My Luxury Travel Accessories

I have to admit: I’m useless at packing. No, really. I over pack every single time and somehow I still manage to forget something. If you can figure out how that works then you’re a better person than I am! But no matter where I go there are a few travel essentials that always, but always come with me. 

The Travel Wallet

I’m one of those travellers that prints every confirmation, keeps every ticket stub and collects foreign currencies. I couldn’t survive without my Aspinal of London travel wallet and matching passport holder. I’ve had it for quite a few years, and it’s worn really well – looking just as beautiful when it’s well traveled as it did when it first came out of the box.

DS London-1

Though I have to admit I do have my eye on this pretty little number from Smythson… I’m in love with the colour!

DS London-5

The Day Bag

I always change handbags when I travel. Mainly as my current handbag allows me to fit a lot in it and I much prefer traveling a little lighter when I’m on a trip. To me you can’t beat a simple, elegant leather handbag, which is why I love this DS London Brown Opal Tote Bag. It’s made from the softest leather, and is handcrafted in Britain. It’s just the right size for a day bag (and an internal pocket that’s perfect for hiding your passport), meaning you can throw all your essentials in, throw it over your shoulder and look elegant and stylist no matter where in the world you are.

I’ve also used it as my laptop bag for the office and I’ve had more than a couple of compliments on it and about how unbelievably soft the leather is!

DS London-2

For a beach bag… I must admit I’m more than a little bit in love with Rae Feather, and I’m thinking of getting one of their monogram baskets before we visit Mexico this summer!

DS London-7

The Suitcase Set

I have an oh so small addiction to trunk like suitcases. Not only do I think hard cases are the way forward (especially when traveling long haul) but I think there’s something timeless about trunk style cases. When I spotted these Dickens and Jones cases before I went to New Zealand, I couldn’t resist the temptation!

DS London-3

Available in three sizes (one of which is cabin sized) you can travel in style with the full set, no matter how long you’re going for! They also have code locks which are great, and mean there’s no panicking about where you left your padlock key (in your travel wallet?!)

If you’re looking for a little more suitcase inspiration, here are a few more – as well as links to all sizes of the Dickins and Jones trunks.

DS London-4


DS London-6

A perfect combination if you ask me!
DS London-8

The Wash Bag

I looked and looked and looked for a wash bag and make up bag set that I liked, but it took me so long to find one. And even then, it wasn’t me who found it! Full credit goes to mum who discovered this stunning pebble wash bag and matching make up bag from The White Company. Soft leather, a perfect shade of grey and big enough to take all of my toiletries for a two/three week trip – it was worth the wait to find this wash bag!

DS London-10

What are your luxury travel accessories?

My DS London bag was gifted.

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  • Laura Torninoja

    So many beautiful items! I especially love that suitcase – the colour is so pretty! This post is making me want to go for a looong holiday haha x

    Laura // Middle of Adventure

  • Victoria

    Always love the Aspinal leather products for travel. And that bag looks perfect as a carry on or beach bag

    Victoria // Luxury Life Goals