La Cinquecenta Pizzeria

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So what to do when you have no boiler, no hot water, no heating, no gas and no access to your kitchen? Go out for lunch of course! It was a bit of a spontaneous one yesterday, but it was totally necessary – you should see the state of our kitchen, it’s utter chaos!

With heads held high we took the opportunity to go a restaurant we’ve been dying to try out since we came back from Christmas, La Cinquecenta Pizzeria. Boy, is this a good find!

We were in a bit of a pizza mood, especially since we had been drooling over my recipe for tarted up pizza, so we almost bounced down to the restaurant in a fit of excitement.
Feeling very gluttonous I went for La 500 pizza, which had pretty much everything you could ever want on a pizza, and more!

It was steaming hot and just out the pizza oven – so hot my camera was steaming up! I can’t tell you how good it was, hot delicious mozzarella, chicken, chorizo, peppers, grilled aubergines – it was just the pick me up that I wanted!

All topped off with some excellent service, and waiters who are more than happy to have a good joke with you. I’d had to take one of my boots to the cobblers so cue endless jokes about having a third leg as my poor little boot was just sitting merrily beside me!

There’s only one way to wash down a pizza in France: with a carafe of rose wine!

We were done. We were full. But then the lovely waiter brought us the dessert menu, and we discovered that there was still a tiny little pocked in our tummies that wasn’t quite full just yet!

My flatmate was sold at the notion of “Tiramisu” but I kept ploughing through the menu only to be stopped in my tracks by the ice-cream: chocolate and salted caramel ice cream. Oh helloooo.

Now officially full to the pits of our stomach we rolled ourselves home – to the plumber who was apparently waiting for us! Whoops!

We dashed home so quickly that I forgot to get a snap of my outfit (again). But I did manage to sneak a photo of this little baby.

A vintage little number that actually belongs to my mummy, but that she’s let me borrow for the past couple of years! If you’re looking for a vintage Chanel, or in fact any designer handbag, check out Vestiaire Collective for some options!

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  • steve.r hudson

    The grilled aubergine look wonderful, so does the wine. A fitting escape for two girls without heat or hot water.

  • It was rather wonderful!