Country Walks and Cosy Fires at Bedruthan Hotel

Every trip to Cornwall that Andy and I take involves long walks on the beach, with coats on, cosied up with scarves  until you can’t fit anymore on – ’cause we have a habit of visiting lovely Cornwall in Winter – and so our stay at Bedruthan Hotel and Spa was no different. Oh, and did I mention there’s always champagne when we get back? How could I forget the best bit..!

Bedruthan Hotel-14

After driving down from London, we arrived in beautiful Mawgan Porth which plays home to the Bedruthan Hotel as well as its sister, The Scarlet. Check in was a breeze, and it wasn’t long until we were told that we had been booked in for a spa experience and shown where our room was.

The Bedruthan like its sister is committed to being sustainable and providing its guests with everything that they could possibly want.

Bedruthan Hotel-5

Our Sea View Family room was simply decorated, but that all played to its major strength: the view over the beach and out to sea. With enough space for either a couple and a child or even a few friends staying for the weekend, there was plenty of space to relax and unpack however messily you’d like! I liked that the room had a divider, meaning that you had a little space between your bed and sitting area, or even space between you and your friends were sleeping.

Bedruthan Hotel-6

Feeling somewhat starving after our early morning drive down, we headed to Wild Café, the casual restaurant, for a spot of lunch. With a deliciously crisp olive and artichoke pizza and glass of wine for me…

Bedruthan Hotel-7

…and a tender bacon and cheese burger served with piping hot, crisp fries for Andy. It was just the comfort food that we wanted.

Bedruthan Hotel-8

Wild Café, like much of the Bedruthan Hotel, is family friendly, but I loved that they knew we were traveling as a couple and saved us a table that gave us our own space.

Feeling a little gluttonous after lunch, we headed out to enjoy the beautiful seaside that we had been looking forward to for so long. Does anyone else find that no matter how wonderful London is that it’s necessary to get a little seaside fun in your life sometimes?


You can walk straight down from the hotel to the beach. When there’s a sign to the beach you don’t need to tell me twice…

Bedruthan Hotel-13

Bedruthan Hotel-16

Trust me, you’ll never get bored of this view.

Bedruthan Hotel-14

Down past the steps you’ll find a rocky start to this beach, but soon you’ll be in among the sand, puddles and dogs tearing all over the beach!

Bedruthan Hotel-18

It’s nice to go away to see stunning beaches, but you don’t really need to venture further than good ol’ Blighty.

Bedruthan Hotel-17

The ideal way to blow off the cobwebs after the drive and to walk off that delicious pizza!

Bedruthan Hotel-19

After exploring as much of the beach as we could when the tide was coming in, it was time to adventure a little further…

Bedruthan Hotel-20

Back up the steps and on a little further…

Bedruthan Hotel-21
Bedruthan Hotel-22

We headed onto the cliffs and walk along and along and along…


After almost being blown away and walking our little legs off, it was time to head back to the Bedruthan for a well deserved, relaxing glass of champagne.

Bedruthan Hotel-50

Ideally, we could still watch the tide come in and soak up some more of the Cornish coast that we’ve fallen in love with so much…

Bedruthan Hotel-51

Bedruthan Hotel-45

When we had arrived I had eyed up a very cosy little nook, and after a little doze and a shower, we dressed for dinner and headed down to the bar area.

Bedruthan Hotel-23

The bar itself is one of the hotels adult only areas, which was great for us. I loved that even in a family friendly hotel they took care of everyone and thought of what they would want. The night we stayed one of the sisters who own and run the Bedruthan and The Scarlet hosted drinks and canapés for all the guests. When I mentioned we were also staying at The Scarlet she wondered which we would prefer, as some prefer the Bedruthan as their home away from home, or even their comfy pair of slippers!

Bedruthan Hotel-24

Before dinner, I wanted to take full advantage of that fire, and ordered a glass of champagne and a gin and tonic before cosying up in front of it and fully relaxing. Just the start to the holiday that we needed – and hey, totally worth it after that walk.


Before long it was time for our dinner reservation at The Herring, the more formal dining area in the Bedruthan Hotel. Again, we were seated in an area that seemed to be reserved for adults, meaning that we had a perfect date night vibe for our evening.

Bedruthan Hotel-26

With booths similar to the one we had at The Scarlet, it was a lovely date night venue.

To start, Andy ordered arancini served on a bed of rocket. Crisp on the outside and full of flavour with a delicious creamy texture it was an ideal starter for him. Though, I felt it would have been a little heavy for me.

Bedruthan Hotel-27

Though I found an ideal starter for me: fresh mussels cooked with bacon and cider that made for the perfect salty yet sweet combination.

Bedruthan Hotel-28

Served with bread for dipping into that delicious sauce, it was a wonderful start to our date.

Bedruthan Hotel-29

When it came to a mains it was a bit of a battle as to who was going to order what ’cause, we couldn’t order the same dish could we?

Eventually, we came to the conclusion that Andy would order the perfectly pink duck served with sweet nectarines, asparagus and potatoes. The duck itself was perfectly pink on the outside but with a crisp skin that was and ideal texture contrast to the meat itself.

Bedruthan Hotel-30

The second dish we had to share was the pan fried haddock served with an incredibly creamy risotto flavoued with hints of saffron. Quite heavy because of the risotto but a wonderful dish, with perfect flakes of fish, crisp skin and creamy risotto. A perfect combination that was just as perfectly done.

Bedruthan Hotel-31

Never one to resist a cheese board we ordered 3 local cheeses, including a Cornish brie that I need to find again!

Bedruthan Hotel-36

Before heading to bed they gave  us one last treat of fudge and mini chocolate fudge. Well, who am I to say no to one last sweet treat?

Bedruthan Hotel-38

Full of delicious food and happy to be back in one of our favourite places, we headed to beds with full stomachs and even fuller hearts.

Bedruthan Hotel and Spa

Mawgan Porth



We were guests of Bedruthan Hotel.

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  • Long walks on the beach are just the epitome of romance! The Bedruthan looks super cute and cosy and those views are outstanding!

  • Love these photos! So glad you enjoyed it – I’ve never been to the Bedruthan area but it looks beautiful 🙂 Beach walks are my absolute fave.

    The Cornish Life

  • How beautiful! Coastal walks are one of my favourite ways to spend the day, especially if they can be followed up by a glass of champagne by the fire xxx
    Lucy @ La Lingua | Life, Travel, Italy

  • ninegrandstudent

    The fish and risotto dish sounds just my cup of tea! I haven’t been to Cornwall in far too long, hoping for a visit this year though…

    NINEGRANDSTUDENT: A Lifestyle Blog

  • I’m sucker for waterfront hotels, and this one looked so idyllic!