Take Your Date on a Mini-Break with Match.com and Stylist

There’s something so exciting about going on a mini-break with your other half. You have all the fun of planning the trip, finding out those little extra details about the other person that you never knew, and then exploring a beautiful city, area or country together.

It’s for that reason that I’ve paired up with Match.com and Stylist  to highlight just why you should book a mini-break with your date next year. You can find the whole article here, but for those of you who want a spoiler…

The Scarlet-10

It’s no secret on The Lifestyle Diaries that I try to organise as many trips as possible throughout the year, and take Andy with me as often as I can. This year, even though we’ve been a little tight on holiday days, we’ve been to Barcelona, Paris and Cornwall.  Next year? It’s looking like Mexico and maybe somewhere else far away, with a few trips closer to home, too.

Grand Hotel du Palais Royal-2

Grand Hotel du Palais Royal-1



Staying at The Scarlet has been one of my favourite, and most romantic, trips in such a long time – I already can’t wait to go back!

Closer to home or if you want to save on holiday days or pennies, we’ve had some amazing staycations this year. We celebrated our anniversary at The Langham and had a mid-summer stay at The Dorchester. Next year I’m eyeing up Cowarth Park or, on Angie’s suggestion, Soho Farmhouse.

Langham Hotel London

Dorchester Staycation-46

Dorchester Staycation-23

If you’re looking for something a little closer to nature, for me it has to be Wriggly Tins. A weekend of switching your phone off, walking through the countryside and teaming up to build a fire is just what you need to really get to know someone, or to reconnect with them.

Wriggly Tins-5

One travel tip I’ve mentioned to Match.com and Stylist is to never forget where you first met: what could be more romantic than heading to that restaurant, or city where it all started?

Whether it’s a night in a hotel near home, or a four day weekend in Europe, there’s a mini-break out there for every couple, no matter if you’ve been together 3 months or 3 years. Find out my top tips for a romantic weekend away on Stylist – and start packing your suitcase!

This post is written in collaboration with Match

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