Falling Head Over Heels for The Dorchester

After our very indulgent chocolate afternoon tea on The Balcony it was time to check in to our Park Suite for the evening. Since Andy still hadn’t arrived, Colleen came up with me as we checked into the suite for a sneak peak and a glass of wine. It’s safe to say that the suites at The Dorchester left us speechless as we walked in for the first time…

Dorchester Staycation-36

As we walked in, the concierge showed us round and explained how to use everything. The Park Suites, as you may  have guessed, overlook Hyde Park and have some really magnificent views. Each suite has two separate entrances, one which takes you straight into your bedroom and master bathroom area, and one which leads directly into the entertaining area, comprised of a sitting room with dining table, balcony and guest bathroom.

Dorchester Staycation-35

I loved the idea of being able to have friends or guests round and having a private space to entertain them without compromising on the privacy of your bedroom. The suites are serviced by a team of butlers who will help you with anything you can think of, from pressing your suit for the next day, ensuring your shoes are shined to the Royal Household standard and bringing you wine or coffee whenever you would like.

Dorchester Staycation-39

Dorchester Staycation-40

The Dorchester, one of the most iconic and luxurious Mayfair hotels, opened in 1931 and has played home away from home for countless famous people. Despite being an old London institution, our suite was tastefully decorated with beautiful modern touches that brought the room into the 21st century whilst clearly representing the history of the hotel.

Dorchester Staycation-19

It also has a bar (I wouldn’t really call it a mini bar) that’s fully stocked with all the champagnes, wines and soft drinks you could imagine, and is crowned with a beautiful champagne cooler, which is perfect for cooling delicious Laurent Perrier bubbles.

Dorchester Staycation-49

Once you’ve oggled the impressive mini bar you’re right in the centre of the living room, which is complete with a well sized desk which was perfect for a little bit of last minute revision cramming for me and would have been a great place for any business that needed attended to.

Dorchester Staycation-18

But since we were staycationing I spent most of the time away from the books relaxing with a copy of CN Traveller or Vogue, both of which had been provided, on the softer-than-soft sofas. It was a dream setting to relax after afternoon tea and before we headed out for dinner and drinks.

Dorchester Staycation-17

Dorchester Staycation-16

Dorchester Staycation-15

One of the many finishing touches that I loved was the addition of roses throughout the suite. Beautiful fresh, white roses in both the living room and our bedroom and a single pink rose in the bathroom. To me, there’s something about flowers that says “home” and which made me feel like we were in our own staycation home as against a hotel suite – though perhaps a touch more luxurious than home!

Dorchester Staycation-14

If anyone else is like me, a sweet tooth is a daily battle! It seems that even though we’d just had an incredible (and very sweet) afternoon tea, I couldn’t resist the hard sweets that had been left for us in the most gorgeous little trinket dish.

Dorchester Staycation-50

You can never be too sweet, right?

Dorchester Staycation-51

Whenever I’m traveling I love seeing a city from up high, and London town is no exception. Sitting high above Hyde Park, the Park Suites at The Dorchester are the perfect place to enjoy one of London’s most magnificent sites and landmarks. So whilst Andy was unpacking (and before he sneakily returned with the camera!) I enjoyed some wine on our little balcony, watched the black cabs and red buses whizz past and let myself really enjoy the moment.

Dorchester Staycation-44

Underneath the famous yellow and white stripes I felt like a princess that had been whisked away from busy London to her palace!

Dorchester Staycation-46

I’d been left a little gift which couldn’t have been more personal or apt; a beautiful Smythson pocket notebook with the phrase “Head Over Heels” embossed into the front. I think you’ve figured out by now that I was definitely head over heels in love with The Dorchester and every time I open it I think of happy memories shared with both a best friend and a boyfriend.

