Staying in Style at Hotel de la Trémoille

It’s certainly no secret that I love Paris and if Audrey Hepburn thinks that Paris is always a good idea, who am I to disagree with that? With that in mind mum and I hopped across the channel last month for a few days of shopping, eating and enjoying all things Parisian. The first stop on our girls’ trip was Hotel de La Trémoille, a beautiful 5 star hotel in the heart of our favourite area of Paris, la triangle d’or (the golden triangle). 

As soon as our taxi pulled up I fell in love with the beautiful balconies and their vibrant blue awnings…

Hotel de la Tremoille -28

In through the bright, circular lobby with its old portraits of the hotel and the comfiest little seat which was ideal for waiting for taxis…

Hotel de la Tremoille -57

Hotel de la Tremoille -58

We had taken an early morning Eurostar and so had arrived at La Trémoille just before lunch time – which made it the perfect time to check into our room and explore the hotel a little!

Hotel de la Tremoille -6

We were staying in a gorgeous Deluxe Room, which the hotel had kindly made up as two twin beds as I was traveling with mum rather than Andy. The opulent feature wall was the centrepiece of the room and made for a beautiful focal point.

Hotel de la Tremoille -5

The hotel itself dates back to 1883, when it was transformed from a private residence to a luxury hotel in the heart of the most luxurious district in Paris. The hotel takes its namesake from Louis II de La Tremoille, a statesman under François I’s reign. Everything about the hotel shows that it’s a hotel fit for a statesman or a luxury lover, with a beautiful spa, restaurant and the most helpful staff you could ask for.
Hotel de la Tremoille -15

The beds themselves were like slices of clouds, and even my mum who often struggles to sleep, had the soundest sleep that night.

We didn’t indulge in room service during our stay, but I loved the little quirk that every room has a hatch, meaning that you don’t even have to open your door to receive your room service or fresh linen if you don’t want to be disturbed.

Hotel de la Tremoille -14

If the feature wall isn’t enough of a draw, there’s also a huge balcony that stretches all the way around the room which is perfect for a morning breath of air and throwing the doors open to bring you even closer to the beautiful streets of Paris.

Hotel de la Tremoille -16

I love the feeling of space in a hotel room, of being able to relax in one area and sleep in another. Especially on longer trips I find it really important not to feel as though you’re living on top of the person you’re traveling with. The Deluxe Room had a dressing room with a huge double wardrobe and space for our luggage, as well as a seating area for us to relax in and enjoy a glass of champagne before we left for dinner.

Hotel de la Tremoille -56

Waking up at La Trémoille (after I had managed to pull myself out of that marshmallow bed!), we opened the doors to the balcony and lived the Parisian dream as I sipped on  my coffee underneath the blue awnings.

Hotel de la Tremoille-3

Hotel de la Tremoille -32

The ensuite bathroom was tucked behind the beds, through the dressing room which meant it was easy for mum to shower and get ready as I dozed away! Spacious enough to play home to both a bath and separate shower and tastefully decorated in marble…

Hotel de la Tremoille -55

…and filled to the brim with luxurious Molten Brown toiletries, with varying scents of body wash to suit you no matter what mood you’re in.

Hotel de la Tremoille -10

Hotel de la Tremoille -8

On holiday I find I shower at least twice a day, and so I like to have lots of fluffy towels! Towels a-plenty lined the dresser underneath the huge mirrors and marble sink.

Hotel de la Tremoille -50

Hotel de la Tremoille -48

The hotel itself is just as elegantly decorated as our room. The reception area has a beautiful staircase that reminded me that the hotel had once been a townhouse. I could easily see ladies coming down the stairs in ball gowns before heading out to enjoy the 1800s Parisian nightlife!

Hotel de la Tremoille -43

The Décleor spa is in the basement and guests can book all the treatments you would expect, such as massages, facials as well as beauty care treatments.

Hotel de la Tremoille -46

I didn’t have a treatment but I did nip down to see the sauna and jet shower and felt instantly relaxed as I entered the beautiful spa area.

Hotel de la Tremoille -47

Hotel de la Tremoille -45

Mum and I are somewhat creatures of habit, and love spending our first afternoon in Paris shopping on Avenue Champs Elysees, so didn’t want to stray too far.

Hotel de la Tremoille -42

The restaurant, Louis 2, was closed when we were there as August is the quiet month in Paris, but we did nip into the bar for lunch. Louis 2’s chef was trained by acclaimed chef Alain Ducasse and so I can imagine that the food is fabulous. The bar area is bright and airy; my favourite area was this little library nook where I could easily see myself relaxing after a long day shopping.

Hotel de la Tremoille -44

Hotel de la Tremoille -41

The bar has a wonderful selection of champagnes, all laid out in a bespoke champagne holder, making the bar a perfect place to stop before heading out into the night for dinner.

Hotel de la Tremoille-1

Feeling overly hungry, we both opted for our favourites: club sandwiches and fries to share!


Hotel de la Tremoille -22

The perfectly crips, salty and hot fries were outstanding. The club sandwiches were massive and mum and I both agreed that we probably could have shared one!

Hotel de la Tremoille -23
Hotel de la Tremoille -18

Hotel de la Tremoille -19

Delicious though they were, the bread was a little soggy from the mayonnaise which took away from the otherwise great sandwiches.

Hotel de la Tremoille -21

Hotel de la Tremoille -20

Hotel de la Tremoille -25
Hotel de la Tremoille -17

The next morning, we came back down to Louis 2 for a continental breakfast.

Hotel de la Tremoille -38

Warm, fresh pastries are the only way to start a day in Paris if you ask me, and so I indulged in a few of my favourites along with a pot of hot, strong coffee.

Hotel de la Tremoille -39

Though if you prefer cheeses, meats or even smoked salmon, there are plenty of options for you.

Hotel de la Tremoille -40

A truly luxurious and stylish start to our Parisian adventure, we loved our stay at La Trémoille, especially coming home to such a gorgeous building and fluffy bed!

Hotel de la Tremoille-9

Those awnings will always have a special place in my heart…

Hotel de la Tremoille -29

…and so will a hotel that doesn’t just leave a chocolate on the pillow, but a whole box!

Hotel de la Tremoille -36

Hotel de la Tremoille -37

Hotel de la Tremoille
14 Rue de la Tremoille

Our stay was complimentary.

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  • TravelWithNanoB

    You had me at a BOX of chocolates! Seriously though, what a lovely hotel.

    • I know – what a treat!! The hotel was really special, Nano x

  • What a fabulous review! I love the blue awnings, and the beautiful balcony. Also the sandwiches looks Ah-amazing!! I love the level of detail in the post, it really makes you feel like you’re there.

    • Thank you so much lovely!! I really loved those awnings, so so pretty. Oh yeah, you would have loooove the salmon club! What a lovely comment xxx

  • I totally agree, Paris is absolutely wonderful all through the year!
    Also, I can never have anything other than freshly baked bread from a boulangerie or a pure unadulterated heavily buttered croissant from a patisserie whenever I’m in the city!

    Honey x The Girl Next Shore

    • Oh sttttooppp it now I’m craving patisserie!! xx

  • Ommmmmmgggggg, v jealous of this! What a stunning hotel both inside and out, love the bathrooms in particular and I am in need of a box of choccies to come home to every night!!! Loos fab 🙂 AP xo

    Andrea’s Passions

    • I KNOW – can you actually imagine coming home to a whole box? Yes pleaaase

  • Always pay attention to the Hep!

    • she is always correct – and probably invented #swoon 😉

  • Your room looks charming and I like the wallpaper – the headboard seems a little bit wonky! Sounds like a great stay