A Toasted Marshmallow Haven at Wriggly Tins

After an evening of lighting fires. playing card games, drinking champagne and turning our phones off, we woke up refreshed and ready to explore our beautiful surroundings. 

With the sun just rising as we climbed out of our bed, I poked my head around the door to catch this beautiful view… Smoke pouring out the chimney, the sun just about to break over the trees and not a sign of modern life in sight. The perfect getaway. 
Wriggly Tins-30

Underneath your tin is all you need to build your breakfast campfire: pots and pans, griddle trays and tongs galore, all stored in a cute-as-a-button wooden holder.

Wriggly Tins-66

Being far away from everything does mean that you have to bring most of your food with you. But there’s one thing you don’t need to sort: breakfast! Ask Alex for a breakfast basket, full of local delights including fresh eggs (some still with feathers!), delicious smoked bacon and sausages. To drink, there’s fresh local apple juice and some milk…

Wriggly Tins-57

Which is just what you need for your morning pot of tea!

Wriggly Tins-59

As Andy stoked the fire and made sure the sausages had started to cook, I glanced out of our little window, wondering when our neighbours would wake up. Our tin was just right for the two of us, but if you’re going as a group, the tins can be moved closer together so that you’re near your friends and sharing a fire.

Wriggly Tins-58

Of course, being an outdoor fire (and rather like a BBQ) I left Andy to cook that morning, as I read some magazines which I hadn’t had time to enjoy for a long time, and made pot after pot of coffee.

Wriggly Tins-56

Wriggly Tins-55

With tea and coffee provided, there’s no reason to avoid your morning cuppa just ’cause you’re out of the big city!

Wriggly Tins-52

As the fire warmed, coffee was consumed, conversation turned to what we wanted to do that day. Having had a lazy, easy morning, we wanted to really get out into the country and possibly (definitely) find a pub to warm ourselves in.

Wriggly Tins-51

A quick heads up – I never go to the country without my Dubarry boots, they’re such lifesavers in the cold and wet grass, as they are completely waterproof, so warm and oh so comfortable. If you prefer to shop in store and not online, there’s a great store in Duke of York Square!

Wriggly Tins-50

I loved that everything has been thought of, from an outdoor table for when it’s warm enough to eat outside, to little stumps next to the fire (aka the perfect spot for marshmallow toasting!)

Wriggly Tins-47

Wriggly Tins-45

Wriggly Tins-43 Wriggly Tins-38

And as if it wasn’t cute enough already, forget milk cartons and get back to milk in glass bottles!

Wriggly Tins-17

Wriggly Tins-18

Somehow, we managed to tear ourselves away from our little tin and set off on a beautiful walk around the South Downs – up to the top of the ridge and all the way back down, via a little stop off at the Bat and Ball pub for a glass of wine or two. Alex was great at giving directions, maps and general don’t-get-lost-it’s-going-to-get-dark advice. But to top all of that, he’s writing a little guide on all the walks around the area just for Wriggly Tin staycationers.

Wriggly Tins-19

Wriggly Tins-5

After a similar evening of me being terrible at cards (it’s a common theme on our holidays – especially in Sri Lanka) , toasting marshmallows on the camp fire and indoor fire when it was too cold, and generally relaxing and forgetting every London-based worry there could be, it was time for another breakfast before we packed up our tin and headed home.

Wriggly Tins-49

To say we had a great weekend is possibly and understatement, since we’ve already promised ourselves we’ll be back next year. I mean, how can I say no to an entirely relaxed weekend so close to London?

Wriggly Tins-7

Wriggly Tins-67

So wriggle on out of London, pack your warmest clothes, country boots and some champagne and relax, explore and most importantly, toast all the marshmallows you can find!

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