Tangalle {Sri Lanka}

It’s been a while since I told you about Sri Lanka, but with the summer sun out, and this month’s travel link up all about the souvenirs I brought back from this gorgeous country, I thought it was time to take you back to one of the most incredible places we visited: Tangalle.

It really was one of the most gorgeous places we visited; just look at that view. Tangalle was our last stop on our three week adventure, and we’d decided that after all the travelling around, visiting the sites and immersing ourselves in the culture, we just wanted to sit on the beach for a few days.

And that’s exactly what we did! (You can tell it’s the end of the holiday, ’cause that’s about as tanned as I ever get!)

Okay, well we were there for 5 days…and it rained once!

Which, naturally, meant we spent the whole day playing games!

Much as I love just beaching around, Andy tends to get a little twitchy and likes to do things! So instead of being the usual cricket widow that I am, we both went to Hambantota to see Sri Lanka play a one day match against Pakistan. I have to admit, I didn’t think I was going to enjoy it that much as, frankly, I have no idea what’s going on when the cricket is on, but we had a fantastic day!

We had the best seats in the house and they cost us.. £5… Yup. That’s what you’d pay for one beer at the cricket in England!

As I say, much as I wasn’t expecting to enjoy it, I’m really glad we went; not only did Andy love it, but it’s great to say that I’ve seen Sri Lanka play in their own country.

But, hey, back to the beach! It was, after all, what we visited Tangalle to see. The ocean, as you can see, is absolutely stunning – but more than a little dangerous. You’ve got to be really careful where you swim in Tangalle as the currents are stronger than they seem – and when we were there two little boys sadly lost their lives as they weren’t careful enough.

And in the evenings I hear you ask? Well, they were mainly spent doing this..! We were staying in Mangrove Beach Cabanas and Chalets, which had the best location possible – we woke up and we were right on the beach!  Also, the in house restaurant was fantastic, and you were always able to have a fresh catch of the day, and the cocktails were incredible!

And right from that very seat (we quite literally had the same sofa every night) we were able to watch some of the most incredible sunsets I’ve ever seen. 

The hotel provide beach loungers, and all you have to do is lay out your towel, bring your book and settle in for a long day of sunning, swimming and cocktail drinking. It really was a slice of heaven!

What better sight is there than a man running towards you, on a beach, holding an ice cold beer?

I will always remember Tangalle for its beauty, its simplicity and for making me realise that all you need is good company and a simple beach chair to have an incredible holiday.

It was also amazing to be able to watch the fishermen out at sea, every day, in that extraordinary heat fishing for their daily catch. How amazing are these boats?!

When the twitch to not sit down occurred (/when I decided that I needed to even out my tan!) we would wander along the beach laughing away and admiring the incredible place that we were lucky enough to be in.

A sight that was even more impressive just as the sun had started to set.

The board at the end of the beach restaurant (there are two restaurants in the hotel) would announce the daily special – which one day was whole lobster and chips for the grand old price of £10!

I promise, not a single one of these photos are edited: there was literally no need to change a thing about these photographs – the natural beauty shone through…until I pulled this face out!

I have to admit I’m longing to have this tan back!

After a very busy couple of weeks it was the perfect place to relax, and just enjoy where we were before we headed back home.

If you’re ever in Sri Lanka, make sure Tangalle is on your list of must visit places. It might not have the cultural temples or the history that some other places have, but boy does it have some unforgettable scenery, and some incredible beaches. The Mangrove Chalets, whilst fairly simple, are more than comfortable and an excellent base from which to enjoy the beach – and they have some incredible food to match its impressive surroundings. 
I think I’ve left a piece of my heart in Tangalle – hopefully one day I’ll be able to return and get it back. 

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  • What beautiful beaches and such a clear blue ocean! Good on you for going to the cricket, I would not do that for Mr S 😉

    Lots of love,

    SilverSpoon London

  • What an incredible spot – and it's funny, I'd never think to consider Sri Lanka in terms of beach life!

  • I think Sri Lanka has some of the best beaches in the world and it looks as though Tangalle is no exception! You have me pining for a return visit!

    Polly xx

  • Ahhh it was heavenly, Angie! Haha, sometimes you've just got to 😉 xx

  • The beaches are amazing – we visited three separate places on different beaches and they were all beautiful! xx

  • Polly, I pine for a return visit every day! X

  • Although I’d definitely read this one.. I obviously didn’t get chance to search for more.