Original Fish ‘n’ Chips Rennes

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I won’t lie, good ol’ fish and chips is something that I’ve missed more than anything since I’ve been in France. So you can only imagine my delight when my flatmate and I stumbled past a real live fish and chip shop on our way back from the market in Rennes. Honestly, there is somewhere in this town where you can go and feel properly British for the evening. And boy, is it good.

It’s almost too good. I might have to go back, you know, soon.

We snuggled into this little nook (and I got too excited to take a photograph of myself!) and ordered our fish and chips. Bubbling like two little girls on Christmas eve we excited tucked into our drinks and gossiped as we waited for our meals.

It’s such a cool place – you take your own drinks from their, very cool, Smeg fridge (in the background here), which is very in keeping with the chilled atmosphere.

And then the main event arrived. Oh. Boy.

The fish is freshly made to your order and I can’t even describe how good the chips are. Served with lashings of ketchup and vinegar, if I close my eyes I could see good ol’ Blighty in all her glory!

Beautifully simple and rustically served up in a box and not on a plate, it really was the perfect Friday night treat. Perhaps the best bit is that it doesn’t even come close to breaking the bank: it’s 13 euros for fish, chips and a beer, which makes it pretty student friendly as well!

Don’t fancy sitting in? Panic not, they even do takeaways, so you enjoy this deliciousness from the comfort of your own sofa!

If you’re looking for it, it’s just around the corner from the tourist information office, which happens to make quite a nice little photograph on your stroll home! Give them a little look on Facebook as well – I promise you, once you’ve gone, you’ll go back again and again!

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  • Phoebe Thomas

    Hello again! Just met you on my linky and now here you are on Amanda's expat linky! I must admit I'm salivating over this fish and chips, it really does look good and I'm impressed they offer vinegar too. When we want a fix of f&c we usually go to an Irish pub in Nice, it's the best we can get around where I live!

  • I've just discovered linkys so I'm getting stuck right in! Oh yeah, real live proper vinegar! I'm actually doing another post tomorrow as we have TWO F&C shops here! Oooh sounds great! Can't beat a good Irish pub xxx

  • Hi! Saw your post on Amanda's ExpatLifeLInky. My husband and I are both American, but spent time in our 20s living/working in the UK. We were just talking the other day about how much we miss really good fish and chips. For a while I was living in Belfast and I used to walk down to this place where they served everything in a piece of newspaper. I would be freezing and lonely and wet from the never-ending rain, but the taste (and warmth) of the fish and chips was pure heaven. Mmmmmm! Loved this post!

  • Thanks for stopping by Jodi! You just can't beat good fish and chips I don't think – it's one of my ultimate favourite foods.

    That sounds incredible! Thanks, Jodi!

    Lauren xx

  • Ersatz Expat

    This blog has tipped me over the edge – I am now craving a battered sausage and chips!

  • Layla

    Hi Jodi, I am the opposite from you, I am a Northern Irish girl living in America, your comment made me smile at how it must have been such a novelty for you getting your fish and chips wrapped up in some newspaper, something us brits are so used to and don't even notice. Am sure living in Belfast was an experience for you!

  • Layla

    Just found your blog on the expat life linky and fish and chips is something I miss terribly as a British expat living in the US. I wrote about getting some on our last trip home at xmas and one of my American friends read it and couldn't believe she knew what I was talking about as they had eaten fish and chips on the British Virgin Islands in the caribbean but have never been able to get anything which resembles it in the US! It's funny something so simple can be such a talking point. Enjoying looking through your recipes 🙂

  • Meghan Peterson Fenn

    How wonderful! So glad you found this place – your excitement shows
    through. I have to admit though that after living in England for many
    many years, I still do not ever crave fish n' chips and cannot see the
    appeal. BUT it is such a British thing to love so I totally get that. My
    British husband would be shaking his head at me right now!

  • Layla – And your response makes me smile! What a small world it is at the end of the day, no?

  • It's something I really miss. And that looks sooooo good!
    Thanks for linking up

  • Rosie @Eco-Gites of Lenault

    Oooh drool. I could eat those right now despite it only being 7.45am. I too miss fish and chips but I'll be in the UK next week and it's right there at the of of my To Do List 🙂 #ExpatLifeLinky

  • I got back to the UK on Saturday and have somehow managed not to have a chippy yet!! x

  • Ahhh Meghan, but it's SO good when it's done properly! Haha I can imagine he would! Thanks for stopping by 🙂

  • it was ohhh so good!

  • Such a great thing to come home to isn't it?!

  • Catarina Sá Pires Queiroz

    OMG I can't believe I've never tried fish and chips in my life… This has to change! Great photos! #ExpatLifeLinky