hotel, too – let me know if you find it!

Kings Head Cirencester-83

Kings Head Cirencester-84

There’s something glorious about a county staycation, and I completely fell in love with the Cotswolds. I can see myself returning time and time again, with Andy or with friends, as it’s just a couple of hours from London and makes for the perfect country escape. Next time, I’ve got my eye on that four poster and the bath!

The Kings Head Hotel

24 Market Place



We were guests of the King’s Head Hotel but all opinions are my own.

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  • It looks so cute!!! Adore the bathroom (#instagramgoals), and the food looks delish!

    C x | Lux Life

  • I literally love those cashmere throws! Looks like the perfect staycation.

  • Gary J Berry

    Those desserts!!

  • March and May

    Oh my, that hotel (and that food) looks amazing. Such a beautiful place. Definitively a place to visit for some relax time.

    March and May

    • I completely agree! It was the perfect place to relax and unwind before coming back to London xx

  • I adore a UK weekend getaway – although I am a city girl through and through, there’s something about an escape to the countryside which gets me giddy! This spot looks lovely – I’ve seen some other sparkling reviews too so it’s on the must visit list!

    • Me too! There’s something so nice about the really clean air! Let me know if you make it there 🙂

  • Rachel Hosie

    How beautiful and tasteful (and tasty!) it all looks. Hope you had a fab fab time x

    • It was such a lovely staycation – wishing I was back there this evening!

  • Looks like a beautiful place xx

    • It’s such a beautiful hotel, we had a gorgeous time

  • This hotel looks amazing! I always love new weekend away suggestions and I’m definitely putting The King’s Head hotel on my list