Marché des Lices

There’s something amazing about really fresh food, so fresh that it still has dirt on it and that it goes off in a week. My family and I have always been big fans of local markets, especially French markets, and so when I heard that there was a pretty impressive weekly market in Rennes I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to visit it.

What a treat I was in for! It’s not just fresh vegetables like I was expecting, there are rows and rows of gorgeous flowers, fruit and vegetables, cheeses, meats – everything! And it’s not just the produce, you come across some wonderful little stall owners, cheery, friendly people who always send you on your way with wishes for a good weekend. 
So let me take you on a little tour of my favourite Saturday morning haunt in Rennes…

Firstly you’re greeted by what can only be described as a sea of flowers, from tulips and lilys, to hydrangeas and cabbage flowers!

…Before you come to the main event: the fruit and veg so fresh that you wonder if it’s been picked that morning!

When summer comes back round again I’m determined to make a mean raspberry based recipe, these bad boys are just too good to miss!

Nothing says winter to me like the smell of clementines – especially when they’re still covered by their leaves. Mum always makes clementine decorations around Christmas, so seeing these made me squeal with excitement.

For any fig lovers our there – this was where you needed to be this morning! They were quite literally everywhere. And that’s the best bit: the food changes every week depending on what’s in season and what’s grown that week, so you know you’re eating as well as you possibly can be. 

Well it wouldn’t be France without garlic!

I’ve no idea what these little guys are, but they looked so perfect just sitting there that I couldn’t resist snapping a little photo!

And of course, you can’t forget the bread!

And especially not the fish! Except these little ones were still alive… Not entirely sure how I feel about that!

At the end of each Saturday market I treat myself to a lovely bunch of flowers to brighten up my desk. I have a look at all the flower stalls on the way in by the time we’ve wandered round the market and done our weekly shop, I’ve decided what it’ll be for that week. This time it was a bunch of stunning pink/red tulips which make my desk a lot happier…

…especially when I’m hiding behind them!

I wonder what will be there next week!

I got too excited by all the fun things I was buying to get a photo of me in my outfit – but I’ll still give you the deets here!

Black ASOS jeans

American vintage jumper

Barbour wax jacket

Heeled boots


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  • Beautiful flowers!!!! And all these fruit look so yummy!!!!

  • Aren't they so gorgeous Marianna?! The food from here tastes incredible! X

  • Geena

    Oooh French markets are the best of the bunch! I only ever get to go during the summer but this has made me miss France loads!

  • They're fantastic! I always went to French markets on family holidays but now that I'm in France for the year it's become a bit more of a weekly affair! Little bit of insider knowledge since you've left me a comment, Geena, be sure to check my Facebook page ( for a VERY exciting competition launching tomorrow! X