Dorchester Staycation-38

I know, I’ve been teasing you before I show you the bathroom and bedroom, but the suites at The Dorchester have so much more to offer than a place to lay your head. I mentioned the modern touches in this historic hotel, and there were none that I enjoyed more than these sculptures – a little his and hers on the mantle piece below the TV.

Dorchester Staycation-47

A little touch of humour of art that we both loved.

Dorchester Staycation-48

Wandering back through the tiled hallway, and past the umbrellas that I could really do with on a day like today, you pass the guest and then main bathroom. Both are beautifully decorated in marble, creating a light, airy and elegant feel which I adored.

Dorchester Staycation-6

The master bathroom with his and hers sinks, meaning I could bring all my skincare products with me..!

And that hint of home that I loved…

Dorchester Staycation-12

Dorchester Staycation-4

The highlight of the bathroom was without a doubt the huge marble bath; somewhere to relax after a long day of sightseeing or shopping before you head to Alain Ducasse, the three Michelin Star restaurant in the hotel, or the newly refurbished The Grill at The Dorchester.

I may have been forced out the bath as we were going to be late for dinner!

Dorchester Staycation-20

Dorchester Staycation-63

At the end of the corridor, is the master bedroom which has a King sized bed topped with the most luxurious sheets; just what you would expect from this gorgeous hotel.

Dorchester Staycation-30

Again, not the easiest place to leave…!

Dorchester Staycation-26

Dorchester Staycation-25

The bedroom itself is very spacious – and even had enough wardrobe space to accommodate my rather large wardrobe! I might only have been there for one night, but I’m sure you ladies will agree, that sometimes a girl just needs options…

Dorchester Staycation-59

Though if you’ve forgotten your PJs, there are gorgeous Derek Rose PJs lying in the bottom of your wardrobe should you need (or want!) to purchase them,

Dorchester Staycation-56

Dorchester Staycation-57

I think it’s safe to say I never wanted to leave… Except for dinner and maybe breakfast, but more on that another time..!

Dorchester Staycation-64

Our 24 hours at The Dorchester were complimentary, but all opinions are my own.

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  • ninegrandstudent

    I’m completely and utterly jealous of this room – it’s gorgeous! x

    NINEGRANDSTUDENT: A Lifestyle Blog

    • It was an incredible suite – I loved our experience there!

  • Your dress, much like the rest of this post, is absolutely gorgeous Lauren!

    Sandra | Cake + Whisky

    • Ahhh Sandra, what a kind comment! Thank you so much!

  • It looks so stunning – what a gorgeous staycation experience!!

    C x | Lux Life

    • It was so so special, every time I look at the photos I smile so much!

  • Oh wow, what an incredible experience, it’s so beautiful. I love the Smythson notebook – they’re so lovely, such a thoughtful gift!

    • I know, I love Smythson so it really was a perfect gift! Such a treat of an experience.

  • Oh Lauren I absolutely loved this!! It bought back such amazing memories of the night before my wedding and then the wedding night itself. What an absolute dream and I’m so happy that you got to experience it!

    • Angie, so happy you enjoyed it! I can absolutely see why you chose to spend your wedding there. We should arrange drinks or a tea or something at some point in the future – any excuse to go back 😉

  • Wow! Gorgeous! I’m so jealous right now. And you were absolutely right to relax and enjoy your surroundings. What an awesome staycation!

    • It really was an amazing staycation and a really special experience for us!

  • Sophie

    Wow I wish I could live here forever!
    A Story of a Girl

  • March and May

    Wow, such a beautiful place. I can see why it was hard to leave it.

    March and May

    • Such a beautiful hotel, it’s definitely become one of my London favourites!

  • The his and hers sculptures are a lovely touch and what a fabulous bed!

    • I loved all of the little touches in the room and in the hotel itself, it was a magical staycation

  • Rachel Hosie

    Sweet baby Jesus, this looks beyond dreamy. X

    • It really was a dreamy experience – it’s definitely one of the most beautiful hotels I’ve ever stayed in!

  • The ultimate in swoonworthy!